Video: Game Play Previews of NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night” Thumbnail

Video: Game Play Previews of NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night”

Summer is always a great time for game show fans.  New games seem to pop up weekly, and they’re not necessarily afraid to take chances.  NBC is taking one of these chances with a retro-style game.  Launching this Thursday, July 11th, at 10:00PM ET is Hollywood Game Night.  Hosted by Jane Lynch, each episode sees a contestant team up with three celebrities and play a number of party games for a chance to win $25,000.  The show definitely carries a retro feel.  Those who liked classics such as Win, Lose, or Draw may get the vibe of the 70s and 80s celebrity-driven shows.

NBC provided us three previews of the show.  One is on our Facebook page.  Check out the other two below.  What do you think?  Looking forward to the show?  I have a feeling you’ll like this.

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10 responses to "Video: Game Play Previews of NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night”"

  • Doug Morris says:

    This looks like loads of fun. HGN’s YouTube channel is worth a look.

  • James Greek says:

    they won’t play

  • Dawn says:

    If these are the best examples of the show, then the show is worse than I could possibly have imagined. Anyone else notice they can’t even agree on the spelling of MOUSTACHE/MUSTACHE?

  • Wayne says:

    I have no interest at all in this show; count me among those not watching.

  • Dave C says:

    Really, they give her “Condiment” and “Hellman’s”, and she says ketchup, and you say the celebs are bad at the game?

  • Greg Eckes says:

    That girl is exhibit A on why Password will never be revived again.



  • Myke25 says:

    Matthew Perry’s face said it all to me…it said “my show gets cancelled, and now I’m doing this. Could my career BE more dead?”

    This show has DNA from a lot of different game shows. There was some Password, Win Lose or Draw, Pantomime Quiz and Face the Music…with the end game being an extended Pyramid name category. So, a lot of familiar elements. I liked that.

    I could see where this could be a fun show IF…
    1) The celebrities try to remember that the civilians are trying to win some money. I could argue that Martin Short’s tendency to always go for the joke instead of answering the damn questions cost his civilian points. If that guy had ultimately lost, it would have been Martin’s fault.

    2) Get good game players. I don’t know where they found that female civilian, but she was dumber than a box of rocks (Hellman’s ketchup?!) It’s clear that the civilians will be doing most of the heavy-lifting in these games…they need to be better.

    3) If you book stars from the same show, put them on the same team. Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow had very little interaction last night. That was disappointing.

    Last night’s premiere had the feel of a last episode of a Match Game taping after the dinner/cocktail break. Jane Lynch did a pretty good job driving the bus…even with Martin Short’s attempts to hijack it. They did not hide the fact that liquor was flowing, but if the stars get TOO boozy, that could be a problem.

    But, I thought it was a “not awful” attempt to capture that “Pantomime Quiz” summer filler feel. I’ll likely check it out again next week.

  • I really enjoyed this show. I loved also the show before it as well. Jane Lynch hosting a party game. I was having a blast watching this show. Jane Lynch did an amazing job hosting this. I loved seeing Alyson Hannigan she was great. I laughed at the Hellman’s ketchup answer. yes it was stupid but you have to relize sometimes sitting at home you know the answers but when the pressures on you it could be a different story. To me it was an hour of people having fun and I was enjoying it. Heck I’d love to be a contestant on it.

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