Reminder: NBC Debuts “Hollywood Game Night” Tonight at 10:00PM ET Thumbnail

Reminder: NBC Debuts “Hollywood Game Night” Tonight at 10:00PM ET

This is just a very quick reminder to tune in to NBC tonight at 10:00PM ET. The network will debut its newest game show Hollywood Game Night. In each episode, two contestants will play various party games with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to win up to $25,000. Jane Lynch hosts. Be sure to watch and let us know what you think during and after.

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22 responses to "Reminder: NBC Debuts “Hollywood Game Night” Tonight at 10:00PM ET"

  • Greg Eckes says:

    It seems to lack a genuine sense. I believe the key to have celebrities on a game show is to make sure that the celebrities want to be there. I don’t think the majority of those celebrities wanted to be there, with the exception of Kristen Bell who, by watching her with Craig Ferguson, I know likes to play the game.

    • Andrew L. says:

      I disagree. They all seemed like they genuinely enjoyed being there. (Booze must help)

      • Greg Eckes says:

        I don’t think either Matthew Perry or Lisa Kudrow gave a sense of wanting to be there. Daniel Dae Kim was quiet so I couldn’t get a good read on him.

        Alyson, Kristen and Martin, to an extent, seemed to be into the concept.

        Now to the format. We saw variations of Password, Child’s Play, Body Language, and Pyramid. That drawing game with the children was my favorite of them all.

        And my god, was that girl contestant stupid.

  • William says:

    Not the greatest on earth (but then again, what is?) but pretty enjoyable. I know some of you may not like what I’m about to say and it’s the celebrity antics that bothered me. But then again that’s how Match Game lasted nine years; so who am I to complain?

  • Clive of Legend says:

    The buzzers really could use some work. It was nearly impossible to tell who had buzzed in most of the time. Fun show otherwise, I could see the celebs bringing in enough of an audience for a second season

    Really, I’m just happy to see a network game show that’s competitive and offers a fairly modest jackpot.

  • Jake H says:

    Eh, definitely wasn’t for me. I couldn’t watch more than 20 minutes into it. I love Jane Lynch, but her attempts at over-the-top cheesy, scripted gameshow hosting was unbearable.

  • Air Biscuit says:

    Not a bad show, really. Jane is a little stiff, clearly reading rules off cards/prompter but when in the midst of the game, she’s actually pretty good. Used the “Game We Like To Call” crutch a few times (not as bad as Melissa Peterman on “Bet on Your Baby”) but for the most part, kept everything moving.

    The games themselves (which appear to vary between shows) are fun and you can easily play along.

    The lockouts should be revised to better indicate who rang in. I had a hard time indentifying who hit first.

    I’m impressed that we have a primetime game show that is not hooked on a $1 Million jackpot. $25,000 is still plenty impressive.

    I think the playfulness of the celebrities (not all were overcrazy) lends itself to the atmosphere the show is trying to create.

    • Kaos says:

      You think Melissa’s crutch on “Bet on Your Baby” was bad, it was nowhere near as bad as Apolo Anton Ohno’s “You’ve got a minute to win it…




      I mean, that was more ridiculous than Guy Fieri’s version!

  • Doug Morris says:

    I also had difficulty figuring out who buzzed in first. I think $25K is a bit low for the end game of a network show. Would’ve preferred $50K.

    On the other side, Jane was an absolute hoot. She kept the game moving while having fun with the players.

    It was a *real* delight when “#GameNight” was a trending topic on Twitter and the buzz there was mostly positive.

    I wish HGN a long and happy life. It can be done.

  • Chris says:

    Overall, I thought the show was decent. I do agree that a few of the set mechanics needed to be worked on and the jackpot needs to be goosed a bit (The Winner Is gave away a 50K prize to a walkaway player just before this show aired). I liked the humor behind it and found it to be a mostly harmless summer show. Don’t know if it will last but I’ll give it another viewing.

  • Melvin says:

    Here’s a question. Which show do you like more? Family Game Night or Hollywood Game Night? I vote for Family Game Night. The games are better, the host is better, the entire show is better. I admit I’m biased because I am on a future episode.

  • Steve B says:

    The show made me appreciate Mark Godson so much. Its like they worked so hard on one element (the fun that the stars are having) that they forgot about the other elements that make a game fun. The “crunch time” game was nothing more that a product placement. They basically played a bit of “chain reaction”. It just was not engaging enough for this die hard classic game show freak. But I do want to say if the other elements of game play were there, Ms. Lynch is really good. A little more refining with what makes a great host in this situation. (Mr. Gene Rayburn) I think she would be a fantastic host.
    But enough of 6 stars trying to be funny on and on. Toning that down a notch and making the games fun to play at home and it would be really good.
    I’m afraid at this point I have no desire to return to the show.

  • James D. says:

    The civilians were treated as non-factors throughout the telecast — so much so that you pretty much forgot they were there until the bonus game. Either cut the celebrities down from three to two per team, or get rid of the “regular” players entirely and have celebs play for charity.

    There is potential with the show — I especially like the fact that this did not feel like any NBC game show of the last decade (no odd timing for commercial breaks, contestants not out of central casting, etc. The only thing this show has in common with the games of old is Joe Cipriano as VO announcer). Some of the minigames were clever — loved the ‘Lil Picassos” game. However, there does need to be some tinkering to get the kinks out.

  • Scott says:

    Wow. I just watched the premiere earlier tonight online. Talk about a cheap program.

    A game show that lasts a full hour and only gives out $7,000.

    I think the only good things on this show were Jane Lynch hosting it and Joe Cipriano announcing it. Mind you, it was less dry than that other panel show The Marriage Ref which NBC aired back in 2010, but it still wasn’t overly entertaining. Seemed like something that could’ve been done in 30 minutes instead of dragged out to an hour.

    Maybe Joe needed the money… otherwise, I don’t know why he’d want to be the announcer on a program like this, when he’s done work on much better game shows in the past, like Deal, 1 VS 100 and Million Dollar Mind Game.

  • gamefro says:

    Not the greatest show in it’s initial outing, but there is definitely potential here. I think the comparatively low payout is fine, in that this doesn’t need to be up to the game show big money standard that is so cliche now. I agree with a couple of the comments above, specifically that the podiums need work and some other minor tweaks (i.e. delays in giving out right answers during the photo arranging game).

    I also think it is a bit busy with three celebs per team–I can see that they were going for a bit of a party atmosphere, but the civilian player is definitely overshadowed. If they reduce the number of celebrities, but still get some recognizable names on there (as they did with most of the first episode’s guests) that can appreciate the concept for what it is, then that should be enough to keep up interest.

    As Jane can get more comfortable not having to follow prompters (which is likely where some of the cheesy remarks originated), this can definitely become the type of show that the producers are looking for. It’s worth me watching again

  • BillCullen1 says:

    Martin Short was over the top, but the other celebs were fun to watch, and Jane shows potential to become a good host. I also think the bonus round should be for $50K. The female contestant wasn’t too bright. DRESSING, WHITE, HELLMANN’S and she says KETCHUP. I will watch it again, though..

  • Gary says:

    since the common consensus seems to be it has a Match Game atmosphere, should there maybe be some “always there ” celebs, and some “just for this ep”? Any suggestions for the regulars?

  • Jason B says:

    I thought Martin Short, although funny at times…forgot he was playing for the regular guy on hi steam to win some money//so he sacrificed points for the sake of laughs which would have pissed me off as a contestant…the guy ended up winning the game but still it was as if Short didn’t care that the guy was their two win some dough.

  • Jan u says:

    Hollywood Game Night is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!
    My GAWD!! FINALLY!! Fun, Great TV that has been long been overdue!!! My husband & I r so sick of reality TV !!! Life is real enough, without having to sit through watching idiots and their fake scripted so-called lives!!! No talent & no reason!!!
    The Hollywood Game Might show is fun fast & lighthearted!!
    Just what this tired old world NEEDS!!

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