“Deal or No Deal” Schedules Week-Long “Dealfest” Starting July 29th Thumbnail

“Deal or No Deal” Schedules Week-Long “Dealfest” Starting July 29th

Channel 4′s Deal or No Deal loves the theme weeks.  We haven’t covered the show in a bit so this gives us the perfect opportunity to.  The popular Noel Edmunds-hosted daytime game has announced a week-long summer themed event called “Dealfest”.  Starting July 29th the set and contestants will be dressed up as a “trendy festival site” including a main stage, campsite, vans, and even bathroom queues.  As with other themed weeks there is a twist for lucky contestants.  Players will have the opportunity to win a holiday and proceed one box at a time instead of the traditional three, giving them a large advantage.  However, if they fail the Banker gets to see inside their box, severely altering their chances at taking home big money.  Will we see the next quarter millionaire?  Watch and find out.

Check out a preview of the week below, courtesy Channel 4.

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3 responses to "“Deal or No Deal” Schedules Week-Long “Dealfest” Starting July 29th"

  • Corey says:

    “Watch and find out.”

    You always say that, yet leave no hints as to how to watch live or even on delay. You going to reveal your secrets?

  • Geptherigon says:

    Worst gameshow ever.

  • CouponBoy says:

    With the cautiousness most contestants have shown lately, the majority of the players will probably Deal before 5 box, regardless of how appalling the offers are.

    I mean, seriously, the current lot of contestants are the most cautious in the show of the show, getting horrible offers from the Banker because he knows he can get most players very cheap, and the contestants in the wings STILL encourage them to Deal and most all of them do before the end. For example, yesterday someone dealt £5,000 on a 10p / £3k / £10k / £15k / £20k 5 box. Despite there being just a 10% chance of a significantly lower final offer, the player felt that they needed the money so much that they couldn’t risk it in ANY situation at that point in the game. While he deservingly missed out on the perfect round and £15,000 in his box, the vast majority of the players have against the odds bad rounds after they cautiously Deal, making it look like they made 100% the right decision and encouraging future cautiousness even more.

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