“Whodunnit?” Night One Recap: The Fish Tank Thumbnail

“Whodunnit?” Night One Recap: The Fish Tank

ABC’s Whodunnit? debuted last night to pretty good reviews so I’m glad to see most people agreed with us.  The reality game, lead by Butler Giles (Gildart Jackson), mixes The Mole with CSI.  Each episode features contestants trying to figure out how a weekly murder was committed through clues, deduction, and deception.  The people furthest away from the truth at the end of each episode are marked for elimination, and one will become the Killer’s newest victim.  Eventually one will walk away with $250,000…if they can figure out who the Killer is before he or she gets that person first.  Thirteen players started.  One didn’t last much longer than the first act, though.

Within minutes Sheri, an ex-NFL cheerleader from Los Angeles, was offed by the mysterious killer.  The only visible clues left at the scene were a bloodied Sheri with glass stuck in her face, a broken fish tank, and severed electric wires.  The twelve survivors were given the choice to investigate the crime scene, the last known whereabouts of the victim, or the morgue.  The team split up and found other clues like messages written in steam in the mirror of Sheri’s bathroom and a musket round in the back of her neck.  After initial sleuthing the group gathered for a quick bite to eat and to discuss what they know.  However, they don’t have to be honest.  After more games lead by Butler Giles a crowbar and a slingshot was discovered along with a missing piece of glass from a window.  Standouts in the clue-hunting were Geno, who discovered the steam, and Adrianna.  Click here to read through all the clues before checking out the results, if you haven’t.  Can you guess how it was done?

At the end of each episode the players make guesses as to how the crime was committed and who is it was.  Check out the video below to see how the crime was committed.  How close did you get?

As the show closed the Killer chose to eliminate Dontae.  Dontae, set on fire, ran down the stairs and dove into the pool.  Who did it and how?  We’ll find out next week.

How did you do this week?  Did you figure out how it was done?  Better yet, do you have any idea who the Killer is?  It’s still a bit too early to tell, but so far Adrianna is prime suspect to the people inside the house.  Do you have any indication that it may be her?  Again, I think it’s a bit too early to tell and hopefully some clues will be revealed next week bringing us closer.  Check out an interview with the deceased, Dontae, below, followed by our thoughts.

Personally, I was a bit wrong at solving the murder at first.  Once you saw the slingshot and reasoned out why the musket round would be in the back of Sheri’s neck I think part of solving the crime became easier.  However, I figured she went face first into the fish tank.  The added electrocution touch was interesting, though, and threw me off.  Another big possibility was that Sheri was just knocked down by the round and the water with the wires is what did her in.  Did you have any other theories throughout?

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15 responses to "“Whodunnit?” Night One Recap: The Fish Tank"

  • Nicholas Todor says:

    Well, I guess if you’re gonna go down, go down in flames.

  • Andrew L. says:

    Once I saw the ball bearing/musket round, I immediately called “slingshot” because as one of the guests said, we never heard a gunshot fired. I am certainly leaning towards Andrea because she immediately picked up the missing corner of the treasure chest in the Last Known Whereabouts and tried to pass that off as the murder weapon.

    Dang, I’m hooked!

  • Dale says:

    Im suspicious of Don just based on his reaction in the beginning when Giles was read the first message from the killer. He really did not have a reaction to what was being read.

    Also a little nugget of info from reading the book, the killer can get a scared card it happened in the book so trying to figure out who the killer is based on who is spared/scared is not a good strategy.

  • Marko Polo says:

    My gut instinct before the season began was actually Ulysses. Let’s face it, it’s a first name that’s more fit for a fictional character. He also seems to know a lot about guns, especially muskets…

    Adrianna is also looking very suspicious by how she’s conducting herself, very aloof. The way she mentioned there being one vital clue at each of the three locations was also a huge red flag for me.

    Being a huge Mole fan myself, knowing that everything can be separately taped as a ruse, I’m also not completely ruling out Don a a suspect. Although, I don’t think the killer would give him/herself one of only two Scared cards this early in the game. I might be over-thinking this.

    Lindsey is also high on my list, because she was Spared while her story seemed to be fairly off-track…

    I also checked out the official website for the show, and as part of Episode 1′s Clue Tracker, there’s a picture of the steamed bathroom mirror with the word “ME” next to Geno’s face. Might mean something, might be a red herring.

    This is gonna be a fantastic summer. The suspense might actually be killing me, hehe.

  • Dan Y. says:

    Anyone think its more than just random that the person names Dontae dies by apparently being set on fire?

    I was really unsure of this show for the first 20 minutes. However, I’m hooked now.

    • John says:

      Dontae’s Inferno, perchance?

      • Dan Y. says:

        So, after a re-watch, I noticed that a copy of the Bible had a prominent showing is the opening seconds of the show. A bible verse is used as a major clue in the first murder and the second murder is Dontae being set on fire.

        I’m thinking religious text and ideology will be a continuing theme throughout the show.

        • Dale says:

          Yep I caught on to that as well, and if you completed the Twitter game from the killer, it had a photo of a room and on the nightstand there was a paint of Jesus on the night stand. The only one who has mentioned religion is Lindsey by saying she is a pastors daughter, so is this a clue or a red herring lol

  • Steve says:

    Really enjoyed the show, hope it keeps it up. If I had to guess on anyone right now, It’s Kam. He was eager to start an alliance, trying to get a core group to trust him. Also, when the keys were handed out, he immediately went not to the Bible, but to the clocks, perhaps again to throw people off. I remembered that when I rewatched the death reveal, when Giles said “like clockwork, Shari met her end.” Seemed out of place, and that’s the sort of thing they’d leave more for us than for the contestants. In any case, I expect to be wrong within the next few weeks. Hope you guys continue a weekly report!

  • Arizonagal says:

    I’m personally extremely suspicious of Don. Not only for being so far off the track for a cop, and getting a scared card but still living, but also he was the last one out of the house before Dontae came out on fire. Remember he was late to roll call.

    • Jack says:

      I think that was deliberate, so that the viewers suspect Don was the one killed before revealing it was Dontae.

      Personally my prime suspect right now is Lindsey. She and Dontae were the only ones who didn’t go to see what was in the locked chest once Ronnie opened it, and yet she was still spared. Adrianna’s also suspicious, but I think her being the killer would be a little too obvious based off of what we saw.

      The other thought I had about this show was- Are the death scenes performed by the actual contestants, or do they use stunt doubles?

      Great start to the season, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

      • Marko Polo says:

        I think “Burning Dontae” was a stunt double, and “Charred-in-the-Pool Dontae” was filmed separately.

  • CarShark says:

    I’m just glad that Dontae went, because he saw the body, as well as the first key clue (the musket ball) and somehow figured that she must have drowned. How??? Her face wasn’t even wet! At least if he had said that it was shot from a musket, he would have been closer. I can understand Don being that far off because he only knew about the forced entry (which led him to mistakenly guess the crowbar was the murder weapon) and the mirror clue.

    I quite like this game. It’ll be interesting to see how alliances form (or don’t, as with Geno and Kam) and whether people will get better with logic and observation. It was obvious very quickly that you won’t get the right answer without help, because of the way the clues were split up. Sheri landing face up meant you couldn’t see the musket ball unless you chose the morgue or asked someone who did.

  • Sarah says:

    May be off topic, but I’m pissed they killed fish. Fish killers.

    My bet is on Don. I like him but unless he’s on Puerto Rican time, the dudes suspicious.

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