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Weekend Replay: “The Chase” With Mark “The Beast” Labbett Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: “The Chase” With Mark “The Beast” Labbett

GSN’s US adaptation of the hit ITV quiz show The Chase is coming soon.  Last week  the network announced a debut date of August 6th for the weekly hour-long quiz.  Want to see more of what to expect from the show?  There’s a plethora of British episodes on YouTube.  Many very recent episodes have made their way up.  Check out a new episode featuring Mark “The Beast” Labbett as he takes on a team of competitors.  The only rule changes, in shifting to America, that have been reported are the team has been cut to three and each question in the Cash Builder round has been increased to $5,000.

Check it out.  Excited for the series?

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15 responses to "Weekend Replay: “The Chase” With Mark “The Beast” Labbett"

  • Tony DuMont says:

    Only three players?

  • Geoffrey says:

    Will it still be an hour long, or will it be only a half-hour like GSN’s adaptation of 1 vs. 100?

  • aaron says:

    as much as I want the chase to succeed, I think the all or nothing rule will lead to this show’s failure.(that’s probably why fox didn’t pick it up in the first place.)

    • King Erroneous says:

      What is this “all or nothing” rule you speak of?

      • Ken in Hong Kong says:

        It’s common in British game shows. You go home with the big prize or nothing. No middle ground. No partial wins. I think that’s what it means.

        • King Erroneous says:

          Oh, I thought there was a new rule they added that wasn’t in the British version. I disagree that the “all-or-nothing rule” is a death knell for an American game show. Weakest Link worked just fine; anybody who has been zonked on LMaD gets nothing, although there isn’t a BIG prize there. If you lost on 1v100, you got nothing. Etc. Etc.

          • Geptherigon says:

            Those are all awful comparisons. First of all someone always won on Weakest Link. There was almost always a winner on Let’s Make a Deal, and 1 vs 100 only lasted for 3 seasons. Try again.

    • Geptherigon says:

      That’s true except it’s even more difficult on the American version with only 3 contestants. After a while people are going to bitch and cry foul if there is no winner. The United States doesn’t have the quiz culture that the UK has. People in this country wont understand that there’s no cheating going on, and will start to tune out if teams don’t win.

      The ONLY thing that might give Americans an edge is that there may be the occassional pop culture question that Mark wont be privy to simply because he isn’t from the US, but I don’t think that’s much for the contestants to hang their hat on and certainly isn’t worth losing the extra player.

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    If you want to find episodes with the Beast, the most recent ones are Series 6, Episodes 131, 111, 101, 97 and 94. There’s one loss among those and one very close win. Enjoy!

  • Joshua Curtis says:

    The thing that I personally love about watching this show is the fact that the host helped make what would be a serious show into a light hearted and downright hysterical show at times. I think the show will do well because of Labbett and I’m hopng that if he does well and resonates with the US audience that we can get Wallace, Hagerty and Sinnah over as well.

    I also heard from someone that runs a game show related site that IF the US version does well there’s a chance that Walsh would be able to come over to do the American version but who knows…maybe this host will win me over as she did with “Dog eat Dog”

    Only way I can think to end this is like this:

    “For a potential $250,000 the chase is on!”

    • lone1c says:

      The writers also help—by every so often throwing in questions they can be reasonably sure will set him off into giggles. The “Fanny Chmelar” comes immediately to mind.

      • Ken in Hong Kong says:

        That certainly adds a lot to the British version, but that’s because Bradley’s sense of humor is so good. Would it also work with Brooke? I dunno.

        • Geptherigon says:

          I doubt it. I think she may be able to pull it off, but it wont have the witty lighthearted nature that the UK version has. What’s ironic is that Cedric the Entertainer would have been much better for this show, and Brooke would have been better for Millionaire. That show doesn’t need a comedian, but this one does.

  • JEFF S says:

    Just got back from the UK and with Wimbledon on the BBC knocking out Deal or No Deal began watching the Chase and have fallen in love with it. To me, they would be better off leaving most of the British show intact. Cash building, $1000 would be fine. I know what they’re doing here is just a pilot but I find the host to be fine and had no difficulty with his accent and the friendly way he seems to interact with the players (calling things like we need this, come on) and a great sense of humor. Should have used him. Also I understand why it’s not practical but part of the charm of the show is after the first cash builder round, finding out just who the chaser will be that day. They’re able with the teams of 4 and ample breaks to work it into a one hour period.

    Why do we start with the assumption we have to Americanize everything (of course the questions and contestants will be Americans). Weakest Link was best over here with Anne. But the show became a winner there and it would be a winner here if they just left it alone.

    • Ken in Hong Kong says:

      I appreciate that comment, Jeff, and I love Bradley Walsh, but apart from the argument of whether his accent would be understandable, there is the issue of Bradley’s availability. Besides “The Chase”, he still does “Law and Order UK”, although a series in the UK is not usually as long as a season in the US. I think if you asked The Beast, he’d love Bradley to come along, but all reports are that he’s quite happy with Brooke.

      We do have to Americanize the questions, of course. I’m American, and I can’t answer the British-based questions about music, TV and politics. Mark is definitely at a disadvantage there. What I question is whether they really needed to reduce the contestants to three. An episode without commercials on YouTube is 45 minutes, which is about right for a one-hour show in the US, isn’t it?

      Obviously, the only way we’ll know how all this shakes out is to see how the episodes are edited. If there’s a lot of useless chit-chat, then maybe our consensus will be that four contestants would be better. For what it’s worth, Mark is reportedly as high on these US episodes as he was on the first series (10 episodes) of the UK version.

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