Tune In: GSN Debuts New Season of “Minute to Win It” Tonight at 8:00PM ET Thumbnail

Tune In: GSN Debuts New Season of “Minute to Win It” Tonight at 8:00PM ET

After a two year hiatus, Minute to Win It is back.  GSN will debut the new season, the third English speaking season overall in America, of the stunt-based game tonight at 8:00PM ET.  Each episode sees a team of two contestants play ten games in the Sixty Second Circle to win up to $250,000, GSN’s biggest cash prize ever.  The games come from household objects and seem easy to do, but will they be able to cope with the pressure and win big?  Apolo Anton Ohno hosts.  GSN has ordered 40 episodes of the series.  Two will go out tonight in a two-hour block starting at 8:00PM ET.

Check out two previews of the show, courtesy GSN. Excited to see it?

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11 responses to "Tune In: GSN Debuts New Season of “Minute to Win It” Tonight at 8:00PM ET"

  • Mech says:

    Maybe they’ll have something other than Super Coin for the last game this time.

  • Jason says:

    Wait a second, they’re trying to convert this into the physical challenges portions of Double Dare with these two person teams. I’m talking about the original versions before the Super Sloppy editions.

  • Kaos says:

    I can forgive Apolo for using “You’ve got a Minute to Win It.” but we REALLY do NOT need to hear “Every Second COUNTS!” right after that…

    • Scott says:

      Funny you mention that Kaos. My dad actually complained about the same thing.

    • Frank Rossi says:

      He says it since every second does count… For GSN’s budget. Since it takes 5 seconds for every time he says it, averaging about 12 times a show, there’s a minute of stunts potentially — on average, $5,000 for the network.

  • Anon says:

    Yes KILL that additional catch-line… ITS NEVER GOING TO CATCH ON…

    Nice to see however seems same “blueprint voiceover”, some new games (the tuna can roll, for instance) but do we need that big of an explanation for some of these blueprints??? God they put the NBC version to shame for taking forever on the “blueprint intro”…

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  • Tweet says:

    New host is terrible. Please bring Guy back. I decided to only watch the re-runs.

  • Sara Parker says:

    Wow, this new version makes me really miss Guy!!! They reaaallly slashed the cash prizes big time!! The jackpot used to be $1 million….I have no clue why they are saying this is the highest jackpot ever! Anyway, I guess I will only be watching the reruns also!

  • Pauline topacio says:

    Apollo is a terrible host. Bring Guy back. Guy knows how to host the game. Apollo is a terrible host. He needs to step aside. I only watch Guy’s re-runs.

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