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“The Price is Right” Plans All-Plinko Special Edition

There are a few times I write something in eager anticipation of the reaction.  This is one of them.  Reports from Los Angeles are coming in that The Price is Right is planning a very special all-Plinko edition of the popular CBS daytime game show.  The episode will mark the 30th anniversary of Price‘s most popular game.  Usually contestants will just get to play each chip for $10,000 (a total of $50,000).  However, to mix it up, prizes like cars and exotic trips were added to the board. You can check out the picture of an SUV in the center slot, courtesy Buzzfeed.

Courtesy Buzzfeed

Also from Buzzfeed, executive producer Mike Richards says, “When we realized it was the 30th anniversary of Plinko, we wanted to do something special. And [host] Drew [Carey] and I have always wanted to do an all-Plinko show. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to keep trotting it out. There’s so much history with this game,” continued Richards. “It’s almost becoming baseball-like.…People have all kinds of theories of where to drop [the chip] — whether to drop it high and let it go, or as low as you can and try to feed it into that slot, or come off to the right and move it left.”

Just reminding the people that are going to complain endlessly about this that Plinko is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular game on the show.  Everyone wants to play it.  And the show is not remotely catered to the hardcore crazy fanbase.  It’s catered to the general audience who loves seeing Plinko.  Just keep that in mind.

The all-Plinko episode of The Price is Right will air Friday, September 27th.

Source : Buzzfeed

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47 responses to "“The Price is Right” Plans All-Plinko Special Edition"

  • Corey says:

    I know I am not the only one heading to a certain website to see the reaction there.

  • ten96lt says:

    Is this website like Voldemort? It must not be named! :P

  • Wayoshi says:

    Even if casuals loving Plinko is true, it is outrageous to play any game more than once on the same show. They’ve run out of gimmick ideas and it’s only going to get worse.

    The “hardcore crazies” understand the show way better (AS THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO), that’s why I’m so adamant about this era going way south. I thought Season 40 was actually not that bad save Plinko PCH week, but now that’s started the landslide.

      • HomerJay says:

        Emmy and what’s that again…oh, yes, ratings.

        “Hardcore crazies” to use the term established here, may obsess over the show more, but knowing the date that a set piece was one centimeter off its mark or the day Bob took four steps to climb the turntable instead of three is meaningless except for playing trivia games among fellow “hardcore crazies.”

        Beyond that, they don’t necessarily “know” the show better, because the show, and all shows, continue to evolve (at least they should, if they want to have a shelf life longer than a few weeks). What’s more helpful is not pledging adherence to some artificially constructed “rule” that became fossilized into practice, but rather understanding more about how TV works here and now, in 2013, in a universe of a few hundred channels and viewers that have different tastes than they did in 1983.

        They’ve experimented, and for the most part, it’s worked. And if this sets the world on fire, good for them. If it’s a train wreck, so be it, you learn from it, shake it off and move on. More than likely, it’ll be somewhere in the middle. In any event, what’s worth getting the blood pressure raised over? Put into a bigger perspective.

      • Wayoshi says:

        Really… that Emmy is based off of one episode they submitted, right? The 40th anniversary episode for this season?

        Price is still Emmy-worthy at its best. But right now, many many shows are far far away from the best. Emmies thus do not validate what Mike Richards is doing in any way.

        • Alex Davis says:

          At what point does the issue stop being everyone else and start becoming you?

        • HomerJay says:

          By extension then, the Emmys didn’t validate what the previous regime did, either, correct? I mean, you can’t have it both ways.

          (Of course, it wasn’t that long ago we were hearing a lack of Emmy wins was evidence of the show’s decline, so of course we have to come up with a new line of argument here.)

          But let’s say Emmys don’t validate anything. What does? Perhaps…oh, I don’t know….staying on the air? Gaining more sellable viewers?

        • You say “right now”. “Right now” is 2013, and 2013 is what we have to work with for Price and every other show out there. Price 2013 is not competing for the Emmy against Price 1983, Price 1993 or even Price 2003. It’s competing with Family Feud 2013 (not Family Feud 1978 or 1990), Jeopardy 2013 (not Jeopardy 1993), and so on. If we’re going to keep our heads stuck in the time capsule, then no show deserves to win the Emmy anymore because the way it was then when these shows were “at their best” is not the way they are “right now”.

          So the question when making such a judgment is, to remind even the hardcores: Which game show is the best at what they’re doing “right now”?

    • Jay says:

      I agree with you Wayoshi. Personally, my favorite game is “Punch-A-Bunch”. But, not even I would want to see it for all 6 contestants on any given episode. But, at least PAB has had some winners of the jackpot…albeit not for years.

  • OK, I am in favor of this One time show in honor of the 30th Anniversary. What do they film, about 200 episodes of the show a year. And it seems they are trying to play for different prizes to add some variety to the show.

    For those who hate the idea, there are plenty of channels available, and just watching something else that day.

    I know I will be setting by DVR for the TPIR.

  • jackalopehunter says:

    I’ll tune in ’cause that sounds ridiculous and awesome. But why am I more excited about that rad lookin’ blue lighting they’ve got going on around the doors? That’s pretty sweet. Way better than beige.

  • Mr. Quiz says:

    Plinko, SMINKO! I don’t care HOW popular it is. Just because it’s been around for 30 years, what makes it have a “history?” Last time I looked, other pricing games have been around since Day One, and I don’t recall any special commemoration for them. (other than on the show’s 40th anniversary, when they brought back past contestants, and this one guy who played the “Bonus Game” his first time around, played it again (by happenstance), and won…again (a fully restored 197-something Chevy Monte Carlo, but I digress) Further evidence that “TPIR” has long since “jumped the shark.”

  • Adam says:

    Hmmm, reminds of episodes of StarCade where they played nothing but Dragon’s Lair, or sometime Cliff Hanger in every round.

  • wayne says:

    I don’t exactly love the idea, but at the same time I think why not, its one show of the year with their far and away most popular game.

  • Jay says:

    Lots of games have been around for 30 years. As Mr. Quiz pointed out, why weren’t the games from the first episode celebrated like that? What about “3 Strikes” or “Dice Game”…or “Money Game” or “Any Number”? You could have expensive cars on those shows that would blow people’s minds.

    • HomerJay says:

      Perhaps because none of them have the same popularity with the general audience as this one?

      • Jay says:

        I guess. Personally speaking, Plinko’s never been my favorite game. It’s never been won outright. All the tweaking wouldn’t help until someone actually won it outright…which seems almost impossible. Granted, a couple of people came close. But, I want to see someone actually win that game. Again, this is just me personally speaking.

        • HomerJay says:

          The “it’s not won” thing seems silly. You walk away with ten grand, twenty grand…you won, really. Except for a few folks with tunnel vision that every game needs to be able to be measured on some win/loss ratio, no one cares.

  • BT14 says:

    I’m fine with this idea as long as they do one thing:

    Get rid of the $100 slot already! Bump up the money if you are going to have $10K in the middle!

    • shelly says:

      This I agree with.

      I say minimum $500, then $1000, then $2500 for other dollar values.

      • Dave says:

        How about adding a special golden Plinko chip where you could possibly double you money? For example: $1,000 X 2 = $2,000.

        • To be honest, I want to see the values get a little boost like Punch did (hooray for $2,500!), but I can’t find an honest way to justify the logistics. I tried maybe thinking you could have the outside slots have an electronic randomizer that stops when the chip hits bottom, but it never looked right in my head.

          If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.

  • Lee Hubbard says:

    From the picture it looks like there be a new set.

  • Daniel B. says:

    “Reports from Los Angeles are coming in that The Price is Right is planning a very special all-Plinko edition of the popular CBS daytime game show. The episode will mark the 30th anniversary of Price‘s most popular game.”

    …even though the game’s 30th Anniversary was back on January 3. I don’t really have anything to say on this “event” — I just wanted to point this out.

  • Adam S. says:

    I feel like this should be some kind of April Fool’s episode. Or maybe Groundhog’s Day.

  • Andrew says:

    The Joe Pasquale version did it first.

  • Brekkie says:

    Well Tipping Point has essentially created a whole series out of it.

  • Douglas in TN says:

    The golden road site seems to be down…I wonder if the fanbois-with-no-life-who-can’t-understand-why-TPIR-isn’t-like-it-was-in-1982 just can’t handle the news that the show wants to try to do something fun that the audience might like?

  • I have seen the a Plinko Board or something like at Casinos, as part of popular promotions, and at Theme/Amusement Parks where a guests can pay a few dollars to win a stuffed animal or similar prize (Cedar Fair calls it Clinko). Many folks like the game, and that it reallyy doesn’t require “thinking”, just luck in playing the game.

    As I said earlier, it is a one day special, if you are not interested in it, then don’t watch. If enough people decide to not watch, maybe TPIR will make some changes, but on the other hand, if it gets higher than normal ratings, expect more shows of a similar nature. Just the way TV works…

    I know one of the Producer of the Fremantle Live Shows is becoming a new member of the TPIR TV Show. He is currently working the San Diego County Fair and Family Feud Live, and his last show is July 4th (end of the fair) before moving on. If anyone cares, I have video of one of the shows that is being hosted by Pat Finn at my link included here.

  • Dave C says:

    I am surprised they didn’t do some sort of “Super Plinko” board that is 4 times as large (twice as high and wide) for the episode.

    Also agree, if this was a “special” episode for Plinko, should have raised the side values to like $500, $1000, $2500.

    • HomerJay says:

      And on what stage would they hold such a behemoth? The set for Price wouldn’t really allow for that.

      • Dave C says:

        OK, maybe 4x is a bit much (it certainly looks like they could do double wide based on the photo in the article, but, maybe the height is an issue). They could just add on two more slots on each end, and then add like three rows to the top.

        New board like so:


        Now, one might say “well, everyone will go for the middle” since that is where the big prizes are… adding more width does nothing since the outsides won’t even get a disc to them”.

        I have a solution for that…. if someone gets 5 chips… there are slots with the letters “B-O-N-U-S” on them. I would make them the 4 “$0″ slots, and the $5k.

        If someone spells “BONUS” with all 5 chips, then there is a super bonus prize that is won (car, RV, etc). So, people would start going for the middle probably, but, if they got the ONU in BONUS, they would probably try to do the sides to go for the BONUS.

  • Jason M. says:

    The reaction over here is just as fun as fun as the reaction down the road. Frankly, there was no need to mention how the show isn’t “catered to the hardcore crazy fanbase”. It’s a point that been just has hashed to death as much as “this is the worst idea ever”. It’s asking for more trouble than it’s worth.

    Plinko may be the most popular game on The Price is Right. For Deal or No Deal $1,000,000 was the most popular prize on the show. Deal or No Deal decided to stuff their show with $1,000,000 and that show ended up with an unhappy future. It’s an apples to oranges comparison, but it’s just a blunt point.

    All that said, it’s one episode with the most popular game and unless they plan on All-Plinko or All-Cliff Hangers shows throughout the season, it is still a blip on the radar.

    For the record, I love the idea.

  • Kevin $ says:

    It definitely is not that big of a deal. The more pressing question is: Will they do the same opening spiel every time? THAT’S what I want to know. THEN it’ll become awkward. haha.

  • Nick says:

    Really, everyone? The Price Is Right is one of the few places on TV where there’s nothing but good, clean fun, something missing from TV these days, and that’s coming from a Showtime-loving 23-year-old. It’s why I love the show and have loved the show for so many years: nothing but fun and enjoyment.

    This episode sounds like a lot of fun for the audience, which will translate into an excited home audience. Isn’t that the main goal of the show?

    Plinko may not be my favorite pricing game ever, but this episode sounds great. Can’t wait!

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