“The Price is Right” and Ben Bailey Win Daytime Emmy Awards Thumbnail

“The Price is Right” and Ben Bailey Win Daytime Emmy Awards

Last night Hollywood gathered to celebrate the best in daytime television with the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.  Hosted by Robin Meade, Sam Champion, and A.J. Hammer, saw game shows honored in full force.  First, genre legends Monty Hall and Bob Stewart were presented Lifetime Achievement Awards so congratulations to them.  We could go on about why they deserve it so much but I think that’s self explanatory.  The awards did offer a few surprises, though.

Whenever anything Cash Cab gets nominated we just expect it to win, and it was predictably correct again.  Ben Bailey won best game show host, which is a bit shocking.  I was hoping we’d see it go to Steve Harvey finally, but this is most likely Ben’s last time for this and he’s undeniably great at what he does so congratulations.  But, again, if this year’s unbelievable performance on Family Feud wasn’t enough to get him an Emmy I’m not sure what he’ll have to do beyond burst into a ball of confetti mid show next season.  Due to an excellent performance by Steve, funny moments, and out of this world casting, last year was the best Feud has been in decades.

The shocker of the night was the Best Game Show award to The Price is Right.  We mean no disrespect by that.  We’re on the record of being huge fans of the show’s current direction and what they’ve done to turn the show into a modern, fun, engaging game from its previous-but-recent state of crusty and old. However, if you read any message board or discussion thread anywhere, even here, you’d figure the show has never been worse.  It just continues my constant persistence, to the annoyance of many and I am sorry, that fanboys may be vocal but they are the distant minority.  Price is the best its been in decades thanks to the great hosting of Drew Carey and the amazing producing job of Mike Richards.  They managed to update the show while keeping it recognizable to its older audience.  No one revives and revamps a show successfully like Fremantle and it’s glad to finally see them get the recognition they deserve.

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10 responses to "“The Price is Right” and Ben Bailey Win Daytime Emmy Awards"

  • Is there a link to the Monty Hall tribute video that failed to air during the show, hosted by his daughter? I would love to watch it!

  • Zack C. says:

    The daytime emmys has been obsessed with giving bailey best host for a little while now. Hopefully now they will be inclined to give Steve the award next year

  • insaneben says:

    Just wanted to point out two things:

    1) Todd Newton presented the awards for Best Game Show & Best Game Show Host.

    2) Doug Davidson won the Emmy for Best Lead Actor. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first time a former game show host has won an award for something other than hosting a game show.

  • Jay says:

    I’m glad TPIR won. They’ve done a great job bringing back and refurbishing classics. “The Bargain Game” (formerly known as “Barker’s Bargain Bar”) is a great game, and I love what they did with “The Bonus Game” and “Grand Game.” It shows that they’re acknowledging older fans by keeping…and updating classic games. I, personally, can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Kevin $ says:

    Totally think anyone else but Ben Bailey should’ve won for host. I LOVE Bailey, but everyone else was better.

    SO excited “Price” won! First win (and I think nomination) since Drew’s been host. Exciting!

  • TruckerRobert says:

    I have tried and tried to stand watching the current Price but I can’t without wanting to puke. Contestants I can’t root for cause they act like the producers gave them a heavy dose of some illicit drug before the show not to mention they have the I.Q.’s of a goldfish, and Drew’s usual job of hosting that I will only say is not for me. The only plus as a gay man is that they finally gave ME a nice piece of eye candy in Rob after all these years, but it’s not enough. Silly celebrity gimmicks (yes Barker’s version did a LITTLE with CBS soap stars, but never for a whole show) and then jumping the shark with that silly Ferrari they knew no contestant they’d pick would ever win. It felt Drew early on and then Mike essentially threw up their middle fingers at all the loyal fans who were only concerned at their obvious and fairly desperate desire to distance themselves from Bob and they way things were done–and yes I’m sure you’ll have some brilliant comeback for that statement. I guess I just have to happily take my place at the table with that supposed ‘distant minority”. I guess Mike will waive his Emmy about proclaiming he was right but given the 20 somethings also think Real Housewives of New Jersey is a good show, I’m not sure i’d brag about being “right”.

    • HomerJay says:

      The problem is the show had reached the point that the remaining viewers were looking at the Wilfred Brimley ads and thinking how great it would be to be that young again.

      Giving the show a kick-start into the new century isn’t any finger of your choice to anyone. It’s simply accepting that, hey, it’s not 1980 anymore, so perhaps we need to take the core (and by and large, that core is nearly entirely intact) and try to tweak things so that it will be more appealing to the people advertisers are willing to shell out good dollars to reach. There’s nothing to take personally in that.

    • SuperGamer7 says:

      You’re wrong about everything you’ve said! I disagree with everything you’ve said.

      What is you’re problem?! My God. *shakes head*

      Honestly, I think you’re the closed minded idiot here.

      Many contestants on the show are very smart and you don’t know what you’re talking about, at all, you don’t know anything.

      TPIR is better than ever now.

  • Virginia Craven says:

    I think he has done a wonderful job And deserve every award he gets. I am also writing abou Bob Barker’s first show. I can’tremember the name of it. My brother, Duane Walls was on it around late 1961or early 962.
    He was in the Marines at Camp Pendleton, California. He and his Sergeant got on stage. The situation was there was a were three heram girls.They were to tel Bob which girl had a ball or something he had given them. Duane would always get it right. The joke was that Duane would watch 3 ewd lights to see which one would blink and he would guess and always get it right. We have pictures, would like to have a video to remember him by. Thank you so much for your time.Virginia Craven

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