First Look: Promos for GSN’s “The Chase” Thumbnail

First Look: Promos for GSN’s “The Chase”

GSN is starting up the publicity machine for their upcoming quiz show The Chase.  The new series begins Tuesday, August 6th, at 9:00PM ET.  Each episode sees a team of contestants face off against Mark “The Beast” Labbett in an attempt to win up to $250,000.  Brooke Burns hosts.  Anticipation around here is pretty high.  We’re rabid fans of the ITV (UK) edition and I know many of you are, too.  Curious to see what the show looks like in America?  You’re in luck.  GSN has supplied us with your first high quality look at new promos they are current running.

They’re doing a fantastic job making the show seem new and interesting, which is what you have to do with something like this.  So far the marketing campaign reminds me of how 1 VS 100 and Deal or No Deal started out, and that worked awfully well for both of them.  Be sure to tell your friend and family to watch and get ready for the show.  In the meantime, here are two promos.  What do you think?  Any more excited?

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19 responses to "First Look: Promos for GSN’s “The Chase”"

  • Corey says:

    Hopefully if this does good and gets a full run they bring over some of the other chasers, like The Sinnerman.

  • Eric says:

    All I have to say is this: THEY GOT IT RIGHT, So far. I loved Brooke in Dog Eat Dog and was jumping for joy when I saw that we got Mark “The Beast” Labbett. This has just gotta do well cause if it doesn’t then something failed somewhere. Favorite Show out of the UK and The number 1 game show in my book. I hope this goes into a full daily show and we can see what maybe Brad Rutter can do as well. I have played the many what ifs games and I just get excitement every time I see a clip for the USA one let us pray that people will tune in give this show the chance it needs to succeed and prove Fox wrong for sitting on this this gem of a show

  • Marc Power says:

    as soon as I heard brooke was hosting I was disappointed that they didn’t get someone for experienced with quiz shows and a better host in general, IMO, she was mediocre on dog eat dog and awful on hole in the wall but I hope she proves me wrong and maybe she just needs a serious show I hear she’s gotten good reviews.

    as far as if they get more episodes and more chasers, I say bring over Shawn Wallace, he’s just as intimidating looking as Beast and possibly even smarter.

  • Glenn says:

    I agree more chasers dont just rely on the UK version or just the beast especally dont just rely on beast or you become a general knowledge version of Stump the Schwab (btw theres a chaser candidate for you btw)

  • Counterpoint says:

    This has probably been answered, but is the US format any different to the UK format?

    I ask because, in the UK episodes I’d seen, there doesn’t seem to be a per-episode cap, or fixed amount, on how much a team can win. But the promos all refer to winning “$250,000″. Is there a set amount that can be won at each round (by taking the one-closer option) or is winning the game automatically worth $250k in the US version?

    • Eric says:

      Their is still a cash builder round but the most a team can win is 250K. I know that major difference is that in that opening part of the round each question is worth 5k instead of 1k

  • I think the $250K is a theoretical cap more than any automatic win. I’ve seen set shots of the offers.

  • Randy says:

    I know you’re all very excited about the show, but I don’t think GSN’s audience is going to accept a giant British guy hurling insults at people for missing difficult questions. Win Ben Stein’s Money never did well for GSN and Grand Slam was one of its lowest rated originals. Even Jeopardy has struggled to perform well on the network. I think Weakest Link did ok. Just my opinion, but I don’t see this working for GSN.

    • randy says:

      I see. If you think the show will do well, you can say whatever you like, but if you don’t, you have to watch the show first. But beyond that, “A second grader would get that one right” isn’t an insult? And I never passed judgment on the show. I compared it to Emmy winners like Win Ben Stein’s Money and Jeopardy! And Grand Slam was probably my favorite GSN original. I suggested that shows that are similar haven’t done well on GSN so I’m not hopeful that this one will. I actually hope I’m wrong. So, maybe, you know, read the post before you start arguing.

      • randy says:

        First of all, I was there, too. Do you like Jeopardy? Did you like Grand Slam? Win Ben Stein’s Money? I did. I will probably like this show, too. But history shows that shows like this don’t do well for GSN. I hope I’m wrong. “I don’t see this working for GSN” is not the same as “This show is a piece of shit.”

  • Canyon says:

    In response to the above thread…seriously, folks? Let’s find a happy medium.

    1. Yes, you can’t accurately gauge a show based on trailers. But, the point of trailers is to increase awareness and interest in the show, so it should carry some ethos with it.

    2. Let’s be honest, “The Chase”, when it debuted in the UK, was met with some criticism from people, even those here at Buzzerblog. But the show evolved. They learned from their mistakes. They made it into a highly popular game show. Yes, the public may not like it at first, but that will give the crew the opportunity to tweak it into a fantastic program. At the same time, who really knows an audience before the show even airs? You can use different programs as examples all you want, but the truth is that each game show is its own show. Even if its similar to another show that didn’t do too hot, the audience may find a sublime charm in the new program that was missing from the others. In short, who knows what they’ll think.

    3. Can we be thankful that it’s a tough quiz show? We are constantly reading comments arguing how we have reached the end of the television industry when NBC chooses to make White Elephant into a primetime, big-money game show. Yet, when something like this comes up, it seems like we still focus on execution rather than the fact that it’ll need contestants with brains.

    Let’s wait to pass judgment until we actually see the finished product. Each of us comes into a conversation like this with a bias. I have one. I enjoy The Chase. But I honestly think the British one is a bit too long to sit through unless I’m with others who also enjoy it. In the end, though, I appreciate the program.

  • MikeSant318 says:

    All I know is: August 6th can’t come soon enough for me…Bring On The Chase!!!

  • Wayne says:

    I think I’ve figured out the $250K claim:

    3 people to a team
    each get a 1 minute builder round with questions @ $5K
    guessing on 6 questions in 60 seconds correct = $30K, chaser offer doubles it for $60K?

    3*$60K = $180K

    Then two minutes, maybe 18 questions correct @ $5K each = $90K, + $180K from the first round will be over that $250K claim?

  • JEFF S says:

    I would like to think it is going to work. But this is a show geared to a daily late afternoon time slot as is done in Great Britain. I remember so many years ago shows like the Match Game doing well as a daily afternoon show but when they tried to spruce it up to run in prime time with higher prizes it lost much of its charm. Same was true of the Weakest Link which would have caught on here without its glitzy prime time debut. It takes time to catch on.

    As far as bringing it over, I get the fact that some things have to be lost. One of the best parts of the show, at least to me, is the mystery of which chaser will walk out after the first cash builder round and asking that contestant who would you like least to face. I get that it wouldn’t make sense to bring over 3 or 4 chasers but still it’s a loss.

    Also I think the host of that show is one of the best cogs in the machine. I wonder if the decision not to bring over Bradley at least for the pilot was based on his work schedule or a conscious decision by gsn that his accent will not sell here.

    Also no reason to bump up the prizes. A grand for the cash builder round would have been fine.

    Just my opinions.

  • JEFF S says:

    Just as a follow up to my own comment just above, I am sure ITV would absolutely love if they can syndicate the show in the United States at the lowest cost possible so here’s a suggestion. Fly the American contestants across the pond and do the taping in England with the whole same production set up and of course the British host and chasers (although it might be good to come up with a Yankee chaser or two but the current crop are perfect)…that might work well.

  • Brekkie says:

    I guess $250k is the theoretical maximum. It’s completely unofficial but the way the Chaser offers start low in the UK version they seem to work to a maximum jackpot of £100,000.

    With $5000 per question on the US version considering the UK version generally pitches offers around the £30,000 mark as standard you’d therefore expect regular offers of $100,000-$150,000 on the US version, which I doubt will happen unless it’s the third player with little already in the pot. It does look like the gamble may not be quite as appealing on the US version.

  • Nancy Brinsfield says:

    I think the same set of questions should be given to the Beast and the contestants to win the big money. The show should be testing their knowledge on the same subjects.

  • Monserrate says:

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