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TNT Developing “Monopoly” Reality Show

After years of essentially doing only kids unscripted game shows, Hasbro is finally breaking into the adult market.  At today’s Turner upfront announcements, TNT announced the development of the new reality game show Monopoly.  Based on the iconic toy and game, this version will see eight two-person teams play a real-life game of Monopoly against each other, attempting to amass the most property and wealth that they can.  It takes strategy, skill, and luck, but the eventual winners will receive a huge cash prize.  The series features executive producers Stephen J. Davis, Kevin Belinkoff, Dan Cutforth, and Jane Lipsitz and comes from The Magic Elves and Hasbro Studios.

Monopoly has one previous unscripted iteration.  A weekly quiz show version ran on ABC in 1990.  Hosted by Mike Reilly and produced by Merv Griffin, three contestants answered questions to earn properties on the game board.  After that the show essentially became a sped-up version of the iconic game with $50,000 at stake in a bonus round.  Monopoly, though, lasted just twelve episodes after being cancelled. Take a look.

If you ever saw the show you know why the 1990s version failed…boring and confusing.  They’re taking a departure into a much smarter reality realm with this edition of Monopoly so we look forward to seeing where it goes.  If something comes of it we’ll let you know.

Source : THR

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28 responses to "TNT Developing “Monopoly” Reality Show"

  • Corey says:

    Calling it right now, Ernie Johnson will host this.

  • Hardy the Captain says:

    I’ll keep my eye on this one.

  • BG says:

    Kinda like “The Apprentice” meets “The Amazing Race”. Sounds interesting.

  • Julia says:

    Ya know, Alex, I loved this show. The only bad part was the host. Mike Riley was horrible and very stilted. He was one of those typical game show hosts that came out of the early 90′s but shouldn’t have been hosts, like Patrick Wayne or Rolf Benerchke. Beyond that, Merv Griffin did a great job producing this one.

    • Lee Hubbard says:

      Peter Tomarken hosted the pilot. But when the show went to ABC, after failing to make it to syndication, he was unavailable.

      • Julia says:

        Ah…I remember that now. Isn’t the Tomarken pilot floating around somewhere?

        • Myke25 says:

          I just watched it on YouTube, Julia. Mike Reilly was one of the “contestants” in the Tomarken pilot. The game was kind of a mess, but I kinda liked it. The theme song was very catchy and the illuminated game board was cool.

          • Doug Morris says:

            My main problem with the short-lived series *and* its pilot: It tried to cram an hour’s worth of material in a half-hour.

            The pilot’s *slightly* better with faster awarding of property groups. But still — not hard to see why this had a short life as a quizzer.

            ‘Twill be interesting to see it as a reality game.

    • insaneben says:

      You know, Peter Tomarken was slated to host the show (in fact, he hosted the pilot).
      The only reason he didn’t get the job (from what I’ve read) was that he got into an argument with Merv Griffin over using a midget on the show (Peter was against it).

      Footage from said pilot can be found here:


    • King Erroneous says:

      I agree. I didn’t find the rules confusing at all. I thought it was just created to pair with Super Jeopardy and then just didn’t get extended past that.

  • Darren says:

    If TNT uses the “$500 on Free Parking” rule, the series will never end.

  • Ryan says:

    I didn’t think the ’90s version was HORRIBLE… but I do agree that Mike Riley was. And now that anyone’s even gone and mentioned it I have that annoying theme song stuck in my head.

  • William J. Smith says:

    This is gonna fail…..

  • Nikolai says:

    It’s unfortunate that they ended up finding Mike Reilly to host Monopoly in 1990. I heard that he was in the pilot because prior to that, he was a contestant on Jeopardy.

  • Michael Hetrick says:

    I didn’t think it was an awful show in 1990, but I agree with what most of you have said. Mike was terrible as a host. He had no connection with the viewers or contestants. The front end of the game was too long acquiring properties (Merv apparently was a huge crossword fan & this resurrected itself in his “Merv Griffin’s Crosswords” years later), that the fun part of going around the board was severly shortened.

    In this case, it’s not so much a “game show” as reality competition so it will be interesting to see how this version plays out. Hasbro has the rights to a film they are working on as well.

    • DeVares says:

      It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good either. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, it was just everyone was anticipating the syndicated version that was suppose to premiere that fall except, not enough stations picked the show up.

      But, when I think of a reality version of Monopoly, I think of The Apprientice.

  • Shon says:

    Monopoly the movie? If Battleship bombed in the box office I don’t see how Monopoly would do any better. What’s next Hungry Hungry Hippos?

  • HomerJay says:

    I think what I disliked about the show, aside from the theme and stiff hosting, was what I also disliked about Scrabble: the effort to force a thoroughly different, unrelated game onto a known name just for the sake of using said name.

  • Matt says:

    I thought that the gameplay on the 1990 was good, and the host Mike Reilly wasn’t. I liked the set, game board, and the theme song. The bonus game was quite a challenge with a “Go to Jail” spot in the 2nd row, one in the 3rd row and 2 in the 4th row, including the “Go to Jail” in the corner as well. A few have won, a few lost, one person decided to stop with one roll left, and one person ran out of rolls. You win $25,000 if you pass GO, $50,000 if you land on GO. Idon’t know how to make a better version compared to the 1990 version?

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