Weekend Replay: “5 Minutes to a Fortune” Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: “5 Minutes to a Fortune”

This past week Channel 4 debuted their newest afternoon quiz show 5 Minutes to a Fortune.  The game, hosted by Davina McCall, sees a team, face five rounds that test their mental and logic skills while facing a 15-foot hourglass containing the team’s bank.  One player, the Time Keeper, will allot any amount of time from the time bank to complete the round.  If the Game Player cannot successfully answer five questions within the time set, the hourglass will turn and their money will drain.  The drain will stop once the final answer is given.  After five rounds the roles reverse and the Time Keeper must play one game to fight for whatever is left in the hourglass.

It’s a fun, unique show with an interesting and visually impressive gimmick that works well.  It’s got its faults and, personally, I’m getting sick of the keep-ahold-of-your-bank formats which have never worked to a large audience, but this is probably on the top of that list.  The point of the Time Keeper becomes completely irrelevant after they used their Lifeline, and the final round has the potential to be incredibly boring if the team has no clue.  However, the games are challenging, fun to play along with, and different enough to make it hard not to shout at the screen.  Davina McCall, as always, is fantastic.  It’s got a few issues, but giving it a solid 7.5 out of 10, with a giant potential to be much higher if they can get a second series and fix the very fixable things.  It’s essentially a trivia version of The Cube.  Hard to go wrong with that.

Want to see what we’re talking about?  Check out the first round of a celebrity episode from last week.  Celebrity teams play for £100,000.  Every weekday, though, teams play for £50,000.

Video courtesy Channel 4 and Victory Television

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11 responses to "Weekend Replay: “5 Minutes to a Fortune”"

  • Eric Collins says:

    ok now that i have got to seen this show all i can really say is it reminds me of another show…The Money Pump

  • Curtis says:

    I actually like this show quite a lot. Just needs a couple tweaks. Maybe have just a single player to take on both roles?

  • Kulapik says:

    It also reminds me of another show that is airing right now here on Spain and has been picked by WB, It’s called Money Time, and it also features a giant hourglass, and the contestants have to load cash on it in order to get time for answering the questions. The”top” prize is 100000€ and the rate of loading is 400€/second. It’s nice to see it. Here is a sneak peek, don’t know if it can be seen outside Spain.


  • wayne says:

    I like this one. Double the time to ten minutes and only have a single player and you have a one hour show for a network.

  • Ben says:

    Am I daft? I can’t seem to get Anything out of the clip…just a pose of Davina in front of the hourglass.

    • Alex Davis says:

      Hi, Ben. It’s a .mp4 file right now which should work if you click the image. If it’s not I’ll get a Flash version in a bit and I’ll shoot you an email once I have it there. Thanks.

  • Dee says:

    I just wondered if Davina only has one set of clothes…… been watching this for three days and she has the same jumper, trousers and shoes on. Surely all these people can’t have recorded this programme on the same day. Weird or CH 4 has cut her clothing budget.

    • Brekkie says:

      No, she wears blue for the celeb shows. It’s quite common now for shows to be recorded in no particular order then sliced together as they see fit – The Cube do it and the UK version of The Voice does, so every week everyone is wearing the same.

      Davina is famed for wearing nothing but black anyway during her reigh as host of Big Brother, so it’s not particularly unusual to see her in essentially the same outfit every show.

  • claire besant says:

    this is rubbish. no one wins anything as its too difficult.

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