“General Hospital” Stars Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson Win $250,000 on “Millionaire” Thumbnail

“General Hospital” Stars Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson Win $250,000 on “Millionaire”

One of Who Wants to be a Millionaire‘s biggest prizes was won yet again on yesterday’s show.  During a special celebrity edition, General Hospital stars Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson won a big $250,000 for their charity The Art of Elysium.  They finished Monday’s show with a bank of $67,600 and two Lifelines remaining: Ask the Audience and Jump the Question.  In a rare occurrence the audience actually helped the duo secure the $250,000.  Not wanting to risk losing $225,000 in the gamble for half a million dollars, Jason and Finola decided to walk with the quarter million.  Jason and Finola are the fourth people this season to win $250,000 and the second celebrity team to do it in this Super Mix format.

The General Hospital stars immediately jumped the $100,000 question.  With $67,600 still in their bank Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson faced this $250,000 question:

With only six known to exist in the world, an autograph from which of the following has an estimated value of $5 million due to its rarity?
A: Galileo Galilei
B: Michelangelo
C: William Shakespeare
D: Isaac Newton

The team had to use Ask the Audience.  Though with some slight influence from Finola, nearly half the audience said the answer was C.  After several minutes of nervous deliberation and risking a $42,600 drop if wrong, they made William Shakespeare their Final Answer.  Meredith Vieira strung the team on for some time but finally announced they had the right answer and won $250,000 for charity.  Finola (in tears by this point) and Jason then saw this $500,000 question:

In 1993, the first “webcam” was activated in University of Cambridge’s computer lab so that its employees could keep an eye on a what?
A: Coffee pot
B: Bathroom line
C: Water cooler
D: Candy machine

If they were wrong they would lose $225,000. The team was not sure and did not want to randomly gamble on their guess, Coffee Pot. They walked with $250,000. However, if they said A, they would have faced the million dollar question.

Congratulations to the team.  This has been a big money season, hasn’t it?  It seems like we get a six figure win almost every week.  We just can’t seem to get anyone to get above the $250,000 level, though.  That’s still a massive, life-changing sum of money and we’re happy to see them win it for charity.  Again, congratulations to Finola and Jason.

If you didn’t get to see it, here’s a look at their Tuesday game.  It’s a nice, rare chance for out-of-US people to see the new format.  Photo and video courtesy Disney-ABC.

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26 responses to "“General Hospital” Stars Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson Win $250,000 on “Millionaire”"

  • Tony DuMont says:

    A great win. I wouldn’t have gone for the $500,000 question. Hopefully we’ll see someone reach that plateau, maybe during Cedric’s tenure.

  • Nicolas says:

    I knew thé answer for the 500000$ So I could Play it

  • Father Time says:

    SMH. Seriously guys, $250,000 isn’t a big deal anymore. Please only do a story when someone actually WINS the $500,000. They should’ve used the audience on the $100,000 question & jumped the $250,000 question had they gotten the $100,000 right. This isn’t a big win. It’s not a big deal.

    • Alex Davis says:

      How on earth is a quarter million dollars, more than you can win in one day on any other daily show on US TV, not a big deal? It’s a massive, massive sum of money. It happens to 3 or 4 people out of close to 300 people a season. That’s a big deal. We’ll decide what we want to cover. Thanks.

    • Alex McMillan says:

      If they had used audience and then jump the exact same thing would have happened.

      • Kevin $ says:

        Do realize that jumping the $250,000 question would’ve meant LESS money, since they would’ve walked away with $100,000 only.

    • #Matt says:

      You have a point. It happens so often now that the show should be named “Who Wants to be a Quarter-Millionaire?” I’m getting tired of these $250K wins around here too. Yes, it’s a lot of money but it’s not a rare occurrence anymore.

      Pointless News. Call me when there’s a $500K.

      If this comment is taken down, Alex, you’re only proving yourself wrong.

      • Alex Davis says:

        It’s a quarter million dollars. It’s massive. It’s news for our genre. Period. If you don’t think it is then either don’t read the full story or stop watching until we tease a half million dollar winner.

        And for the record we only take down comments when they are supremely stupid or make no sense.

  • Alex Davis says:

    Am I allowed to write about the $100K win on Wheel of Fortune yesterday? I mean it has happened often, and it’s not the million dollars. It’s probably not news worthy. All you people that know better can let me know.

    • #Matt says:

      We never stated you couldn’t write about it. There’s no law.

      A $100K on WOF is much more rare than a quarter-million on Millionaire.

      • Alex Davis says:

        There’s been at least three $100K wins on Wheel of Fortune this year. There’s only been one more $250K win on Millionaire. That’s grasping at straws at absolute best.

        I just want to make sure it’s “newsworthy” enough for everyone since these are all apparently fairly regular occurrences.

  • Eric says:

    To those saying 250K isn’t news… fine, don’t read it.

    Personally, I consider 250K news because of two reasons… 1. Someone actually won big money and more importantly 2. We get to see a 500K question. Considering the obscurity of WWTBAM questions nowadays, just getting to see one of the top 2 questions IS a big deal.

    If someone were to win 500K or 1M, that would be MORE than a news story. Sadly though, that story would likely be accompanied by a story about Millionaire softening the stack.

  • CouponBoy says:

    Winning $250,000 on a game show that isn’t guaranteed to give it away is news. I think everyone would have a much bigger riot if someone miraculously won the $250,000 top prize on GSN’s Minute to Win It and it wasn’t posted. Honestly, saying a $250,000 win isn’t newsworthy just because it’s 1/4 of the show’s top prize is ridiculous. It is just as hard, if not harder, to win $1,000,000 on Millionaire than to win the top prize on Deal or no Deal. At least on that show it is a blind 50/50 chance should you make it to the end with the top prize still in play, whereas on Millionaire it is more or less a “blind” 25/75 chance as the questions are next to impossible to know on that level.

  • Kevin $ says:

    Alex… I don’t agree with you always, but you’re 100% right on with this. $250,000 doesn’t happen that often, actually. It just happens a few times a season. 6 figures is worth a story, no matter how long or short. Especially for a special celebrity couple.

    I think that group of years during the clock format when VERY FEW people won anything beyond $25k has made the last few years’ 4 or 5 big money moments seem more regular than before. I think that’s what’s happening.

    But $250k is a big deal and I DEFINITELY want to know when it happens. :-)

    (As an aside, Alex…. as a guy who actually reports local news for a living, you can’t let a couple of people dictate what’s newsworthy, especially for a genre/subject that already doesn’t have a TON of news everyday. This argument of it not being newsworthy is, frankly, ridiculous. )

    My rant is over. $250,000 would surely change my life!

    • Kevin $ says:

      In addition, it’s THE only daily game show you can win that much money (except the million on “Wheel” or a SUPER, SUPER special episode of “Price.”).

  • CarShark says:

    I think this is just frustration over no millionaire boiling over. Of course it’s newsworthy, it’s just not THE news people want.

  • Big Gep says:

    Questions were ridiculously easy compared to other games. I get it was for charity, but still, have some consistency

  • Jay says:

    I agree with Alex. $250,000 IS a lot of money…and, it was for a great charity. Would I have liked to have seen them win the million? Sure…we all would have. But, who’s sneezing at $250K? I’m certainly not. Besides, it’s not your money. In this case, it belongs to the charity.

    You tell ‘em, Alex!

    • Jay says:

      Besides, I think a lot of people have gotten spoiled with big wins. Another show (TPIR) recently started playing a big money game (Pay The Rent). It’s only a matter of time when that game is won. I remember when Punch-A-Bunch was the only cash game…yes, I’m aging myself but so what? And, it was “only” worth $10,000. I’d love to win even that much. A good win is a good win!

  • Wayne says:

    Considering we’ve seen less than 25 $500K questions in 8 seasons, $250K was hit about 3 times per season on average.

    Shouldn’t be a problem considering we get way more news about whatever improv crapfest Drew & Friends are involved in this week–you know, shows where nobody ever wins one red cent.

  • Ron says:

    As someone who was incredibly lucky enough to play the game and win the $250,000 this season, I can tell you firsthand that it’s more than just a “been there, done that” kind of story.

    Maybe it’s your frame of reference that’s a little off. Certainly it’s been a very long time since someone has seen the MDQ. And as much as everyone would LOVE to see that final question (and nail it, ideally), the cash that can be won on this show can alter lives DRAMATICALLY. To wit, I can now afford my own health insurance as neither of my two employers offer it to me. I also have an investment portfolio which will hopefully allow me to retire in 30 years with enough money to live comfortably. Without Millionaire, neither of these things would have been possible for me.

    Now I ask you, would the masses of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck (like I was doing) consider a a six figure payday a massive windfall?

    I’m pretty darn sure they would.

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