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“AGT” Act Steals Routine By Frank Nicotero

When one comedian steals another comedian’s set, you know tempers will flare. All comics have a bit or two they do religiously with their audiences. They do it over and over again to master it, and it becomes their staple. You expect it. This exact situation happened during a taping for this season’s America’s Got Talent. The warm up comedian for the season is Frank Nicotero. You may know Nicotero from hosting the popular game show Street Smarts in the early 2000s. One of the acts that auditioned for AGT was The Greg Wilson. Wilson’s act contained a bit that Nicotero said he has been doing for years. It’s about a fight between a girl and a guy in a car where Nicotero pantomimes the entire bit. Nicotero then went to Facebook to explain the situation.

Here’s a video of Nicotero performing the bit:

According to Nicotero, as soon as he began to hear Wilson’s act, he rushed over to the executive producers to talk about the situation. According to an article on Slashfilm, the audience was laughing and cheering for Wilson during his performance. Even judge Howard Stern praised it. As soon as the act was over, Nicotero says judge Howie Mandel quickly identified the bit as seeing it before and said it belonged to Nicotero. Mandel questioned Wilson and asked if he wrote the material himself or if he stole it form someone. Wilson quickly defended himself and said, “He stole it from me. I’m a headliner on TV and he’s the warm up guy. I have a mic and he doesn’t.”

Nicotero was backstage trying to talk with the producers of the show, and chose not to run on stage and interrupt the show. Still, the judges made their decisions based on the performance itself and the audience response. Wilson advanced to the Las Vegas rounds. As soon as Wilson walked off stage, Nicotero went over to confront him. At this time, in between acts, Nicotero would entertain the audience with some jokes and even showcase some audience talents. Instead, Nicotero decided to take this personal matter behind the scenes. Nicotero said as soon as Wilson left the venue, producers notified Nicotero about the performance not being aired on the show and that Wilson was being questioned by NBC lawyers soon after. Wislon was allegedly kicked off AGT. Nicotero later showed producers the same act on YouTube and other sites.

Nicotero quickly went back to Facebook and addressed the issue at hand with his gratitude. With all the support he received, he posted this message:

“Thanks to all my friends. I’m done with this…taking the high road. The guy is a scum bag hack. A good friend of mine who is a well known actor called me last night and said unfortunately he hosted a showcase with the guy and he did the bit that night. That was about 6 months ago. What a jerk. Thanks to all. POWER OF FB! Now – on with life….”

Nicotero summed everything up by saying, “The Greg Wilson is a total thief and a horrible person and was just busted on national TV.”

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11 responses to "“AGT” Act Steals Routine By Frank Nicotero"

  • swhammy says:

    and yet The Greg Wilson gets tv air time on trutv (as a commentor on World’s Dumbest)

  • Tracie Wagner says:

    There are ALWAYS two sides to every story. Due to confidentiality agreements with the show and NBC, Greg Wilson has been unable to respond publicly to these ridiculous allegations. The TRUTH will very soon be revealed!!!

  • shelly says:

    Wilson quickly defended himself and said, “He stole it from me. I’m a headliner on TV and he’s the warm up guy. I have a mic and he doesn’t.”

    Sounds like some of the rubbish that’s been thrown at Joe Rogan whenever he mentions that Carlos Mencia is a joke thief and practically built his career on stolen material. Basically, that Mencia is a comic legend or whatever and Rogan isn’t.

    IMO, it doesn’t matter.

  • Lisa says:

    The TRUTH is that Frank Nicotero has been doing that piece for years! I personally saw it several times in the late 1990s. It was kind of his trademark back then. It was how he ended his show. This other jerk trying to claim it as his own is ridiculous. And he’s clearly an arrogant ass stating that he’s the headliner while Frank was just the warm up guy. Dude, you aren’t a headliner if you are the one trying out for America’s Got Talent. Guess his talent is stealing other people’s material.

    • Frank N says:

      THANK YOU! Oh and I headline too….way better clubs than that jerk.

      • Sanford says:

        Great stuff. BTW, Frank, have you done Borgata Comedy Clubs in Atlantic City. If not, are you planning sometime in the future? I’m a regular spectator over there!

        Big Street Smarts and Life fan. Hope to see you live. Thanks. :)

  • Ken Lee says:

    I heard that for the Vegas round Greg Wilson was going to do a bit with a sledgehammer and a watermellon.

    • the greg wilson says:

      Excuse me but, that’s THE Greg Wilson to you. By the way, Gallagher must have seen me do that bit and stole it from me.

  • They’re both good performers with no shortage of good material. The only way we will get to see any of that good material is to just agree this was not ideal and not how comedy should work—and to move on.

    If it’s not live comedy, it’s probably dead comedy, and dead comedy is usually safe material.

  • snow says:

    FYI– Greg Wilson took a polygraph test (from this guy http://polygraph-west.com/ ) that he passed with flying colors. He posted the results on his FB three days ago. You might want to post an update to this article, which really makes this whole debacle seem incredibly one-sided.

    The full report is too long to post here, but the most relevant bit is this:

    “Numerical evaluation is a procedure in which a polygraph examiner measures the strength, size and other characteristics of a subject’s physiological responses at certain locations in the polygraph tracings, and then assigns point values to reflect the magnitude and quality of those responses. To be considered truthful when he answered the relevant questions, Mr. Wilson’s total score would have to equal or exceed +6 points. To be considered deceptive to the relevant
    questions, his score would have to equal or exceed -6 points. Scores in the range of -5 to +5 are considered to be inconclusive. Mr. Wilson’s score was +11.

    As such, it is my professional opinion that Greg Wilson created “Couple Fight” himself and did not steal the routine from Frank Nicotero or anyone else.”

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