The CW Revives “Whose Line is it Anyway?” for New Season; Aisha Tyler Named Host Thumbnail

The CW Revives “Whose Line is it Anyway?” for New Season; Aisha Tyler Named Host

Update: The CW is the network behind the upcoming revival of Whose Line is it Anyway?. The CW’s revival of Whose Line is it Anyway? will debut this summer.

During the launch of all the improv comedy shows that have come over the past few years, people constantly say the same thing: why won’t they just bring back Whose Line is it Anyway?.  Good news: they are.  Colin Mochrie today announced the previously-discussed rumors that Warner Bros. is bringing back the iconic improv comedy show for a new season to The CW.  TVGuide is reporting that The CW is launching the new series. Aisha Tyler has been named the new host, replacing Drew Carey.  However, the old Whose Line cast will be back.  Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Wayne Brady are confirmed to return.

The original American version of Whose Line is it Anyway? ran from 1998 to 2007.  Despite low expectations, running against Friends on Thursday nights, Whose Line proved to be a solid performer for ABC.  The series, even after cancellation, has enjoyed success in DVD sales, various spin-offs, and tens of millions of views on YouTube.

I think our love of Whose Line is it Anyway? in these parts is well established so I don’t need to tell you how excited we are.  How about we just let Colin show you.  Excited for the new series?  By the way, thanks to reader Thomas Drawbraugh for one of the sources.

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22 responses to "The CW Revives “Whose Line is it Anyway?” for New Season; Aisha Tyler Named Host"

  • Adam S. says:

    That is the greatest GIF in the history of the internet.

  • Nikolai says:

    Is there any way it can be viewed in Canada? I’d like to see it too. Considering Colin Mochrie is a Canadian himself, it would only be right if a Canadian channel broadcast it too.

  • Dorvell says:

    Although it won’t be the same without Drew Carey, I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen it. Can’t say I know who Aisha Tyler is, or not off the top of my head at least.

    • Nikolai says:

      She is currently part of the animated series “Archer” on FX and a co-host on “The Talk” on CBS. It will be interesting to see how this incarnation of WLIIA turns out.

      • Andrew Duhamel says:

        She also appeared in an episode of “The Burn with Jeff Ross” alongside fellow comics TJ Miller and the incomparable Gilbert Gottfried. She’s a very funny woman who might do well hosting “Whose Line”.

  • Kevin $ says:

    This is one of those smaller versions of the Bob Barker host switch, just the opposite.

    Aisha Tyler is funny and will be a good, (I predict) solid host, but she’s no Drew Carey and it won’t be the same without him there (unless he’ll be a part of the actual cast, but I doubt it.).

    I’ll definitely be watching!

  • Jason says:

    I guess the CW has finally come to the notion that they’ll never be able to get females 18-34 and go for a broader demographic this way.

    • John says:

      The show might have a better shot at survival, seeing as The CW has lower ratings expectations than the other major nets.

  • #Matthew says:

    This will be a great fit for the CW. They don’t have much else and lots of people love good Improv

  • Sung says:

    Memo to self: add to my to-do list learning how to dance like Colin Mocrhie.

    I hope this does better than the GSN version. If they can crank out more classics like “Survivor: Post Office”, I’ll be watching and/or taping.

  • Jay says:

    The fact that the CW doesn’t “have much else”, as Matthew puts it, is exactly why I’m nervous about this. It’s a great idea. But, I’m wonder if the CW is a good fit for it.

  • Lee says:

    Will Laura Hall be back as musician inb residence?

    • Lee says:

      “in,” that should be.

    • Dorvell says:

      I hope so. No one plays the “Hoedown” music better! She was terrific in all the other musical games as well of course, but I always loved what she did when it came to “Hoedown!”

      Speaking of that, I wonder what games they’ll be bringing back and what new games will be introduced? Anything requiring Wane Brady to sing will automaticly get a thumbs-up from me and if you’ve heard that man sing, you know why!

      Two of my favorite games from the orriginal run that I’d like to see given a second chance are “Balad of” (which was only played once unfortunately,) and “Change Letter.”

  • Brandon Taylor says:

    I wish Jonathan Mangum was joining in as well…

  • Jack Berenson says:

    I’m excited to see it back, but I’m also hoping they don’t screw it up. Also, if the CW were smart, they should get Drew as a guest star on an episode.

  • Alex McMillan says:

    Aisha Tyler is a good host, hopefully she’ll do well in the role.

  • Marshal Knight says:

    I am really hoping for Kathy Greenwood to return for a few episodes. She had some of the best lines during Weird Newscasters and he goat dance was priceless!

  • I have my reservations about this… Carey certainly brought a certain flippant, I don’t give a rat’s endside attitude toward the hosting gig that fit extremely well with that format. She could try going Clive Anderson and play it straight, but I’m not sure how well that’d work.

    All I know about Ms. Tyler is that she was the token black they added to Friends toward the end of the show’s run. I don’t recall her standing out all that much.

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