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Weekend Replay: Can Kevin Beat “The Cube”

The Cube is currently into its sixth series on ITV and it’s still thrilling us week after week.  Yesterday’s starting contestant, Kevin, returns in one of the strongest positions anyone on the Phillip Schofield-hosted show has ever been in.  He’s already won £50,000.  He’s starting the show on game six of seven, for £100,000.  Best of all he still has six lives, his Trial Run, and his Simplify lifelines for additional help.  Kevin is just two games away from beating The Cube and being the first civilian to win £250,000.  Can Kevin get passed his £100,000 game and, most importantly, does Kevin have what it takes to gamble it all for the shot at defeating The Cube?

It’s a moment to remember.  It’s also yet another example of why The Cube is and has been one of the most thrilling and engaging games of the past decade.

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Video courtesy ITV and Objective Productions.  Video rights removed one week after publication.

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12 responses to "Weekend Replay: Can Kevin Beat “The Cube”"

  • Big Gep says:

    Video stops for me at the 8:37 mark. Want to know what happens…

  • Frank Rossi says:

    Alex, there’s a problem in all my browsers at 8:37 — the video cannot be watched any further.

  • stephen says:

    Why didn’t he use Simplify on PinPoint? since he can’t use in the final game?

  • Six And Eight While You Wait says:

    Same here. Video crashes at 8:37.

    The suspense is killing me…

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    I’ve seen it. Do you really want to know? If not, scroll past.

    Kevin made it to Game 7 without having used his simplify, which, as Stephen noted above, offsets the “harder” setting (it had never happened before), so he would play Descent again at the original setting. He took a long time to decide; well, he had SIX lives. He finally asked his wife, Vicki, if she would divorce him if he gave up £100,000 to try for the £250,000. She said yes. He took the money, so we’ll never know if he could have been the first “regular” contestant to beat the Cube.

  • CouponBoy says:

    This show is sort of like Deal or no Deal in that some people just won’t go for the top prize even under near-perfect circumstances as they just don’t have the guts to do so. So many people have dealt the 3rd offer on a strong board on Deal or no Deal when it didn’t fulfill their dreams as they just felt like they couldn’t risk it under any circumstances for their families. Kevin was just one of those people. And really, as the US syndicated version of Deal or no Deal showed us, having the family members in the audience just make much difference as many people bailed early on that version despite having no family supporters and a low offer that didn’t fulfill their dreams.

  • CarShark says:

    I have to say that while I am thrilled that he did so well up until the final game, I am really disappointed that he didn’t try the final game, especially with a simplify counteracting the harder level and SIX tries. I don’t blame his wife for swaying him, though. He seemed to be looking for the exits during the last five minutes.

    So we’ve seen two American Millionaire contestants not even try $500,000 questions and a Brit not try a 250,000 pound stunt despite having a great risk-reward scenario. It’s kind of frustrating that there continues to be a dearth of big winners.

  • stephen says:

    Remember the intensity of this. Sure, he did Desecent once before, but with the pressure of the amount of money, it would be much more difficult.

    Don’t believe me? Get the iPhone game and try Circumfrence when it’s the 250,000 game… even for FAKE it’s intense.

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