Video: “The Price is Right” Puts a Jaguar on the Line Thumbnail

Video: “The Price is Right” Puts a Jaguar on the Line

The Price is Right has a few games which it only plays very few times a season for a good reason: they give contestants a chance at a gigantic prize.  Yesterday saw one of those games come out.  The popular 3 Strikes came out with a Jaguar XF on the line.  It’s a $53,000 car and contestant Elizabeth is very close to winning it.  Can she pull it out and have one of the biggest pricing game wins of the season?

Take a look and find out.

By the way, Elizabeth also won her Showcase with a difference of only $312.  She came close to a Double Showcase Win and having her total fly over six figures.  Nonetheless, she left the show with a remarkable $78,388.  Congratulations

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7 responses to "Video: “The Price is Right” Puts a Jaguar on the Line"

  • R.V. says:

    I sit corrected. (Although you’ve posted clips from WayoshiM’s account before, such as the recent DSW that went all “screw Drew Carey, I’m going to my new car over there” as soon as she won.)

  • Joe says:

    If this was edited down to four minutes for the video, how long did it take to play in tape time?

  • chafic says:

    i saw this episode when it came on tv. on tv, it was not edited. the game actually lasted 8 to 9 minutes to play. it’s just edited on buzzerblog

  • bmhedgehog says:

    all I can say is…Awesomesause.

  • shelly says:

    The clip was edited down on the CBS website as well. It was an awesome moment. Elizabeth had a very good day.

  • Schmolik says:

    3 Strikes is one of my favorite if not favorite games. I wish they played it more often.

    The one strike rule allowed more winners but took too long. They should go back to the three strikes but give the first number for free (it will be at the same level as the old four number days). I don’t care if they start playing for regular cars, play it more than three or four times a year (and have it won more than once a year).

    Speaking of hard to win games, how about Pathfinder? The most recent times I saw it the four choices were so close together any of them could have been the second number and contestants had a hard time just getting it, let alone winning. I think this new TPIR staff wants no one to win cars anymore.

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