Rumor Control: Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer on Short List as Next “Jeopardy” Host Thumbnail

Rumor Control: Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer on Short List as Next “Jeopardy” Host

Interesting report from New York Post this morning.  Alex Trebek’s Jeopardy! contact will expire in 2016 and the then-76-year-old host is not expected to sign an extension.  Sony has, allegedly, been feeling out various personalities to take over the reigns of the long-running syndicated quiz show.  So far the two front running names are both news personalities.  It is being reported that Today host Matt Lauer is currently at the top of the list.  Lauer’s contract with the NBC morning show ends in 2015 and, like Trebek, he is not expected to re-up his deal.

The Post is also reporting that CNN anchor and daytime talk show host Anderson Cooper is being considered for the gig.  Cooper’s deal with CNN ends next year.  Cooper does have experience with the show and games in general.  In 2012 he won a Jeopardy! Power Player’s game and $50,000 for charity.  He was also the acclaimed host of the equally acclaimed ABC reality game show The Mole.  Other names will, inevitably, come out of the wood work as 2016 approaches to stay tuned to updates on that.

As the Post accurately points out, realistically, either of them could keep their jobs and host Jeopardy! if they wanted, as could any other news-type personality they may want.  Meredith Vieira hosted Millionaire for 11 years while hosting various other shows.  A prime current example is Steve Harvey who hosts Family FeudThe Steve Harvey Show in daytime, and his own radio show.  These games tape so quickly and easily that it wouldn’t be a big problem for anyone.

Do you like either of these choices?  Personally, I can see Anderson Cooper being a much more natural fit for Jeopardy!, not to mention his reputation isn’t as poor as Matt Lauer’s is right now.  If Alex Trebek does leave in 2016, it’s going to be a fun few years of guessing.

Source : New York Post

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55 responses to "Rumor Control: Anderson Cooper and Matt Lauer on Short List as Next “Jeopardy” Host"

  • Damien W says:

    No to Lauer. And while I love Anderson Cooper and he has the book smarts for the job, he doesn’t possess the smooth public-radio voice that is needed to sustain episodes, day-in and day-out.

    Probst is a logical fit, but I’d rather not see him and his ego every day.

    Thinking outside the box: Maybe Kevin Spacey would like to host the show in New York City, and still have time to do Broadway shows each night after tapings are done…

  • Damien W says:

    Meant to add: But overall, Harry Smith would be great.

  • James Greek says:

    I read in the book: from Yesterday to Today that after Matt was let go from 9 broadcast plaza and before being hired by WNBC. He was offered some game shows

  • pat says:

    theres only three people who could ever replace alex trebek in my mind: Ben Stein, Regis Philbin, and Anderson Cooper

  • Ryan says:

    I wouldn’t be against Lauer on Jeopardy so long as he keeps the flow of the show and knows what he’s doing.

  • Alana says:

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    on this website.

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