ABC Debuts “Bet on Your Baby” on Saturday, April 6th Thumbnail

ABC Debuts “Bet on Your Baby” on Saturday, April 6th

It looks like ABC’s upcoming game show Bet on Your Baby is dead even before arrival.  The network has announced the new game, hosted by Melissa Peterman, will debut on Saturday, April 6th, at 8:00PM ET.  Saturday is the wasteland on television where shows are burned off and nothing but repeats typically exist.  Maybe this can reverse things a bit and allow some games to be on this low-expectation evening.  However, common sense says this is just a burn off and we shouldn’t expect it much longer than its initial order.  Bet on Your Baby sees five families play games and try to predict their child’s next move.  The eventual winner has a shot at leaving with $50,000 for their child’s education.

I don’t know if Million Dollar Mind Game‘s incredibly unfortunate Sundays at 4:00PM ET time slot is worse than this, actually.  At least people watch TV at that time.  I’m not sure I’ve seen a flat-out burn-off like this before.  It’s kind of a shame because, say what you want about the concept, we’ve seen far worse, far more (for lack of a better word) outlandish, and no game really deserves this.

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7 responses to "ABC Debuts “Bet on Your Baby” on Saturday, April 6th"

  • Kevin $ says:

    Saturday is definitely a terrible place to be and pretty horrific, but I’d still say “Mind Game” had it worse. With Sunday, it’s not that nobody watches TV at that time. Instead, nobody is really going to find it Sunday at 4. If they’re watching something, it’s very specific. Saturday at 8 is at least prime time, at least will have some promotion (even if very little), plus…there are least some exceptions historically of shows being somewhat popular on Saturday nights.

    It DEFINITELY will not succeed at all and it’s yet another blatant disrespect by ABC, but I’d say it’s just 1% better situation than “Mind Game.”

    My opinion, of course.

  • #Matthew says:

    Saturday is a horrible place for any new show of any type to premiere. I think Sunday at 4pm would have been a better timeslot, seeing how we don’t have the NFL to compete with.

  • Kaos says:

    Three letters.




  • Asshat says:

    As soon as I saw the booking for the show and read the description, I knew this thing was toast. What a dumb concept. It’s a game of pure luck, nothing more unless you look at it for the “aww, cute baby’ factor which rots my teeth.

  • Glenn says:

    It seems like Baby Races with the explotiation (but hopefully not the RIGGING) of Our Little Genius…Pass, sad this even makes it to air.

  • D.J. says:

    The game show all about their parents’ kids. No quizzes, no stunts, no guessing prices, no “Deal or No Deal” question whatever. It focus on child’s every move. Who the hell created this? And why they put it on a Saturday night lineup? Remember what happen to Winning Lines on CBS?

  • Joe Capitano says:

    Burnoff? Really? The competition that night includes The Final Four in three time zones…

    Yup. Burnoff.

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