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Weekend Replay: Full Episode of “The Chase” with a Final Chase to Remember Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: Full Episode of “The Chase” with a Final Chase to Remember

I feel we have to repeat it every single time we talk about it, but The Chase is flat-out the best quiz show on TV anywhere today.  It’s hard to ask for more and, pound for pound, the Final Chase is the most exciting few minutes on television currently.  We often just show you small highlights.  I’m guessing many of you haven’t seen a full episode.  Want to see one and see why we like it so much?  Here’s an episode from earlier this week.  It was just a few weeks ago where we had a record £60,000 win on a one-versus-one Final Chase.  This Final Chase is equally memorable for reasons you will see.

If you’re interested in just the Final Chase, jump to 35:35.

The rule is if the entire team gets caught, so there’s actually a Final Chase to be had, the team is fronted £4,000 and they must elect one person to play.  That means if they win, they’ll get £1,000 each.  This situation doesn’t happen often and no one has ever won in this specific scenario.  Only two people have ever beat a Chaser one-on-one.  It was completely unexpected and extremely exciting, and why we continue to be addicted to the show.

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13 responses to "Weekend Replay: Full Episode of “The Chase” with a Final Chase to Remember"

  • Bi-Annually IS every two years! Semi-annually is twice a year.

  • AEI says:

    That seemed to be an exceptionally hard batch of questions for the Final Chase. I can’t recall ever seeing one that had so many obscure questions. Rumanian paramilitary groups? Daughters’ names of C-list celebrities? Minor Thomas Hardy novels? This seemed to be where the “that’s probably too hard” questions got filed away.

    All said and done, however, that was a well-done Final Round. Can’t somebody get this over to the US?

    • Ken in Hong Kong says:

      The way I understand it, just before the Final Chase, the contestants choose between question packet A or B for themselves, and the chaser gets the other packet. I would love to write questions for a show like this (and I do have experience), because it’s really tricky to balance the categories of questions for a Final Chase. A tip of the hat to the chief of question researchers for this show.

      • Ken in Hong Kong says:

        One more thing, quickly: I counted the questions — 39 in the four cash builders, 21 in the individual chases, 56 in the two halves of the Final Chase. Total — 116.

  • CouponBoy says:

    Honestly, I wish this show would come to America already as most people on this show have to guts. That last guy definitely should have taken the 60k offer as worst case scenario he still had a shot at 1k., but no, he already had it fixated in his mind that under no circumstances he would take the high offer. I’m sure if this show came to America a lot more people would take the high offer and make it more interesting.

  • Brekkie says:

    It makes no sense to refuse the high offer if you’re the only person last in the game as if you can’t beat them at the table you’re not likely to beat them in the final chase.

    I guess the nature of fixed running times means they have to have a plan B in the event of all players losing, but don’t get why they still get a head start. If anything they should be penalised.

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    I agree with everyone … This is the best quiz show anywhere in the world right now. I really can’t understand why Fox would sit on this show after they ordered two pilots. Maybe it’s not for prime time, but it’s a GREAT show that — with the right chasers and the right host — would be a water cooler show the next day in the office in the U.S. (Of course, if it’s a syndicated show, like “Family Feud” or “Jeopardy,” it would have to be scaled back to a half-hour, and how could you do THAT?)

    • AEI says:

      Not too tough, actually: scale down the number of contestants on a team from four to three, reduce the “clock-building” time, and you’d lose out on the “filler” talk in the middle of questions. Sadly, that would mean very few “Fanny Schmellar”-type moments, but it could work. It’s better in an hour-long format, though.

  • Collin says:

    That got me more excited over four grand than recent American game shows have over hundreds of thousands. We need this show NOW.

  • James E. Parten says:

    Actually, in some markets (such as Los Angeles), stations that run syndicated game shows do give them an hour. Both “Family Feud” and “WWTBAM?” run here with one new half-hour episode, and one rerun (perhaps from the previous season). So, an hour-long slot is not outside the realm of possibility.

    Furthermore, if the producers go the syndication route, they may not be as likely to have the prizes that were suggested by the pilots of last year. They could go “dollar-for-pound”, which would put it more on the high end of GSN’s budget. At that, a thirteen-week cycle might have a prize budget of between $500,000 and $750,000 (allowing for big wins). This could be closer to the low end of that range if the Producers have confidence in their group of Chasers.

    If “The Chase” comes here, the producers should ignore the temptation to cat only young, “beautiful people” as contestants. One of the joys of the UK show is that the contestants can range from eighteen to eighty-two, with the older ones often being of the “snow-on-the-thatch-fire-in-the-furnace” type.

  • Adam says:

    It seems that US Gameshows no longer Care how smart we are. All they really want are brainless, actor wannabe show offs. I’ve waited 35 years to prove I’m smart enough to win a million dollars, and now suddenly, it’s starting to feel like 35 years down the stinking drain. Here I am wishing our country could be as smart as theirs is.

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