Video: Big Money Showcase Showdown on “The Price is Right” Thumbnail

Video: Big Money Showcase Showdown on “The Price is Right”

It’s safe to assume everyone knows the rules to the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right.  It’s practically the same across the world just with bonus prize differences.   Spin $1.00 in a combination of one or two spins and you win $1,000.  You then get a bonus spin where you can win $10,000 extra for landing on $0.05 or $0.15…or $25,000 for getting the dollar again.  It’s not easy and that’s why the prize is so big.  Yesterday had a pretty unique Showdown.  Two contestants got dollars in their first spins and won the grand.  They face an interesting decision now.  Do they risk not going to the Showcases to win one of the two bonus prizes, or go for one of the higher amounts and get a better chance at playing for tens of thousands of dollars in prizes?  Will both score big on the wheel?

Who wins big and who will make it to the Showcase round?  Take a look.

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10 responses to "Video: Big Money Showcase Showdown on “The Price is Right”"

  • Julia says:

    This was a great episode all around. That showcase round was just…heartbreaking!

    • Ryan Morris says:

      I think that’s why Drew was so somber like at the end. Because both women did so well on the Wheel. He was sure one of them would just break the bank and maybe win both showcases.

  • JD says:

    Why did Ann’s first spin in the first Showcase Showdown count? She spun and landed on the nickel which shouldn’t be considered a full spin, but I think Drew screwed up and didn’t tell her it didn’t count. I’m not sure why no one else on the show corrected it though. The next guy tied her, and then she spun a dollar and was able to go to the showcases. It doesn’t seem fair to the other guy.

  • Eric C. says:

    When was the last time that a 25,000 buck win happened on the big wheel? I watch what episodes i can but i have never seen it happen, so for me this is very exciting to see.

  • CouponBoy says:

    There’s really not a big “risk” trying to go for the bonus money on a spin-off bonus spin. Sure, you could have the worst possible score, but you could also get get a dollar, $0.80, or $.0.90 if you try for it. Plus contestants need money to pay for the taxes for their prizes. It’s really a no-brainer to me.

    • Poochy.EXE says:

      I agree. If you hit it right on, that’s $25K plus a nearly-guaranteed advancement. If you’re off by one, you’ve got $10K cash when the Showcase is basically a 50/50 shot at prizes usually worth around $20-$35K. A guaranteed $10K isn’t half bad in comparison. And if you’re off by 2, 80 or 90 cents is still a good chance to win. I don’t think there’s any dilemma here.

      • William says:

        Agreed. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen someone even try to spin the wheel with some delusion that they could land on a specific area of the wheel, and of those, the number where that strategy paid off has been zero.

        In short, I’m really not sure what Alex Davis meant by that. Unless I’m missing something.

        • STI says:

          I think Alex’s point was “going for the money” versus “trying to advance.” As has been pointed out above, the two are not mutually exclusive.

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