Reelz Channel to Launch “Race to the Scene” Spring 2013 Thumbnail

Reelz Channel to Launch “Race to the Scene” Spring 2013

We try to keep on the ball but, occasionally, a story slips through the cracks.  I have no idea how this one stayed completely hidden despite being announced in June, though.  Reelz Channel has announced they are launching their first game show, Race to the Scene, this Spring.  Race to the Scene sees pairs of teams compete in challenged ripped directly from some of your favorite movies.  You may be taking a bike ride from E.T. or performing high-octane stunts from Terminator 2.  Anything is open game for contestants.  Interestingly action hero Dolph Lundgren will host the series. The series is created and executive produced by Justin Hochberg, Charlie Ebersol and Reelz.

“Non-scripted competition comes to Reelz with the perfect TV About Movies twist,” said Stan E. Hubbard, CEO of Reelz Channel. “Race to the Scene taps directly into our shared experiences of the most talked-about scenes in movies with the added excitement of movie fans being challenged to recreate the action.”

“Race to the Scene will transport movie lovers off their couch and into their favorite action scenes,” said Charlie Ebersol, co-founder, The Hochberg Ebersol Company. “Mark my words, Dolph Lundgren will change non-scripted television forever… or at least until he does it again. He is the perfect iconic action star to lead this fast-paced, adrenalin-filled adventure that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats week after week.”

We learned about the show from a pitch film we saw earlier this afternoon.  Race to the Scene actually looks like quite a bit of fun.  It’s very tongue-in-cheek.  Dolph Lundgren plays up the fact that the format and the fact he’s hosting this show are ridiculous.  The stunts are also pretty cool to watch.  If you’re a fan of Fear Factor-like shows you may get a kick out of this.  It doesn’t reinvent the genre but it looks much more fun than the latest revival of Fear Factor.  Again, Reelz has announced the series will launch this Spring so stay tuned.

Here’s a video with Dolph discussing the show.

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