Ratings Report: “Wheel” Stays Steady, “Millionaire” Stays Strong, “Chain Reaction” Reruns Very Well Thumbnail

Ratings Report: “Wheel” Stays Steady, “Millionaire” Stays Strong, “Chain Reaction” Reruns Very Well

Syndicated and GSN ratings are here for the week of January 28th, 2013. Great numbers all around this week once again, so let’s take a look at them. Wheel of Fortune keeps its 7.8 household rating from last week’s season high, but dips a few hundred thousand viewers to just fewer than 12.3 million. Jeopardy! goes down a tenth of a ratings point down to 6.9 and has a 100,000 viewer dip to land at just under 10.7 million viewers. By the way, based on viewership averages, if we compare the ratings of Wheel and Jeopardy! to that of standard broadcast primetime TV, even in a week where the Super Bowl took place, Wheel would be the 11th most-viewed show for this week in viewership averages and Jeopardy! would be #15. Always great to see that these shows are still strong and could hold up against primetime TV’s best any day of the week.

Family Feud dipped for a couple of weeks, but is heading back up on the track with a 5.3 household rating, corresponding with a viewership average of just fewer than 8 million viewers. People are apparently flocking to check out Meredith Vieira’s final season, as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire continues to post higher-than-average figures. This week, they kept with their season-high 2.6 household rating with an average of about 3.5 million viewers. Repeats of Baggage are steady at their 1.1 rating.

GSN’s Thursday night block of new Newlywed Game episodes is winding down, still producing pretty good numbers, averaging 325,000 viewers over the two hours. As usual, repeats of Steve Harvey’s Family Feud helped to dominate the top-viewed programs for the week, but something interesting popped up this week that has been bubbling for a while. Two Thursday afternoon reruns of the GSN original Chain Reaction averaged over 500,000 viewers from 3 to 4PM. For weeks now, many of those afternoon repeats have logged good numbers for that time period, nearly always averaging over 300,000 viewers. Even with its limited episode capacity, Chain Reaction remains a popular afternoon staple. Maybe it’s time for GSN to consider bringing another original back from the dead?

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8 responses to "Ratings Report: “Wheel” Stays Steady, “Millionaire” Stays Strong, “Chain Reaction” Reruns Very Well"

  • Scott Carpency says:

    You know I was wondering if you were going to bring up Chain Reaction because it surprised me, it seemed like it came out of nowhere into several of those top spots. Pretty cool there. I wouldn’t make any quick decisions on Chain Reaction just yet, but I’ll say this. If that show can maintain those numbers for another month at the very least, then I wouldn’t mind seeing Chain Reaction go for another season. I think Chain Reaction, if they can keep those consistant numbers, can be brought back even better because it is pretty cheap and there wasn’t a terrible amount difference in the better part of the game. Anyway, we’ll see what happens. Not a tremendous week for GSN, but still rather average and not bad in anyway either.

  • Tony DuMont says:

    If they do bring back Chain Reaction, they’ll have to change the front game. I would suggest having teams play to a goal instead of the wagering format. And instead of dumbing down the end game, they should look for contestants who can actually pull it off.

  • Schmolik says:

    I’d love to see Chain Reaction, Catch 21, and (if it hasn’t been canceled yet) Pyramid.

    For Chain Reaction, I would like to see
    1) Gambling Round: You can wager up to $1,000 on the final word of the chain. It may give us a better chance for a come from behind victory.

    2) Get rid of the bonus round, just make it a bunch of Speed Chains. The bonus round didn’t fit in with the context of the game.. 10 chains in 60 seconds, $100 per chain, $5,000 (or $10,000 if they can afford it) for all 10 chains.

  • Glenn says:

    I agree on the bonus round…Instant Reaction was a game onto itself (literally when Go came out) and never seemed to fit except that people liked the game as it’s own game. But as the bonus round it never seemed to make sense. I liked the USA Canadian version’s endgame better. 10 speed chains in 60 is a little tough. (Of course nothing else from USA’s version please!)

  • Doug Morris says:

    IIRC, Alex Davis suggested a bonus round similar to that from the Montreal-based “Chain Reaction” when it aired on USA here in the states and Global in Canada.

    Correct me if I’m wrong — but his idea was spotting the winning team $10,000. For each wrong answer a player gave, it cost them $1000 but it exposed the next letter in the word. When the chain was complete, any remaining dollars were “take home pay”.

    If they can do that, play to an *actual* goal and find a decent host plus decent contestants, a fourth incarnation of CR could have a nice long run.

  • David says:

    The only certain thing about GSN is that little is certain about the braintrust. I do think CR could be a nice little show if they chose to bring it back relatively unchanged (except a different bonus game and maybe a bigger prize). Until I see it, though, I have to say it probably won’t happen.

  • James says:

    If Michael Davies is more on the ball like he was with Pyramid, I could see Chain fixing its problems.

    Oh, here’s an idea…since that version is doing so well…why not bring back the NBC and USA versions? Leasing wouldn’t be a problem for the Cullen version, since it had only one season.

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