Jane Lynch to Host NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night”

NBC managed to get a major celebrity to host one of their game shows. Comedic actress Jane Lynch has been named host of the network’s upcoming Hollywood Game Night. The series sees two contestants whisked away to a game night with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. One can win $25,000, but both will have some great stories and memories for the rest of their lives. Jane Lynch currently stars in Glee and has had many memorable roles in films such as Best in Show and For Your Consideration.

What do you think?  Excited to see her?  Jane is a huge talent and extremely funny that his should work well. This may also be the biggest profile game show host I can remember in a while. Jane is in things actually popular right now and not an out of work or retired actor. Glad to see she’ll join our genre.

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10 responses to "Jane Lynch to Host NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night”"

  • Paul Duca says:

    Legendary game show producer Mark Goodson said that actors may not necessarily be good game show hosts….someone who knows their way around a script could lack the ad-lib and thinking on one’s feet skills the best hosts have. But I understand Lynch has done improvisational theater, correct?

    • SEAN says:

      I know exactly what you are saying, but the newscaster turned game show host bearly exists anymore. The exception is ESPN’s Mike Greenberg who hosted Duel on ABC.

      • Corey says:

        Pat Sajak started out as a weather man. Just sayin.

        • SEAN says:

          Remembered after I posted, but the fact remains that the conversion of newscaster to game show host bearly exists in the way it did years ago. Most hosts today are or were from the commic stage.

    • Jeff H says:

      Yes she has: she was a member of Chicago’s Second City improv troupe in the 80s as well as acted in the Steppenwolf Theater Company (also in Chicago).

  • Doug Morris says:

    Just one question: Is she bringing her bullhorn?

  • Nikolai says:

    Some athletes don’t necessarily make good game show hosts. One example is the one who seemed like he accidently walked onto the set of Wheel of Fortune in 1989. It took a few months to remove this guy whose name I won’t bother to mention.

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    If I were in the States, I’d watch the show for the game, and I think the host is secondary. That said, I think Jane Lynch will do a great job.

  • glenn says:

    I dunno if a positive game show is the right calling for Lynch. I wish she was popular 10 years ago. Could you imagine some of her insults on Weakest Link. (Hell given her comic persona, NBC should have just revived link with her.)

    I do think Lynch has the talent and improv ability to be a fine host..but this seems very human interest driven and I don’t think that’s her. People tune in to see her be a snarky B—- even in a kid’s film like Wreck It Ralph she played a badass Halo drill instructor (And was fn awesome by the way if you’re a video game nerd)

    Dunno if kindly is what viewers will want. Of course give her a more mean spirited game show…and things would be off the charts ;)

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