Monty Hall and Bob Stewart to Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at 2013 Daytime Emmys Thumbnail

Monty Hall and Bob Stewart to Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at 2013 Daytime Emmys

Great news for classic game show fans this afternoon, as two of the greats will be honored at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards this summer. Legendary game show host and producer Monty Hall and all-time great producer Bob Stewart will receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at the 2013 ceremony. These two men are giants in their field and greatly deserve the honor.

Bob Stewart passed away in May of last year and is one of the most renowned creators and producers in television, game shows or otherwise. Stewart worked with Goodson-Todman Productions for many years, creating the original The Price Is Right concept for them in 1956, followed by the panel game To Tell the Truth and the timeless word-association game Password in 1961, which spawned multiple variations throughout the 1970s, 1980s and a recent revival in 2008. Stewart later branched out to start his own production company, the most successful product of which was The $10,000 Pyramid launching in 1973, with various iterations developing as recently as last fall. Other well-known games also emerged from Stewart, including Chain Reaction and Jackpot. Stewart went mostly into retirement near the end of the 1980s, passing the legacy on to his son Sande. He won nine Daytime Emmys throughout his career.

While Monty Hall is best known as host of multiple incarnations of Let’s Make a Deal, he has also hosted a 1979 revival of Beat the Clock and a 1980s revival of the quiz show Split Second. Hall is also a very successful producer in his own right, working with Stefan Hatos to create Hatos-Hall Productions, which produced Let’s Make a Deal and the later Split Second.†Hall is a creative consultant on the current CBS Let’s Make a Deal and the Hatos-Hall company is credited as a co-production company alongside FremantleMedia.

The most recent recipients related to the genre to get a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmys were Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek in 2011. Both men are very prolific in this genre we enjoy and they and their families will greatly deserve the honors bestowed upon them at the upcoming Daytime Emmys.

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8 responses to "Monty Hall and Bob Stewart to Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards at 2013 Daytime Emmys"

  • Dorvell says:

    Three words:
    No one better!

    I wonder if Sande will accept his father’s award on the latter’s behalf.

  • Julia says:

    So, any word where this ceremony is airing this year? Is HLN scheduled again?

  • Kevin $ says:

    That’s what I’d like to know. Where’s it airing, if at all?

    I really feel like, with the decline of soap operas, the Daytime Emnys are looking a lot more like they did when it first started in the ’70s and there was variety in daytime TV. I kinda like it. The only unfortunate result is that no big network wants to air it.

    Finally, VERY happy to hear the awards for Stewart & Hall. I hope Stewart’s good friend, Betty White, presents this to his family. It’s also great that, at 91, Hall gets to accept an honorable award like this. Congratulations to both of them!!!! :-)

  • MikeSant318 says:

    Hatos-Hall produced Both the original (Tom Kennedy) and revival (Monty Hall) versions of Split Second, a good, fast-paced quizzer that (along with The Big Showdown) could make a good one-two daily strip for GSN if they’re still interested in bringing back classics. Would not want GSN to give up so soon based on a relatively isolated time-slot they gave The Pyramid (6pm E)…

    • Brian in CT says:

      Although I really liked The Big Showdown when it aired, I would hardly call it classic. It only lasted six months, so technically it was a flop.

  • Myke25 says:

    I dunno, MikeSant318. If GSN couldn’t make The Pyramid work…it was their highest-profile remake and one of their biggest disappointments (Though I blame that on scheduling more than execution).
    I really fear for their future. Some big service providers are looking for excuses to drop low-rated cable networks.

  • SEAN says:

    Split Second was a great game that should be revived for network stripping, not GSN

    There’s another game that came out of the Password mold, You Don’t Say! Produced by Ralph Andrews & hosted by Tom Kennedy twice & Jim Peck, contestants try to identify names & places byceleberties who give clues that sound like, but have no relation to said name or place. There are a few eps on youtube & the game is quite clever.

  • bmhedgehog says:

    Kudos to Stewart and Hall!

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