Colby Burnett Wins “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions Thumbnail

Colby Burnett Wins “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions

Love him or hate him, Oak Park, Illinois, teacher Colby Burnett proved he is the best of the best this year on Jeopardy!. †Last night Colby won the 2013†Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions and captured the $250,000 top prize. †Colby previously won the “Teacher’s Tournament” and claimed $100,000 from that, so he’s well over $350,000 in winnings from the Alex Trebek-hosted quiz show since just November. †Colby, essentially, locked up the tournament on Monday night’s first of two Finals matches. †Colby ended that game with $22,200. †His next closest competitor had $4,800, so it would have taken a freak accident for him not to win. †The tournament’s second place finisher, Keith Whitener, left with $100,000 while third place Kristin Morgan pocketed $50,000.

Congratulations to Colby. A few videos. First, here’s an interview he took on the set of Jeopardy right after winning. Second, he made a lot of waves for his…interesting facial expressions. †Whether you found it cocky or funny, it got people talking. †We were just browsing YouTube and here’s a look at some of our favorites. †I’m starting to think that it’s just how his face acts to these situations. †I don’t imagine people can have that smug look consistently without at least attempting to fix it. It’s especially endearing when you tell people, whether it was accidental or not, to suck it. Regardless of our jokes, though, congratulations to Colby. He’s incredibly bright, a great player, and we’re glad to see him win so much money.

Photo and video courtesy Sony Pictures.


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20 responses to "Colby Burnett Wins “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions"

  • I had the good fortune to scrimmage with Colby when he was a student there and when I got a chance to practice with Northwestern’s quizbowl team. Colby was amiable, funny, a good sport, and (obviously) fast on the buzzer and knew quite a lot. I was rooting for him during his Jeopardy! appearances, and I’m very glad that he has done so well.

  • me says:

    Omg if I ever half to watch another episode of jeopardy with a douch bag like colby I will die. Pretty shure of it. he is a cockey asshole who had an advantage with final jeopardy!!! I want to punch him in his fat face and shave his stupid f***ING eye brows off!

    • John says:

      Pull it back a little…people are staring.

    • Kat says:

      Naturally, you didn’t provide your name–LAME! Get a real hobby!

    • Bettie Bethune says:

      First, you need to get your spelling correct. It’s have to, not half to. half means 1/2. Now are you jealous because he’s winning? I am happy for him. He is intelligent, smart, and knows his jeopardy. You also misspelled sure. It’s not shure. I’m glad you’re not on jeopardy. Maybe that’s why you are jealous of him.

  • dh says:

    wow how do people not get that he’s not being smug, it’s just how his face acts. He said in an interview that he has an expressive face, and that’s all it is. I don’t think he’s smug or cocky at all, he just has a different face, why is that a bad thing?? He comes from a poor background and I think it’s amazing what he was able to accomplish. Enough with the haters.

  • dh says:

    *Well perhaps not poor, but not exactly priveleged, given that his mom worked 2 or 3 jobs. Go Colby!!!

  • Cal says:

    Guys I found a video made by the students of Fenwick for the Championship round. It includes a interview with Colby:

  • donna paris says:

    You GO COLBY!!!! You Off the Chain! Do What You Do!!!! You Beat the Breaks off of THEM ALL!!!!

  • Michael says:

    Smart??? Absolutely!

    An egotistical, smug jerk? Even more so.

  • Abe says:

    Whatcha talkin’ ’bout, Alex!? Anyone else reminded of a grown-up Gary Coleman or other ’80′s child sitcom star? Yeah, he was mugging for the camera a lot (his right eyebrow almost into his hairline), but so what? Was he any worse than the crazy stalker lady he played in the earlier rounds who kept saying “Alex Trebek is the devil” in a creepy, come-on sort of way?

    I have a big ego. I think with the exception of Ken Jennings and maybe Frank Spangenberg I can take almost anyone I’ve seen on the show, but with Colby I’d rate my chances as only even. His game was subtle, deep, and balanced. Got both final questions during the last 2 games too, which I flubbed. Seems like a good guy, and if he used his on-air time to “brand” himself (endorsements, reality show appearances, whatever) more power to him.

  • Kat says:

    I volunteered in AmeriCorps five years ago with Colby, and there’s nothing smug about him, he’s just a dork! A very fun, intelligent dork with goofy expressions. :) I am so happy for him to have won this. He’s a total “regular guy” with a humble background who won simply because he’s made a commitment to learning a whole lot about just about everything. Now what’s wrong with that?

  • The real dh says:

    wow how do people not get that I’m not punching you, itís just how my fist acts.

  • Rick Schlauch says:

    Colby, being a big ole beefer, was one of our most popular people at Northwestern!!

  • Danielle Shand Tenks says:

    How was Colby Burnett (CB) able to answer the trickiest questions on science when he is a teacher in history? How come he was able to answer most of $1000 worth questions? In one of the Jeopardy games, Alex Trebek jokingly told CB that Colby is a type of cheese. At the end of that game, CB did not shake hands with Mr. Trebek. Only when the game show host insisted, Burnett put out his hand. On the 15th of August 2013 show, CB said that several years back, when he was invited by a friend to have dinner with Pres. Obama, he refused because he had had work to do. In other words, CB covered himself by his statement that his winnings had nothing to do with the influence of the President, which reminds me of a quotation from Hamlet, ‘the lady doth protest too much’. Any body language expert can tell what kind of person Colby Burnett is. Eyes moving from side to side indicates …

  • Ron reef says:

    Smart but what an ssshole hat his over the top expressions whanna sock him on his supercilious face!!!!!

  • Pam says:

    My husband and I LOVE Colby!!! :-) We’re “team Colby” all the way. He’s hilarious – I don’t think he’s smug at all – he just is expressive. I liked him the first time I saw him on Jeopardy, and we always are psyched when he’s on. I’ve seen smug players, or players with attitude, and trust me – Colby is none of that.

  • Lynda says:

    I don’t understand. Do people really believe that Colby Burnett won Jeopardy because the President of the US influenced a TV game show? Is it really that serious? I think some of you are way too invested in who wins Jeopardy. If this is a racial thing, I still don’t get it. There are intelligent people of all races in this country. Those who do not accept this fact especially as it relates to random people on TV game shows need to get professional help. The man won fair and square and he happens to not be white. Get over it. Or maybe you can start a support group of those of you who believe the POTUS has the time or inclination to fix game shows and work to refocus the wasted life you all are leading.

  • Joshua Sianturi says:

    this is what i called a real teachers champ who had skills for winning toc

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