Big Money On the Line This Week on “Millionaire” Thumbnail

Big Money On the Line This Week on “Millionaire”

As always, Who Wants to be a Millionaire has released its weekly trailer giving fans a preview of what’s to come.  While many of these tend to give away the biggest winner of the week, some are so good that I can’t hide it from you.  It looks like one of our contestants, Dave, goes pretty far and stands a shot at seeing the million dollar question.  For reference we have not had an in-play million dollar question in five years.  Likewise, though, we have not had anyone miss the $500,000 question since 2004.  Will either of these finally happen?  We’d love to see someone go for a million before Meredith goes away.

Here’s the trailer for the week.  As always if you want to remain completely in the dark about what happens I’d avoid watching, but it makes it seem like a pretty big week is ahead.  It’s been a long time since anyone has had the guts to go for it. It would be nice to see someone at least make a play for the million dollar question. It is sweeps, after all…

Also be on the lookout for Monday’s contestant Paul Reese.  Paul is a musicologist from Philadelphia, PA.  He’s a trained opera singer, a skilled conductor, and also works as a barista.  He’s also a big trivia buff.  He went to the audition to just blog about the experience but ended up making it on the show.  How far will he go?  Check out a clip of Paul in action.

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11 responses to "Big Money On the Line This Week on “Millionaire”"

  • Coupon Boy says:

    I have a gut feeling this is the week we’re at least going to SEE a million dollar question. Game Show Kingdom rumored at the beginning of the season that there will be a Million Dollar Question sometime this season, and I’m sure the show could probably afford one $500k winner (because let’s face it, I doubt we’re actually going to have a millionaire with the extremely high difficulty of questions in Round 2) after the sudden prize budget increase they had this season (since the Round 1 questions are much easier and twice as many people are making it to Round 2 than before).

  • Poochy.EXE says:

    Here’s my guess as to what will happen:

    - Contestant finishes Round 1 without jumping a single question.

    - $100K question is eye-roll-inducing liederkranz, likely about some obscure thing some celebrity did long before they were famous, which nobody could be expected to know nor care about. Contestant has no idea and jumps the question.

    - Repeat for the $250K question.

    - $500K question is even more ridiculous liederkranz, but given the chance to risk $43,600 of his $68,600 for a 1-in-4 shot at the $500K (incredibly good odds, even I would take the gamble), the contestant guesses. And gets it wrong, much to the relief of the people managing the show’s budget.

    • Poochy.EXE says:

      Scratch that. On a whim, I watched the show for the first time in months today, and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I think this is the first time in years I’ve watched a full game of US Millionaire without a question making me want to roll my eyes at how terribly written it was. I’ve never been so glad to be proven wrong. Paul’s questions were actually all reasonable. Maybe there’s some hope for the show yet.

      • Wayne says:

        Even though I knew the $500K question, I still rolled my eyes…these questions of which of the following is not something are annoying.

        The show has always had this style of writing, so I guess there’s no changing that, but I’ve never liked them.

        • Poochy.EXE says:

          Are we talking about the same episode? I was referring to Monday’s; there was no $500K question on that episode. Didn’t catch today’s episode. Sounds like I didn’t miss much except for more eye-rolling urges.

  • CJS says:

    What the heck? I’m going to just call my shot now: Dave will win the $1,000,000.

    Why? Because WWTBAM is probably destined to never have another $500,000 winner (it should’ve happened already this season, so it probably won’t happen this time either,) so the big surprise is that we will have a millionaire before the next $500,000 winner & that millionaire will be Dave.

  • Paul Reese says:

    Hey all, it’s Paul. Yep, I’ve been following BB & GSNN for a couple of years and found out about the philly casting call that way. I’d just intended to do a write-up on the experience, but the contestant test ended up being a breeze that day and I sang the aria I sang on stage or Meredith to my producer, Liz (who was a delight). They booked me the next day, and I taped the week following. My day was the same as the Cruise in and Win Folks, who all got stupidly hard stacks except for Sherri (who was remarkably brilliant in holding). In retrospect, I was inordinately lucky that I got bumped! Jeff Greenstein, who aired last week and also walked at the end of round two, taped on the same day as me. he is a terrifically fun dude with an amazing heart for people and family. I cannot speak enough about how in incredibly kind and encouraging the whole of the production staff was—and especially since they often feel like they have to trudge through keeping us entertained while we sit sequestered. The whole thing is the realization of a dream for me, having watched quiz shows all my life since SotC, PYL, Match Game, Double Dare, Street Smarts, and WBSM. I think I may start studying for J! next.

  • DSZ says:

    Can anyone tell me what happened on today’s (2-13-13) episode of Millionaire?

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