ABC Greenlights “Whodunnit” Reality Competition Series Thumbnail

ABC Greenlights “Whodunnit” Reality Competition Series

ABC’s love affair with mystery-related games will continue this summer.  The network has ordered nine episodes of the new unscripted series Whodunnit?.  We previously discussed the casting here.  The series is from CSI co-creator Anthony E. Zuiker and 51 Minds.  Imagine the board game Clue in a game show setting and you essentially have Whodunnit?.  Thirteen contestants begin the series and try to solve different fictional murders.  New crimes will be unveiled each week.  Eventually the sole survivor who unmasks the killer in the final episode of the series will win $250,000.  ABC has had success with previous mystery games like The Mole and Take The Money and Run.

I’m a sucker for these shows, so I’m excited to see it this summer.  I’m a giant fan of ABC’s The Mole, one of the few reality shows I liked.  This site’s love for the criminally underrated Take The Money and Run is well documented, too.  This has a good group behind it so we look forward to the results.

Source : The Hollywood Reporter

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19 responses to "ABC Greenlights “Whodunnit” Reality Competition Series"

  • Dale says:

    Definitely sounds like Murder In Small Town X esque so excited, id totally apply but im to much of a chicken to do this type of show

  • CarShark says:

    I liked The Mole, its revival and Small Town X, and I’m a big fan of procedurals, so I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  • Patrick says:

    I love The Mole and Murder in Small Town X and Clue is my favorite board game, so I will deffinatly check this show out

  • Shon says:

    I hope it’s not like Murder is Small Town X. The thing that ruined that show was people were voted off each week and became more like Survivor than the Mole. Seriously there was almost no skill in the original because no matter how good you were you could be voted off :-(

    • Patrick says:

      If it is like MiSTX, I hope they put some elements of their sister show The Murder Game from the UK. In that version, they were divided into groups and sent out to do their investigations for the days. Depending on how they do, the Cheif will either pass or fail the groups. If the group passes, nothing. They fail, they are eligible to be voted to play the Killer’s Game portion. That way the ones that actuall know what they’re doing can stay.

  • Scott says:

    Sounds interesting. Definitely more interesting than NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, with a much more worthwhile top prize amount.

    I bet ABC’s doing this because of CBS’ success with Sherlock Holmes in Elementary.

    Nevertheless, I’ll tune in. :D

  • Patrick says:

    Like its been said here already, it’s basically almost Murder in Small Town X. MiSTX had 10 investigators trying to solve a murder that took place in fictional Sunrise, Maine. Every few episodes, a suspect was murdered and it added to the mystery. The winner was the one who tracked down the killer before they could commit their final murder, and they were able to walk away with $250,000.

    Now here comes Whodunit, where 13 contestants solve fictional murders, and the sole survivor that can unmask the killer in the end will win $250,000.

    Every time you read it, it starts sounding more like MiSTX.

  • Daniel B. says:

    The thing is, NBC had already done a game show called “Whodunnit?” in 1979, hosted by Ed McMahon.

    Zuiker’s “Whodunnit” seems to combine that (also a UK show that ran for several years), “Murder In Small Town X”, “The Mole”, and (since it’s described as “CSI meets Clue”) the British game show “Cluedo”.

  • Paul says:

    I’m hoping this does better than MISTX or THE MOLE. It would be nice to see a program with high production values and talent.

  • David says:

    I think the difference between this and MISTX is that they’re going to do different stories each week instead of one season-long story..I liked MISTX- it’s a shame about what it’s mainly known for (the winner was a NYC firefighter and was killed on 9/11, which occurred about a week after the finale aired).

  • Marko Polo says:

    I know Iiiii’m tuning in. I loved MISTX, and we are in desperate need to have another crime-solving reality competition. Also, let’s put The Mole back into the ring as well. We demand another season.

  • Karen says:

    I am looking forward to this but I think they should bring The Mole back. It was a show the whole family loved and those are few and far between these days.

    • Lylah D.D. says:

      So very true….BUT has your family watched “Duck Dynasty”? It is definitely for the entire family. …About family, moral, respect..no matter the age….A family from West Monroe, LA…..They are “rednecks” in every sense of the word, but then again, so am I & PROUD of it…Some have college degrees, some played college football & even NFL (a short time)….They make duck calls…poverty to milionaire with an MBA in business along with family, football, foods, eccentric uncles, grandkids, hunting, cooking, guns, with a lot of love mixed in…..Airs on A&E

  • cookie cutter says:

    Just can`t wait popcorn in hand enjoying a good whodunnit. Wonderful!!!

  • Lylah D.D. says:

    I enjoyed the “Whodunit” Reality mystery competition program last week but CANNOT find it on tv this past week……I thoroughly enjoyed this competition & usually do not enjoy this type program. …..Would someone please send me the schedule of the programing, the network, dates, times, all info concerning this…..Thank you so much for your time…..Lylah

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