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Weekend Replay: Friday’s Very Disjointed Game of “Wheel of Fortune” Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: Friday’s Very Disjointed Game of “Wheel of Fortune”

This past Friday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune was interesting to say the very least. It had all of the embarrassing and confusing elements one could want in the wheel spinning show: Ringing in during a Toss Up and not answering, incorrectly (and humorously) solving another Toss Up and Pat Sajak with a great ad lib, poking fun at a contestant who randomly guesses (and misses) to try to win the Jackpot. That in and of itself is amusing, but coupling that with Pat literally spending 30 seconds trying to understand what letters the contestant is choosing in the Bonus Round makes for one of the most disjointed episodes of Wheel of Fortune in recent memory. We have video highlights for you of the interesting game below:

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11 responses to "Weekend Replay: Friday’s Very Disjointed Game of “Wheel of Fortune”"

  • CouponBoy says:

    That has to be one of the stupidest groups of people ever to play the show. But that’s how the show goes at times. Some days you have a group that solves the puzzles very quickly and other days you get a group that needs basically every letter to solve the puzzle.

  • MarioGS says:

    Notice how Pat said the Jackpot the $7,650 but the graphic said $7,000. They must have been editing out strings of consecutive lost turns again…

    • Gregory says:

      Heh, I never knew that actual turns could be cut in that manner.

      • MarioGS says:

        Oh, they can. And they do it often. Any time all three players call wrong consonants, hit Lose a Turn, or hit Bankrupt while having no money, Wild Cards, etc. to give up (since that’s essentially a Lose a Turn as well), they cut it all out. They even change the Jackpot in post-production if they have to, like they did here. Sometimes Pat will make a comment that makes it obvious, such as sounding very agitated after a wrong letter even though it was seemingly the first one.

        Even when they call three wrong letters in a row in the Speed-Up rounds, they do a jump cut to full shot of Pat and back to edit them out, so whenever there are two wrong letters back-to-back, you know the third one is going to be right (though there are rare occasions where they forget to edit these things out, probably just oversights).

  • Maximus says:

    It really sounded like he said “B” instead of “V” initially in the bonus round, not that it made a difference.

  • D.J. says:

    It was really bad this week. All the retro opening was repeated(expect Friday, I not sure) and wrapped it with BR Shutout (all the bonus rounds was the lost). I hope Disney week will make it up from it.

  • Scott says:

    I love episodes like this. When funny unexpected moments happen on game shows, that’s what makes them worth watching. :D

  • Brian says:

    Quite the episode, I’ll say that much. I love those “random” moments, too…interesting to say the least!

    Now go to the front of the cave!

  • Actually makes me feel better about the occasional bloops I have when running MY WOF games at cons! :)

  • dropzone5 says:

    Well that was…amusing.

  • David B says:

    On which country is “Eight Ounces” a well-known phrase!?

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