Weekend Replay: “Pointless” for Record £20,250 Jackpot Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: “Pointless” for Record £20,250 Jackpot

In our never ending praise for ITV’s The Chase, we do often forget about BBC’s very fun and equally popular Pointless which runs opposite it.  For those that may have not seen it each show asks contestants to come up with answers to trivia questions that no one else could think of.  The fewer people that said it, the fewer points you get.  In this game a high score knocks you out.  The day’s winner must find one Pointless answer to win the jackpot which grows daily.  This Wednesday featured the biggest jackpot in the show’s three-and-a-half year history: £20,250.  Can the team find the all important Pointless answer and take it home?

Check it out.

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4 responses to "Weekend Replay: “Pointless” for Record £20,250 Jackpot"

  • Jason M. says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake, they just gave away their biggest jackpot ever back in November! How funny that it built up even bigger so soon. Wow.

    This is a really great show that I’d love see -properly- transferred over to America.

  • Kevin $ says:

    I really hope people accept it if it came to the U.S. It’s SUCH a great show!!!

  • Dave C says:

    I think it is a great “trivia” format that could work in the U.S.

    Unless it was going to be just a daily show on GSN, they’d have to goose up the money a bit for Syndication or Prime time.

    Have something similar to the main game to determine who goes to play for the “Pointless” round.

    Then, for the Pointless round, you ask the question, and they give the 3 answers, and they reveal them in the order given.

    The jackpot offer is based on this scale:
    Incorrect …. nothing
    >50…………. $500
    >25………….. $1000
    >10…………. $5000
    10………….. $10k
    9…………. $20k
    8………… $30k
    6………… $50k

    So, after each one is revealed, you have to choose (unless it was pointless) whether you want to try your next answer or not.

  • Brekkie says:

    Always feel sorry for the contestants the next day – who went on to win as well but just the basic £1000. It might be fairer to have a higher fixed jackpot (which doesn’t rollover) and then the pointless answers create a bonus fund (which does rollover). Considering how often it’s won the BBC could probably go for a £5000 daily jackpot with £1000 per pointless answer added to the rolling bonus fund and overall wouldn’t end up giving away much more than now.

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