Weekend Replay: Larry Plays for Record £60,000 on “The Chase” Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: Larry Plays for Record £60,000 on “The Chase”

This past Tuesday featured a very exciting episode of†The Chase. †Our contestant, Larry, was the sole surviving member of the team and managed to take £60,000 away from the Chaser, Mark Labbett, and into the prize fund. †To win this all Larry has to do is outrun Mark one last time in the Final Chase. †£60,000 is the second highest civilian bank ever (only topped by £70,000 in series five which was not won), but the highest amount won by a civilian team and the highest amount won by a single contestant, civilian or celebrity, ever. †Can Larry do it?

It’s an extremely exciting round, a memorable moment, and why we continue to say†The Chase is the best quiz show on TV anywhere today. †Take a look.

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Video courtesy ITV

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20 responses to "Weekend Replay: Larry Plays for Record £60,000 on “The Chase”"

  • Dave Frye says:

    THAT……is how a quiz should be done and SHOULD be aired on US Television. OH CBS!!!! Heres the next goldmine……take it please! Commission this Mr. Moonves and Ms. Tassler, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

  • QuartrGuy says:

    Oh…my…God…WHY hasn’t this show been picked up in the US yet!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?

    • Eric C. says:

      because the pilots were shot by FOX . CBS will just sit on it like they did the The Cube with NPH, and Secret Fortune with Dnnny O

    • J.C. says:

      Because in the American version there would have been about 3 commercial breaks crammed in between that Final Chase.

  • CouponBoy says:

    FOX is so stupid not to pick up this show yet. It clearly is a hit in the UK and provides the right combination of knowledge, pressure and guts for it to be a great show in the U.S.

    • Adam says:

      Agreed. Why can’t the US have stuff like this? Come on, we Americans are not that dumb!

      • MikeSant318 says:

        If we’re making so much of a fuss over what the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, the Real Housewives, and the Dance Moms are doing – and as long as ultra-right-wing evangelist fundamentalist Texans keep writing the schoolbooks – WE ARE THAT DUMB…

        • Adam says:

          Man, I wish the UK could allow us smarter Americans to compete on their game shows.

        • James E.Parten says:

          Are the Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo all that different from the likes of Barbara Hutton or Tallulah Bankhead or Zsa Zsa Gabor?
          All share the quality of being famous for merely being famous. Whether they had any talent beyond a particular accent or speech pattern is secondary to their fame.

          And as for the right-wing fundamentalist Texans–I’d rather have them verting our children’s textbooks as long as they do not follow the current fashion of dismissing our nation’s Founding Fathers as a group of slave-holding white property owners who are no longer relevant to our history or our Nation.

  • John says:

    I agree that the US needs a quality game show like this (and they can use Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter & other smart people) to be on CBS or ABC. Fox would somehow foul it up like Million Dollar Money Drop & NBC might foul it up like Who’s Still Standing & Take it All (no offense to the hosts of the shows I mentioned from NBC or Fox).

    Also, if we got The Chase in the USA, who’s hosting it (since Emmy-winning host Todd Newton is busy on getting Emmy #2 for Family Game Night)? I’d love to know who would make a good host. Maybe this show could get Meredith Vieira back into the game show biz.

    • Dan says:

      Isn’t it obvious? Pat Kiernan for the way he did the rapid fire on Grand Slam

      • Ken in Hong Kong says:

        I’m foolish, but I’m still wishing Fox will either turn those US pilots into a series … Jeez, just give it a chance. In the two pilots, the chasers were Mark Labbett and Brad Rutter. You’d be surprised how much “The Beast” is into American sports, for example. I think he’d hold his own very well. Now, Bradley Walsh was the host, and while I like him a lot, I think it could be done with Pat Kiernan — as Dan suggested — or any number of other American hosts. Bob Saget? Mark L. Walberg?

  • gamefro says:

    Man, if the Chaser Mark hadn’t missed that easy Lone Ranger question (which he spoke too quickly on and knew the moment he said it), Larry would have been caught! What a chase!

    I really wish some US network would pick up this show.

  • gatoontheradio says:

    Dear US Networks…

    The Chase USA should be considered big time! Bring in as Chasers….Ken J, Brad R, Nancy Christie and of course The Beast. You’ll have the best real life drama on tv!

  • Chris says:

    Hey all, couple things:

    1) Im still watching series 2-5 but it seemed like the hosts call of Correct is much shorter than it was in the earlier series, is it just me or does anyone else notice it? Perhaps its was costing players/chasers too much time, but I always enjoyed the Coooooorrect

    2) I have become addicted to these shows and have slaved over youtube watching this, breakaway, the exit list, and over the ledge.. are there any other british game shows like this??

    thanks :)

  • James E. Parten says:

    If you don’t mind getting a recommendation from a Yank. . .

    For quizzes: “Fifteen-to-One” is a good one. If you want more quizzing, “Eggheads” has been good, judging by what I’ve seen. And for real brain-busters, you can’t beat “Mastermind” and “University Challenge”.

    If you like your quizzing mixed with more physical pursuits, “The Krypton Factor” is for you. YT has examples from the UK, New Zealand,and even our own efforts in this realm.

    Fir a good puzzle show, “Countdown” has no peer. It’s just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, and deservedly so.

    If it’s more action you crave, then remember “The Cube”, “The Krypton Factor” and the various international incarnations of “Fort Boyard”. (If language is a problem, there is plenty of the UK version on YT–although I’d like to see more, thank you!)

    I’ve been trying to tout these shows to friends out here, and have had some little degree of success.

  • mat says:

    if the chase did got picked up in the usa they will fuck it up like they did with million dollar money drop

  • Jane willow says:

    After watching today The Chase i lolled myself as the Irish contestant who was on that EVEN after watching potentially reducing the teams funds by two thousand pounds actually got every question wrong. Fair enough but why go on the show if you possess zero intelligence?

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