Tuesday Recap: Biggest “Chase” and “Family Feud” Wins Ever Thumbnail

Tuesday Recap: Biggest “Chase” and “Family Feud” Wins Ever

What a week we’ve had in the game genre.  In addition to Monday’s big Millionaire, Tuesday had two major events on shows in both American and the United Kingdom.

*The Chase had its biggest winner ever yesterday.  Congratulations to Larry Connelly who single handedly won a massive £60,000 versus Mark Labbett on the Bradley Walsh hosted quiz show.  Larry scored 15 in the Final Chase and continued to push Mark back at key moments as he missed important questions.  Mark ended with 14 steps, awarding Larry the £60,000.  Larry is the biggest winner in history of the show, celebrity or civilian, and won the biggest civilian-teamed bank ever.  We’re trying to get a better copy of it but take a look at the win below.

*Family Feud also crowned its biggest winners ever. On Tuesday the Hutchinson family won a record $160,000 bank in the Big Money Tournament.  This is the largest win in the over-35 year history of the game now hosted by Steve Harvey.  The runners-up, the Wooleys, were given a consolation prize of $20,000, though. The tournament was in partnership with Publisher’s Clearing House. We’re waiting for video to come up but when it does we’ll be sure to have a larger story about it.

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22 responses to "Tuesday Recap: Biggest “Chase” and “Family Feud” Wins Ever"

  • Chris says:

    Wow! Well done Larry!

  • Ken in Hong Kong says:

    Congratulations all around! Mark showed class in defeat. That’s why he’s still my favorite Chaser.

    • Larry Connelly says:

      I’m Larry that won the £60,000. Mark was polite in defeat, at least on camera. After the recording he wouldn’t come down to meet me and stormed off the set in a huff!

      • Mark Labbett says:


        That is a lie. We never meet the contestants these days because we always clear the studios as quickly as possible due to fast turnarounds. I did not refuse to meet you and I did not storm off in a huff as you put it.

        I am really disappointed that you feel the need to make up stories like this and then publish them. Trashing somebody’s character is not exactly the mark of a gracious winner. Please retract that statement immediately. Congratulations once again on your win, thoroughly deserved

        • Bresslol says:

          Oh, snap.

        • Francis Chu says:

          Mark, how many episodes do you do every day?

        • Larry Connelly says:

          Dear Mark,

          I’m sorry if I have upset you with the comment about going off in a huff. That was not my intention. I apologise for any upset caused and I retract the comment wholeheartedly. I used that comment to try and reinforce the comments I made to ‘Lewis’ who said it was fixed, which it wasn’t. 99 times out of 100 you would have caught me, but I was lucky enough to get you on the 100th occasion.

          I was not and never would try to trash your reputation. To all of the contestants you, and the other Chasers, are our quizzing heroes because of your vast knowledge and ability to recall the answers quickly under pressure. Ross, Stephanie, Jess, and I were all disappointed that you didn’t come and meet us after the recording, which was the last one of the day, as we really wanted to shake your hand. If you have to clear the studios immediately after the recordings are finished then that is a shame and is not your fault. You were very gracious in defeat and I wish you nothing but good luck in the future in everything you do.

          Best wishes,
          Larry Connelly.

          • Mark Labbett says:

            apology accepted bud. The boys and girls who look after you guys work 12-14 hour days so by that time of evening the last thing they want is us coming down and delaying their exit :)

  • Lewis says:

    Having watched the relevant half of The Chase on the day (the first 30 minutes of the show were pointless, as the first 3 contestants were all eliminated) it just felt incredibly faked to me. 15 steps on a final chase should be a snack for the chasers, especially Mark, so it’s suspicious that he’d lose on that. Not just that, but to not get Gene Kelly felt like he was REALLY throwing the match, and Larry’s initial chase had easier questions than many.

    I really don’t understand what people see in The Chase. It’s a boring, repetitive 50 minute lead-in to a possibly exciting, but usually yawn-worthy 10-minute final chase at the end.

    • Ken in Hong Kong says:

      I couldn’t agree less, Lewis. I still love the show. Of the four Chasers, Mark’s the one who can get the most rattled. Once he missed the “Lone Ranger’s horse” question, the wheels came off the cart. Mark’s still my favorite Chaser, but that was fun to watch. And a fixed competition? I’m sure the U.K. has laws about that kind of thing, as does the U.S.

      • Lewis says:

        Indeed there are laws about fixed competitions here. But it would be very hard to prove that this was fixed vs, as you say, Mark just having a bad day and being rattled by a couple of questions he blanked on.

        Maybe I’m just more cynical because I’m a bit tired of the show.

        • ScottNotSteve says:

          I have asked in the past how a show like this works when there is no incentive — other than personal integrity — for the Chaser to do their best. In Win Ben Stein’s Money, he was docked for losing. But I will say that having seen some episodes and especially this Chase, I am amazed that anyone would *seriously* suggest a Chaser threw the endgame. I wish we could make a show like this work in the US. Alex, whatever happened to that pilot they shot?

    • Larry Connelly says:

      I’m Larry Connelly that won the £60,000. I can assure everyone that the show is NOT fixed and ITV, as a commercial company, do not give money away for free.
      You may think that the questions were easy. Under the pressure of the TV cameras I didn’t, and missed answers I would normally have got sat at home. The questions are all set by an independent company, who have an arbiter present during the show recording to ensure all of the questions and answers are correct. Before the final round the arbiter came to me on set with a bag containing two balls marked A and B in it. I picked ball A from the bag and that was the set of questions for me, Mark getting the B set of questions. My luck to pick ball A.
      The transmitted show is edited from the recording and quite a lot is cut out, for example the three questions Mark and I both got wrong in my individual Chase, where we both guessed the same wrong answer. The Gene Kelly question is explainable. Earlier in Stephanie’s individual Chase she got the following question which was cut out of the transmitted show. ‘Which of the following rock stars names is their real name: Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Gene Simmons.’ The answer was Frank Zappa, which I knew, but both Stephanie and Mark guessed Gene Simmons and got it wrong. When the Gene Kelly question came up Mark got a memory block and couldn’t get Gene Simmons out of his mind. As 15 is such a small total for a Chaser to normally get, especially against a single competitor, and the question came up early, Mark thought that he could take a few seconds to try and get past the memory block, but failed. The time he wasted on that, together with the three early push-backs meant that after 32 seconds Mark was still on zero. After that time pressure started to build and Mark got another five questions wrong, and I managed to push him back on two of them, giving me just enough time to beat him.
      The production team told us before the recording that all of the Chasers are extremely competitive and hate to lose, as the others deride them mercilessly for the questions they get wrong when they lose. Mark’s reaction, storming off the set at the end of the recording, told me he was really upset to lose to such a small total by one competitor.

      • Alex Davis says:

        Thanks a lot for your story, Larry. We have a much higher quality version of this going up tomorrow so we’ll able to see your win clearly finally.

  • Steve says:

    Just found a similar style Feud clip with the big win.


    Picture’s not that big. The camera’s further away from the TV screen.

  • Julia says:

    Seems like Fremantle’s game show partnership with Publishers’ Clearinghouse has worked out well.

  • Mark in Toronto says:

    The Chase is probably one of my favourite game shows from across the pond. I’ve always enjoyed it, and it’s great fun to watch (thanks to The Banker’s Nephew for uploading many of the episodes to YouTube). Of the four Chasers, Mark is my favourite as well, and not just because we share a name. I love the remarks he makes towards the contestants, and how, even in defeat, he showed a great level of class.

    Congrats to Larry for winning, and etching his name in The Chase’s record books. I’m wondering how he managed to bank £60,000 singlehandely during the Cash Builder round. I’m guessing that Mark made him a massive offer during the Cash Builder round, and Larry decided to be gutsy and take it.

  • James E. Parten says:

    Actually, none of the current “seventh series” (as defined by Wikipedia) is up, except for this grainy excerpt from this episode, and perhaps another excerpt that is even grainier.

    Actually, a lot of both Series Six and Seven has not been uploaded. TheBanker’sNephew has not been doing much since Series Five (and the first forty-nine episodes of that have been taken down!) And Unicyclist93 was getting a good start, but hasn’t done anything in a while.

    Each of the Chasers has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. Mark Labbett has his attitude, which stands him in good stead. Anne Hegarty has her no-nonsense, Minerva McGonagall-esque personality. Paul Sinha has his sarcasm,and a tendency to get into the game quite well. And Shawn Wallace has his stone-faced personality–as well as that little playful streak that sometimes manifests itself, to the benefit of all who watch and enjoy.

    I’d still like to see a US version of “The Chase”. Heck, I’d have daydreams of being a Chaser myself if that were to come to pass! At least I’d not have to worry about my impaired eyesight getting in the way!

  • Francis Chu says:

    Well done Larry for winning 60000 pounds.
    Interesting to read about what goes on behind the scenes.
    I actually believe Mark about what happened afterwards.

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