Rumor Control: Cedric the Entertainer to be Named New “Millionaire” Host? Thumbnail

Rumor Control: Cedric the Entertainer to be Named New “Millionaire” Host?

Interesting rumor this morning from TVNewsCheck.  The site is reporting that the big rumor coming out of NATPE over the past few days is that comedian Cedric the Entertainer is going to be named the new host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  Current host Meredith Vieira announced she was leaving the show after eleven seasons on January 11th.  Disney-ABC declined to comment at the time and said they will only when the host has officially signed on.  Cedric the Entertainer currently stars in the TV Land sitcom The Soul Man which has been picked up for a second season.  As far as game shows go, Cedric hosted NBC’s shortlived summer game It’s Worth What? in 2011.

If you didn’t get to see Cedric’s hosting experience, take a look below.  What do you think of the rumor?  Do you think Cedric would be a good fit?  We’ve got some thoughts if this turns out to be true.  We’ll wait for confirmation before opening our mouths any more.

Source : TVNewsCheck

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36 responses to "Rumor Control: Cedric the Entertainer to be Named New “Millionaire” Host?"

  • John says:

    Seems like a desperate move. I really hope that they’re not going the Steve Harvey/comedian route. If they plan on making sex jokes and making inappropriate comments, they might as well end the show. What works on the Feud does not, should not, and will not work on Millionaire. If they are looking for a comedian, I’d sooner go with D.L. Hughley, who has at least guest hosted before.

    • GSNFan says:

      “Desperate” is the word to agree with. The Steve-Harvey-effect is something ‘Millionaire’ is going to try but most likely fail at. “Millionaire” is suppose to be more serious while Feud has been goofy since 1976.

  • Mark in Toronto says:

    I can imagine what would happen if Cedric the Entertainer were actually named the new host of Millionaire:

    Cedric: “Is that your final answer?”
    Contestant: “Yes that’s my final answer.”
    Cedric: “Are you sure?”
    Contestant: “Yes, I’m sure.”
    Cedric: “Are you sure sure?”
    Contestant “YES! Just tell me the answer already!”

    *answer is revealed*

    Cedric: “You’re right! Now, that question was worth whaaaaaaaat?”

    I agree with John that they may be trying to capitalize on Steve Harvey’s success on Family Feud here. Sex jokes and so on would likely derail the somewhat serious nature of this straight quiz show, and I’m not sure that he’d be best for this role as a result.

    There are a number of people who would likely be good candiates for the soon-to-be-vacated host position. I won’t list them, as others will likely do a good job of that in the comments to follow, and I’d simply be repeating what they would have said.

  • Kevin C says:

    I am sure-sure that he would suck as host…

    a few logical suggestions that I have: Cat Deeley, Bergeron, John Henson, George Gray (if he could pull double duty with TPIR), or Todd Newton (if he can do double duty with Family Game Night).

    personally, i think Bergeron or Deeley would do great for the show

    • Lee Hubbard says:

      Bill Engvall would be a good host as long as he remains clean. DL Hughley would make a very good host (he was the last guest host).

      • GSNFan says:

        2 years ago already….not one guest-host since

        • John says:

          Haven’t Tim Gunn and/or Sherri Shepard (sp) hosted since then?

          • Jon says:

            I don’t want to see Cedric be the new host for Millionaire. He could ruin the show ala Feud. Millionaire is the way people change their lives, answer 12-15 questions to win the million! Here are my possible options:

            Todd Newton
            Bill Engvall (as long as he is clean)
            Bergeron (he could leave AFV or DWTS to focus on Millionaire)
            Jeff Foxworthy (currently contracted with GSN)
            Any Millionaire guest host

            Keep the show TV-G, low TV-PG.

            Disney should have auditions for Millionaire guests hosts.

    • James Grerek says:

      I agree Bergeron or Deeley would do great. I also think Dave Price would be good as well. And if they are thinking of a comedian. Maybe Howie, or Bob Saget.

  • HD says:

    So far, everyone missed the obvious. Jeff Foxworthy. ABC and 5th Grader have similar formats to the current version of Millionaire. He’d be a perfect fit for this show!

  • Julia says:

    Sorry, but why would they pick someone who hasn’t hosted the show before? They have a pretty large group of people who guest hosted the show before. Why not choose one of them?

  • Matt says:

    Millionaire will be cancelled with Cedric The Entertainer.

  • David says:

    I have to agree with the opinions thus far; Cedric would be a poor fit with the show as it is currently structured, and turning it into Feud lite would be the end of the show. They’d be much better served looking at a middle-ground candidate (one who can occasionally get in a good line without completely overshadowing the game).

  • D.J. says:

    Probably I might see him as the guest host but I not sure he right. We’ll wait and see.

  • Kevin $ says:

    I don’t think if he were the host they’d try to change it to be more like “Family Feud” in terms of jokes and etc….and I like Cedric, but I 100% agree. He would be TERRIBLE as host of this show. BIG mistake!

  • Daniel B. says:

    If Cedric does get chosen, it would mean that “Millionaire” hosting experience be damned, we’re going with a NAME celebrity!

    (see also Carey, Drew)

    It would also indicate that they want to go the “Feud” route, which won’t work. Get someone like Bergeron, Newton, or Deeley, instead. Let the humor come naturally instead of forcing it (a problem with “Feud” since Harvey took over), and you’ll be better off in the long run.

    How about this suggestion: spend the entirety of Season 15-er, 12-auditioning potential hosts.

  • Andrew says:

    I ‘d rather have Ben Bailey be the host.

  • Jason says:

    Why hasn’t Howie Mandel been approached?

  • Scott says:

    Seems like the show is surely entering it’s final season if this is the move they make. This show needs an “intelligent” host.. not someone who is going to do schtick. Can you honestly see Cedric handling the million dollar moment with a serious touch?? All he’ll do is make constant jokes and never really relate to the contestant.

    I agree with those that made the Family Feud/Steve Harvey comparison. Feud is a fun, light, goofy kind show. Millionaire is NOT that same kind of show… people go on Millionaire to win life changing money and I think Cedric is completely the wrong fit. Is it a desperate move by the show to try and attract a different type of audience?

    Meredith was the best of both worlds… intelligent but funny (at the right moments). I know it’s hard to find that combination but with Cedric all you’re gonna get is the funny guy who will always do schtick and never be serious in those big money moments we all love so much.

    RIP Millionaire

  • Anthony Fabio says:

    What about Mark L. Walberg? Would he be a good host for WWTBAM? I think so.

  • Scott says:

    I really hope Cedric isn’t selected for this. Like everyone else here, I agree that he’s not a good fit for hosting this type of a game show.

  • K.C. says:

    Why, God… why? There are dozens of capable hosts who would fit Millionaire like a glove and they go with Cedric the freakin’ Entertainer? He’s a brilliant comedian, but this is an intelligent quiz game, and it will NEVER work as a shits-and-giggles type show! Cedric’s style of humor is right there with that of Steve Harvey, who guest-hosted Millionaire for a week and was terribly out of his element. Certain formats are designed to work for a comedian. Millionaire is not one. Period.

    As far as hosts I’d love to see on the show… Regis Philbin, Tom Bergeron, Cat Deeley, Mark L. Walberg, Pat Kiernan, Howie Mandel, Ben Bailey, Tim Vincent, Mike Richards, John O’Hurley, Marc Summers, Bob Goen, Jeff Probst… the list could go on. So many good, true broadcasters they could go with… and they pick a comedian. SMH.

  • Brekkie says:

    Three words sum up why he wouldn’t be a good host – “Cedric the Entertainer”.

  • Anthony Fabio says:

    Is it possible to write to the executives for WWTBAM and explain why we feel that Cedric the Entertainer would not be the best pick for this job?

  • David W. says:

    I think they should bring back Regis Philbin….he ain’t doing anything right?

  • Lee says:

    Here’s a name that hasn’t been thought of, although I doubt she’d ever move to New York. Funny, classy, personable: how about Bonnie Hunt?

  • Rosalie says:

    If they make Millionaire into a comedy then I’m through watching. Meredith was perfect for the job. It’s supposed to be a serious show. The first unfunny dirty joke and I’m out of there.

  • Eileen says:

    Millionaire use to be my favorite show. Not anymore. I can’t stand the new host. I cannot understand what he is saying, and he is not very personable. He was on the Kelly and Michael Show and said he really did not care if the people won. He really did not like most of the contestants. What? Why would you have him then as your new host? I miss Meredith. She was the best. Drew Carey would have been great along with Steve Harvey. At least they are alive. Wonder how long the show will last now.

  • Cathy says:

    Millionaire was always my favorite show…….not any more! Cedric the Entertainer is NOT a good fit as host of this show. Sometimes he is hard to understand! I can’t stand to watch it any more. :( I was sooooo disappointed to find him as the new host.

  • Bert Spangler says:

    My wife and I can’t even understand what he is saying. Hope they make a change or we won’t be watching anymore.

  • kathleen rohm says:

    Cedric is THE WORST host ever he loves himself too much tired of him strumming his make believe guitar and his talking can you put and apple in his mouth the guests are suppose to be the stars not him….I have watched this show years now I don’t cause I really do not like him get Whoopi Goldberg she would be a fresh breath of air after Cedric the diaster

  • Nancy Johnson says:

    I have just returned from 2 months in Marco Island FL where Millionaire with Cedric 1 HR (2- 30 MIN. programs )were shown._ Although we enjoyed Meridith, Cedric was far better. I am so sorry that it is not being carried in the Pittsburgh area. I can’t believe the above comments.

  • Nancy Johnson says:

    I have just returned from 2 months in Marco Island FL where Millionaire with Cedric 1 HR (2- 30 MIN. programs )were shown._ Although we enjoyed Meridith, Cedric was far better. I am so sorry that it is not being carried in the Pittsburgh area. I can’t believe the above comments. I hope this entry is the one posted.

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