Ratings Report: “Millionaire” Hits Top, Most Others Seasonally Drop, Some GSN Ratings Flop Thumbnail

Ratings Report: “Millionaire” Hits Top, Most Others Seasonally Drop, Some GSN Ratings Flop

It’s time for another holiday week of syndicated ratings! That means some lower-than-usual numbers in a few cases and a surprisingly large bump in another. These ratings are for the week beginning December 24th, 2012, making it the last set of ratings entirely resting in 2012. Wheel of Fortune kicks the report off as usual, checks in with another tumble. The spinner lost 600,000 viewers and six-tenths of a point, going to a 6.7 household rating. Jeopardy! falls similarly, losing 500,000 viewers with 9.3 million viewers checking in and losing half of a ratings point, sliding down to a 5.9 rating. These numbers kept them at #1 and #2 in first-run syndication, so don’t expect them to sag that far for much longer.

Family Feud‘s impact was actually much slighter. The Steve Harvey-led show – whose talk show was announced today to be getting a second season – only lost a tenth of a point and about 200,000 viewers, finishing with a 4.6 rating and almost 7 million viewers. For Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, which was actually airing a repeat of Celebrity Week, the Christmas week dropped some very nice things into their stocking. Millionaire scored a season high this week, with a 2.5 household rating and almost 3.5 million viewers. Repeats of  GSN’s Baggage hung out at its nice, comfortable 1.1 level.

Speaking of GSN, we have ratings for them for the week of December 31st, 2012. We know that Steve Harvey’s Feud is a powerhouse for them and it continues to be, with 13 episodes scoring over a half million viewers over the week, topping out at an episode scoring 721,000 pairs of eyeballs. The Thursday night Newlywed Game block takes a 70,000 viewer dip over last week, averaging 330,000 viewers. Improv-a-Ganza Fridays – which have now been replaced with two hours of Baggage – lost major, major viewership as its night went on, starting with 229,000 viewers around 8PM, only keeping 116,000 viewers by 10PM, averaging 163,000 viewers for its block. GSN finished off their series of holiday marathons during this period. The New Year’s Eve $25,000 and $100,000 Pyramid marathon averaged 256,000 viewers over 11 hours (8AM – 7PM) and The Pyramid kept steady over the next 5 hours with 240,000 viewers. Kicking off 2013 was a Deal or No Deal marathon from 8AM to 6PM, which just barely missed averaging 200,000 viewers, not a very pretty number.

As people get back on their normal schedules for next week syndication ratings, numbers should begin to pick up and things will look better for most programs.

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2 responses to "Ratings Report: “Millionaire” Hits Top, Most Others Seasonally Drop, Some GSN Ratings Flop"

  • GSNFan says:

    Deal or No Deal didn’t do that bad….it was really the pre-noon episodes that bombed. Otherwise, everything from 12pm-5pm everything did very well, at times above 300K. Not bad for the rerun abuse since ’09

    The classic Pyramid marathon did very well in the afternoons too.

  • Anthony says:

    Classic Pyramid Marathon did pretty good back on New Year’s Eve

    Vieira Millionaire and Family Feud(Harvey) are now gained ratings dominance along with Syndi Baggage.

    2012-13 season:
    WWTBAM(SYN S11), J!(S29) & Harvey Feud(S3)>>>>>>>WOF(S30) & TPiR(S41)

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