Ratings Report: Syndies Hit More Season Highs, “Family Feud” Soars Even Higher Thumbnail

Ratings Report: Syndies Hit More Season Highs, “Family Feud” Soars Even Higher

The week of January 7th was a great time to be a syndicated game show. Just about every first-run program hit a season high with their ratings this week, putting them all in great standing. Wheel of Fortune stayed the pack leader this week, logging an average of over 11.8 million viewers this week, giving them a 7.6 household rating. That’s one-tenth of a rating point more than the previous high and is over 800,000 viewers higher than last week’s viewership. Jeopardy! is ringing in for joy as well, as its previous high this season was just over 9.9 million viewers. This week, they accounted for almost 10.5 million viewers coupled with a 6.8 rating. The Sony squad is happy to hear that, I’m sure.

I’m not sure how many more creative ways I can put the phrases “series high” and “Family Feud” in the same sentence, but by golly Steve Harvey and his gang have done it again. Last week was the most recent high, dating back to before the early ’90s, with 7.7 million viewers and a 5.1 rating. This week, the final week of the Big Money Tournament, saw an increase of 100,000 viewers to go 7.8 million viewers, along with an extra three-tenths of a household rating point to sit nicely at 5.4. It might behoove Feud to do more of these special events in the future. Clearly, they are working very nicely. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, while not making a season high, is steady with a 2.4 rating, having 3.3 million viewers watch the Vieira quizzer over the week. That’s only 100,000 viewers and a tenth of a point off their highs. Syndicated Baggage reruns stayed at their nice 1.2 rating.

GSN ratings for the week of January 7th are good news for The Newlywed Game. It averaged over 360,000 viewers in its Thursday primetime block, one of the last weeks of new episodes that will be seen in the block. Baggage replaced Improv-a-Ganza in the Friday night block this week and hardly improved it, averaging 173,000 viewers in the slot. GSN knows Friday nights aren’t exactly a moneymaker in TV anymore, but one has to think they could find something that could draw over 200,000 viewers more consistently in that spot.

Can these shows hang onto their high ranks? And will Feud go even further or will the lack of a tournament event bring it down a bit? Check back next week and we will have all of the answers.

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6 responses to "Ratings Report: Syndies Hit More Season Highs, “Family Feud” Soars Even Higher"

  • GSNFan says:

    Jeopardy! and Wheel- Same old same old

    Millionaire- Steady

    Family Feud- Holy crap.

    Syndie Baggage reruns- Wow as well. Should push for a new version here in the states.

    GSN- Viewership will grow Friday nights. Just watch.

  • Woodie B. says:

    May I suggest one show for Friday nights…GREED. GSN hasn’t shown this show in years. Plus, we need a little Chuck Woolery every now and then. Why stop there? How about bringing back Woolery’s reruns of Lingo!

    • CJS says:

      Let’s have the best of both worlds: Woolery Lingo to replace Catch 21 in the afternoon & Greed to replace M2WI on Tuesdays & Fridays. Everyone wins that way.

  • CarShark says:

    I think the weirdest part about Family Feud’s rise is seeing the Syndication Death Spiral in reverse. Normally, when ratings start to soften, the time slots get worse, which makes the ratings worse…on and on until the show gets cancelled. Now it’s the opposite. It seems that the only thing stopping the show from growing more are whatever low-to-medium grade time slots they still have.

    Actually, I take that back. The weirdest part is how Wheel and J! are seeing growth as well without doing any of that. It’s like Feud’s success is lifting all game show boats.

  • Family Feud says:

    We LOVE lifting boats ;-)

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