Ratings Report: Syndies Mostly Down, “Newlywed” Stays Strong, Black and White Beats Harvey “Feud” Thumbnail

Ratings Report: Syndies Mostly Down, “Newlywed” Stays Strong, Black and White Beats Harvey “Feud”

The holidays have caused some delays in getting the numbers to report to you all, but that means we have an extra jam-packed ratings report this Friday. We have syndicated ratings for the week of December 17th and, in addition, we also have two weeks of GSN ratings to report, including all of their holiday marathons around Christmas and how well the black and white programs did in their two-week stint. But first, the big ones – the syndicated ratings. Wheel of Fortune lost just 100,000 viewers over the previous week, going down to 11.4 million viewers and losing a tenth of a ratings point to go to 7.3. Jeopardy! took a harder tumble, losing two-tenths of a point and  200,000 viewers, finishing the week with just under 9.8 million viewers and a 6.4 rating.

Episodes of Family Feud experience a nice push this week, earning a tenth of a ratings point to go to a 4.7 household rating and netting almost 400,000 more viewers, earning an average of almost 7.1 million viewers. Meredith Vieira’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire tied its rating from last week, keeping with a 2.3 household number. Baggage keeps staying in its general area in the syndicated marking, losing a tenth and going to 1.1

We have a lot to report on the GSN front, since the time elapsed for syndicated ratings allowed two weeks’ worth of cable data to come in, so this covers the week of December 17th and December 24th. Newlywed Game can never find a range where its viewership wants to stay, but this week that was a good thing as its Thursday, December 20th block of four episodes averaged almost 400,000 viewers, up over a hundred thousand viewers over the previous week. It tied that feat the next week, again just fewer than 400,000 viewers. Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza repeats the next night actually didn’t do too bad either, averaging 204,000 viewers in its Friday night slot, but they crashed again the next Friday, averaging 153,000 viewers.

Something that didn’t do too well was the Sunday marathon of The American Bible Challenge. From 3PM to midnight, the repeats only averaged 175,000 viewers, with a high at 255,000 viewers and a low at 118,000. This show may prove to rerun as poorly as reality competition TV does: great with the initial airings but not so hot in repeat viewings. Minute to Win It‘s Christmas Eve marathon averaged 253,000 viewers over ten hours, actually clocking in with the lowest rated show on GSN in its second week of ratings, netting 51,000 viewers at 8AM but having enough positivity to keep a good average.  The Christmas Match Game marathon, running from 8AM to 5PM, averaged 217,000 viewers all morning and all afternoon, with a very nice peak of 342,000 viewers and five of the episodes rating above 250,000 viewers – not bad for Christmas Day. And if you ever wonder why Steve Harvey’s  Family Feud feels like it’s being rerun 25 times a day, a 12-hour marathon of the show averaged over 410,000 viewers, with twelve airings of the show in the week netting over half of a million viewers.

In their first week of the two-week Late Night Black and White programming, What’s My Line? averaged 181,000 viewers over the week, followed by I’ve Got a Secret with 148,000. In the second week, What’s My Line? averaged 233,000 viewers and I’ve Got a Secret had 185,000. Comparatively, over the previous month in the same spot, Steve Harvey’s Family Feud averaged 222,000 viewers at 2AM, going to 207,000 viewers at 2:30AM. Yes, this actually means that, for a week at least, a 60-year-old game show in What’s My Line? averaged better than the repeats of Steve Harvey’s first season in the late night slots. And that finishes up this week’s ratings report! We hope you enjoyed this special super-detailed version and next week should be back to being more concise and contained.

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12 responses to "Ratings Report: Syndies Mostly Down, “Newlywed” Stays Strong, Black and White Beats Harvey “Feud”"

  • Joseph Neal says:

    If anyone ever wondered what Harvey has done for Feud, look no further than GSN. Air it, and they will watch. I truly hope the success of Black and White leads to more airings than once a year. It will be interesting the next few weeks if Feud can manage to get above that 5.0 rating with the Big Money Tournament going right now. Lastly, I think the second season of Bible Challenge can do well as long as GSN gets behind it and promotes it well again.

  • Nick Todor says:

    I forgot that GSN had briefly brought back the Black & White block, but I’ve been on a What’s My Line binge lately… GSN should try looking into reviving this.

    If I were producing it, it would be a one-hour show (just one extra civvie contestant) with Mark L. Walberg hosting it.

  • GSNFan says:

    Good to see Black & White do well, Great to see improvement with The Newlywed Game (because I want to see it become GSN’s longest original), and now even better to see Improv go down.


    American Bible Challenge: Actually expected better. As long as the second batch of new eps does well, good.

    Minute to Win It: People like afternoon stunts. Good comeback after the Thanksgiving Day bomb.

    Match Game: It really was Christmas Day. People had places to go, things to do. But some great mid-morning numbers

    Harvey Feud: Fantastic ratings. I expected that, even with the abuse.

  • Shon says:

    Part of me wishes that GSN would do a Nick-at-Night and just show old game shows all night long instead of of showing those crappy infomercials that no one watches anymore. Seriously with the advent of the internet and video sharing sites like youtube are these pre-paid shows relevant anymore?

    • John says:

      Great idea Shon, the ratings show that alot of people would love to see the Black and White overnight shows again and give GSN even more variety. The other thing to do is write GSN and let them know how much you enjoyed the 2 weeks of What’s My Line? and I’ve Got a Secret and ask them to add b/w Password and many other b/w shows with them.

  • grinch says:

    Do you know how well did the Ross Shafer,Michael Burger and Bert Convy episodes did during the Match Game Marathon?

  • GSNFan says:

    Our answers to Friday nights have been solved with Baggage.

    Bye bye Improv

  • laura brown says:

    on newly wed they always have four whites and two blacks. why don’t they ever have for blacks and two whites

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