UPDATE: Ratings Report: “Deal” Hits Series High, “Wheel” Spins Higher, “Price” Up Over Average Thumbnail

UPDATE: Ratings Report: “Deal” Hits Series High, “Wheel” Spins Higher, “Price” Up Over Average

UPDATE: Instead of putting it off until next week, we’ve updated this week’s Ratings Report to put out some great ratings news for Let’s Make a Deal.  According to CBS, the week of January 21st (last week) saw the Wayne Brady show reach its highest viewership ever since beginning in 2009. The show averaged 3.14 million viewers over the hour (2.9 million viewers in the first half hour, almost 3.4 million in the second) and tied or beat many highs in the important female demographics. Congratulations to them!

A slight delay in this week’s Ratings Report for whatever reason, but here it is, packed with all kinds of information this week! The syndicated ratings for the week of January 14th will kick us off. Wheel of Fortune hit another ratings high this week, eclipsing the previous one by more than 400,000 viewers. They scored over 12.2 million viewers, netting a 7.8 household rating. Jeopardy!‘s viewership is very slightly down from its season high last week, losing fewer than a hundred thousand viewers to finish with more than 10.4 million viewers and a solid 6.8 rating.

The speeding train known as Family Feud slows down just a little bit this week, but it definitely does not stop. Feud‘s household rating is down three-tenths from last week, sitting at a still nice 5.1 rating. They lose about 200,000 viewers to average 7.6 million pairs of eyeballs for the week. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire remains at a respectable 2.4 household rating and the syndicated repeats of Baggage still hangs out at its steady 1.2

Daytime ratings are harder to come by, so it’s a treat when we can get numbers for CBS’s game shows as we did via press release. A release cited the general average of The Price Is Right as 4.7 million viewers. For the week of January 7th, the hour-long Price is Right was above that, averaging almost 4.8 million viewers. The week after, the hourly average rose almost 400,000 to 5.1 million viewers. It is interesting to note that the audience grew, in these two weeks of data, by nearly a million viewers over the course of the program. The high figure resembles the numbers that the show was getting around 2008, so even 41 years later, Price Is Right continues to be successful in daytime TV.

Let’s Make a Deal is also doing nicely for itself. The show typically averages over 2.7 million viewers. Wayne Brady’s game averaged nearly 2.8 million viewers the week of January 7th. It too increased the following week, netting 3 million viewers the week of January 14th. According to CBS’s press release, Deal is up 9% in overall viewers over the previous year, which is really good news for the trading show, now guaranteed to go through its fifth season.

GSN’s ratings for the week of January 14th were not as great as they have been. The Thursday night Newlywed Game block averaged about 280,000 viewers. The troubled Friday night block that now houses Baggage repeats is improving upon its Improv-a-Ganza predecessor, averaging 216,000 viewers. It did even better the week of January 21st. As awareness grows, so do the numbers as it averaged over 260,000 viewers in the timeslot, with one airing getting over 350,000 viewers. Newlywed‘s numbers improved over the previous week, averaging 305,000 viewers.

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3 responses to "UPDATE: Ratings Report: “Deal” Hits Series High, “Wheel” Spins Higher, “Price” Up Over Average"

  • GSNFan says:

    Feud: That “5.3/5.4″ high was from the Big Money Tournament. I can see another one of those in the next season or two.

    Jeopardy!: The Teen Tournaments and Tournament of Champions throughout the next four weeks will help the numbers.

    GSN: Newlywed Game does compete with ‘Idol’ now, so I can see why numbers are down a little

  • aok98 says:

    This is good news. I did not know FF was doing that well in the ratings, plus with successes of the games at CBS, maybe the other nets will look at them again for daytime.

  • Anthony says:

    Feud doing great though as well as Jeopardy. but maybe TPiR and WoF needs a break anytime in the near future.

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