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“The Price Is Right” To Record First Ever Kids Special This March Thumbnail

“The Price Is Right” To Record First Ever Kids Special This March

For the second time in The Price Is Right‘s history, a special episode is being taped where minors will be allowed to play. On Camera Audiences, the official ticket handler for Price, has put out a notice that the first-ever Kids Special will be taping on the afternoon of March 25th. Children between the ages of 8 and 14 will be allowed to attend with their parent/legal guardian and be selected as a possible contestant team to “come on down” and play to win cash and prizes. Each parent may bring up to two children, so if two parents come together, up to four children may attend. Last year, teenagers were allowed to play with their parents to win a new automobile in the Teen Drivers Special, the first time contestants under the age of 18 were eligible to compete on Price. Interested groups can go to On Camera Audiences’ site and request tickets for that program.

A similar concept has been tried before on the Australian version of The Price Is Right a few years ago on a special “Generation Gap” episode with grandparents and grandchildren. We have embedded that episode at the bottom and, as you can see by watching some of it, the idea actually came off pretty well. Many team shows have been done on the stateside version and have been executed in a good fashion. While I don’t think the younger kids will probably have the skills necessary to price designer luggage, they will probably have a ball punching holes out of the Punch-a-Bunch board, dropping Plinko chips or rolling cubes down the Let ‘Em Roll track. Jeopardy! has a Kids Week every year that is often entertaining and shows off the intelligence of children pretty well.  How do you feel about this special week coming to The Price Is Right?

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19 responses to "“The Price Is Right” To Record First Ever Kids Special This March"

  • Trevorton says:

    This is one of the stupidest ideas in the history of The Price Is Right. As if a nine-year old can guess the price of a car, living room, or grocery products.

    • Kevin C says:

      Have you seen some of the adults on the show? The kids might do better than them and at least it is something different!

    • Chris says:

      That’s why the parents will be joining them on stage. Remember the Teen Driver’s Special?

      • CouponBoy says:

        Yes, that was a complete insult to the show. The teens had no clue about the prices and turned to their parents. The crew did a horrible job picking the contestants for that show.

        • NAT says:

          1. No it wasn’t an insult to the show. It was an innovative 1 time idea (for now)
          2. The parents had to make the decisions since the teens weren’t of age to make such decisions without it becoming a S&P issue.
          3. I personally disagree with you about the contestant selection.

          Next time, don’t be so cynical.

    • Wayne says:

      I started watching the show when I was two years old, and got to know the prices of things at an early age.

      As long as the kids are fans, they should do just fine.

    • Josh says:

      You’re telling me. What is CBS or Fremantle doing?

      Bad idea.

  • GSNFan says:

    Pretty good idea. I like this a lot. Will be watching

  • Jage says:

    Hey why not. There’s almost 200 shows a year, it doesn’t hurt to make a few of them something different. If you really hate it that much, you can tune in the next day.

    • Kevin $ says:

      That’s what I say. It’s just one show. Let them do it. I, personally, don’t mind one unique showevery once in a while. Again, if you don’t want to, just watch normal episodes the next day. Easy fix!

  • CJS says:

    It’ll be just 1 show. There are worse concepts for special TPIR shows. I say let it happen. If it doesn’t go well, they don’t do it again. If it goes well, then the haters are proven wrong.

  • Chris P says:

    I think it’s a great idea. When they trialled the “Generation Gap” specials here in Australia, it was well received, and a lot of the kids actually played many of the pricing games extremely well. It should be said however that in our favour, “The Price Is Right” was shown in a family-friendly, early evening timeslot and many kids would have known exactly how the show and the pricing games played out. Obviously the US version plays during daytime programming, so this could prove a disadvantage when it comes to finding knowledgable youngsters. But IMHO, there could be worse ideas than this one for a TPiR Special.

  • Matt says:

    Card Sharks used to have this special week called “Young People’s Week” on the Perry, Eubanks and Rafferty version where kids play the game and have an adult with them when playing the Money Cards. That was done several times throughout the year.

  • Jason M. says:

    This could be a winner. It couldn’t be.

    I think it is one of the worst ideas for a special since the kids will be at a disadvantage not being able to watch the show since they’re in school for a majority of the season, and that kids don’t really have to price many things (certainly things not featured on the show on a normal day) since they’re kids. However, as many have said, this is a one off show. Just because I think it’s a bad idea doesn’t mean it will ruin the show and that I won’t be watching, and it doesn’t mean I’ll have an attitude while watching.

    I look forward to seeing how they pull it off.

  • Brian says:

    Are you people serious? Didn’t we all fall in love with TPIR as kids, watch the show every day, and want desperately to play? Didn’t we all play along with the contestants and do pretty darn well at guessing the prices? Wouldn’t you have loved to be on TPIR when you were 9 or 10 years old?

    If nothing else, it’lll be a nice chance of pace and something interesting to watch for one day.

  • Sarah says:

    My son and I are looking forward to this show. We have priority tickets and regardless of whether we get called to come on down it will be fun. We play TPIR decades game on Nintendo wii and watch TPIR online after he is done with his school work. He has built a Cliffhanger game out of Legos as well as a Plinko board. We quiz each other on prices too.

    For me, TPIR brings back so many fond memories of my Grandmother and I watching the game together. I am happy that I will be able to share this rare experience with my son while he still thinks I am cool. For the record, he is eight:)

  • Lary New Bern says:

    I have been watching game shows since I was 2 years old (1979). By 8, I was an awesome game player at Price, Wheel, and the $25000 Pyramid to name a few. If they are able to choose parents that have children that watch Price even on a semi-regular basis, I think you would be amazed at how smart they can really be. I have watched episodes of Junior Pyramid and Joker,Joker,Joker on You Tube and the kids were very smart and in some cases quite funny too.

  • I Was There says:

    My family had a blast !!! The show will air on April 18 @ 10:00 am. Sure, most of the kids that attended the show won’t be able to watch it because they will be at school, but that is what TIVO is for. Also, they offer a dvd copy of the episode to everyone. Show #6314k.

    Drew Carey is an amazing host. He kept the audience (kids and parents) entertained on and off the camera. Giving advices to kids on how to be a comedian, acknowledging some audience members of who they are and where they came from. Some came as far as Miami for the taping of this show. One of the best part of the show “behind the scene” was when they let the kids come on down and dance “Gundam Style”.

    As for the crew, they have been doing this show for over 40 years and it shows. We were there for over 5 hours: Waiting in line, getting our pictures taken, being interviewed for selection, passing through security and finally going through the taping of the show. Throughout the whole process they were all professional and courteous to everyone we met.

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