Monday Recap: “Let’s Ask America” and “Millionaire” Thumbnail

Monday Recap: “Let’s Ask America” and “Millionaire”

We had a few interesting things going on with games last night and we wanted to be sure to let you know about them.  We also want to know what your thoughts on each are, especially Millionaire since I thought that was one of the show’s more peculiar contestant moments in a while.

*First, a big shout out goes out to reader and friend Dino Alexander.  He appeared on last night’s Let’s Ask America.  Dino won an exciting game with $7,300.  He elected go risk it all to multiply his bank by five for a grand total of $36,500.  His final question asked, “Where did wives in their 50′s say is the worst place their husband could throw them a surprise party?” He was given the choices bowling alley, water park, mini golf course, or go-kart track. Dino locked in “Bowling Alley.” However, the answer was “Go-Kart Track.” Dino was left with $1,000 but played a great, exciting game. Check it out below. Congratulations to Dino.

*Yesterday’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire featured Sheri Barberini, a CPA from Limerick, PA. Sheri became only the second person in the Super Mix format’s history to beat Round One without using a Jump. This, effectively, let him go to the $500,000 question instantly. His $500,000 question asked:

What great mind kept a ledger of sins he committed as a child, including entries such as “punching my sister”?
A: Benjamin Franklin
B: Isaac Newton
C: Thomas Edison
D: Sigmund Freud

Very hard $500,000 question. Sheri’s bank was $68,600. She had to risk $43,600 to win $431,400 more and face the million dollar question. However, Sheri decided not to answer and walked with her cash. The answer was B. Congratulations on her big win.

I am curious, though, if anyone else was shocked by Sheri’s decision. I know $68,600 is a lot and $43,600 is a great deal of money to risk…way more than I have. However, I must be honest, I think I’d take that gamble every day of the week. $43,600 is an amount that is fathomable to gain back in a decent period of time. $440,000 is not. I’d kick myself more if I didn’t go for it and could have won than if I went and lost. I’m curious to know what your thoughts are. However, again, that’s not to take anything away from Sheri’s remarkable achievement, great game, and big win.

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6 responses to "Monday Recap: “Let’s Ask America” and “Millionaire”"

  • Ed Toutant says:

    Congratulations, Dino! I’m sorry you didn’t win more, but I liked how you played the game.

    This is the first time I’ve seen the show. Where is is shot? Do they really have a live studio audience to watch players on Skype, or do they just add the audience applause in post production?

  • Dave C says:

    Have to say though.. that seemed like a pretty easy question…. Bowling, Water Park, Mini Golf are all things a grandma would at least try to do….. what 50+ lady wants to try to get into a tiny go-kart?

  • Wayne says:

    While watching MIllionaire, I got every answer straight through the $500,000; the only one I would’ve jumped is the $100,000 because it was just a logical guess.

    Anytime someone is in round two, if they are on the $100K question, as long as they can narrow it to a 50/50 guess, they should go for it. This would also apply if the $100K question is jumped, then if a contestant can narrow down the $250K question.

    This has always been the key “risk/reward” question of the game: risk approx. $25K to look at a question valued at 10 times the bet.

  • Julia says:

    ” This, effectively, let him go to the $500,000 question instantly. His $500,000 question asked:”

    Female contestant. Wrong pronouns.

    That being said, she wasn’t weird. She was from Limerick, right near me. Was that a cross state jab? ;-)

    • Julia says:

      Misread that…I see it says, “peculiar contestant moments…” You were calling the moment peculiar, not the contestant. Sorry.

  • aramex says:

    In fact no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of afterward
    its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it takes place.

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