UPDATED FEB. 4: “Minute to Win It” Being Revived for GSN Thumbnail

UPDATED FEB. 4: “Minute to Win It” Being Revived for GSN

UPDATE, February 4th: GSN formally announced this via a press release today. Additional information to note is that the program’s top prize has been lowered to $100,000. Shine America, the new name for one of the show’s original production companies, will be producing this version as well with Vin Rubino as executive producer. The show begins taping next month and will premiere later in the year.

We’ve been sitting on this one for a couple of days, but we finally have confirmation and can share this exclusive story. GSN is beginning to cast contestants for a revival/continuation of the popular stunt series Minute to Win It. The word we are hearing is that they have ordered 40 hour-long episodes of the program. The casting notice advertises that the program will be played with teams of two competing for a “huge” cash prize, continuing with the format of teams playing that was adopted later in the program’s network run. As of right now, it is unknown if Guy Fieri will continue with his role as host of the program, but it is unlikely. Contestants over 21 in the Southern California area interested in playing should send an email to minutetowinit.casting@gmail.com.

Minute to Win It aired 70 episodes on NBC from 2010 to 2011 and a successful Spanish-language version has aired on MundoFOX since 2012. The primetime series saw individual contestants, later teams, try up to 10 increasingly difficult stunts for a shot at up to $1,000,000. The jackpot for the GSN version is expected to be lowered. GSN acquired repeats of Minute to Win It in July of last year, bringing success to the late afternoon and Tuesday evening portions of the schedule. This marks at least the 9th revival or continuation of a game show GSN has ordered in the network’s history, the most recent being The Pyramid in Fall 2012. Are you looking forward to seeing Minute to Win It back on American TV with new episodes?

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48 responses to "UPDATED FEB. 4: “Minute to Win It” Being Revived for GSN"

  • GSNFan says:

    Great job, GSN. I could not ask for anything better. I’m extremely happy with this news. This is a really good fit for GSN’s audience.

    Just the 40-hour-long episodes is a HUGE order, but we’ll see where it goes.

    • Julia says:

      yeah…I have to say that 40 hour long eps is a very long order, but this screams of the ease of production of this…It’s not that expensive to produce and, if they’re smart, they use the existing set from the MundoFOX version, other than making the show English language, I don’t really see much more to spend on than advertising.

  • Julia says:

    I actually like this idea. The set, prize amounts and host from the MundoFOX version is all that’s needed. Bring in some English speaking families and you’re all set. Marco Antonio Regil has shown, while hosting some episodes of The Price is Right Live tour, that he’s fluent in English and is still an amazing host. He already has a great following among game show fans and Hispanics around the US after his time as host of ¿Qué Dice la Gente? Color me excited.

  • Ben says:

    I’ve been addicted to the Tuesday night Minute To Win It marathon on GSN for a while now so I’m glad to see the show’s coming back.

  • Scott says:

    Not a big fan of Minute to Win It. I’d have preferred it if GSN had produced The Cube instead.

    Also, I’m not sure if the ratings for the new episodes will be that much higher than those of the currently-repeated NBC episodes that GSN is airing.

    In fact, I’d expect that there would be confusion amongst viewers between the old and new episodes, just like with what happened to 1 VS 100. People complaining about the fact that GSN’s version of 1 VS 100 had a lower prize amount than NBC’s version, since GSN aired both versions simultaneously.

    I wish GSN would have revived 1 VS 100 for 40 Hour-Long Episodes…

    I can see this revival of Minute to Win It being as short as the revival of 1 VS 100 though. Probably a top prize of $100,000. Easier Round 1-5 challenges. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Julia says:

      I understand your concerns, but at the same time, when GSN decided to try 1vs100, they had to cut back on production costs significantly because it’s a cable show. The best parts of the NBC version just did not exist. The huge set was not there, replaced by a huge monitor with 100 faces, some that didn’t even exist on set. Plus, the ability to talk with everyone on the set was one of the best parts. Plus, that lady they got to host was horrible! Bob Saget was a much better host all around and without him, the show did not work. Plus, the chance to play for $1 mil was another reason why the original show was wonderful. As well, the first season of the NBC run had some of the best two layered multiple choice questions ever written for game shows. That infamous “What’s the capital of the United States?” question was maybe one of the best game show moments in recent history. That being said…the GSN version had none of that.

      Minute to Win It was really never about the money. You could play that show for a $1,000 top prize and people would watch. The play at home element was what made that show successful. They also have an existing set and an existing host with an existing format with a budget that would totally work for GSN already running on MundoFOX. Bringing this back is a no brainer.

      • let’s just say they didn’t hire Carrie Ann Inaba for her hosting abilities ;)

        • Glenn says:

          Agreed…for the 1 vs 100 format to work it had to be everyone in studio…the online/video/web player thing was tried three times and failed miserably 3 times. Paranoia, America Plays and the Revival of 1 vs 100 all suffered from the same technical glitches and poor interaction that doomed them.

          This is different…in fact my big issue with Minute to Win it was it is a colder version of Beat the Clock. the high stakes actually took away from the show, not added to it. Similar to Are you Smarter than a 5th grader. The secret here is that the show is REMAINING an hour long. therefore the pace will not be effected and as long as the host is good (and Guy was only OK…he had a bit of that annoying JD Roth I wanna be cool but really am not to him) I agree the product will have more appeal.

          Stunt shows always seem to fare well on GSN…going back to the Black and White BTC to the fact that Dog Eat Dog still gets demand despite having SO FEW EPISODES tells me GSN is on the right track.

          I WILL say that comingling the original and the revival is a bad idea. Even the Pyramid suffered from this somewhat…they need to be more careful with this as it DOES cause confusion.

          If the speculation about Marco Antonio is true…this is a Home Run…I doubt Guy leaves the golden egg he has at Food Network to do a version for GSN (which is more in competition than a broadcast network) you need a good guy but I’d say more personable than Guy was…think more Beat the clock in terms of host and you should have a hit (If he wasn’t doing season 2 of Bible challenge I’d ask Jeff Foxworthy but that may be overload.)

  • Sanford says:

    I’m excited and let me say…


    Give him his first, true English language-crossover show debut that he’s always wanted.

  • Trevorton says:

    Isn’t this the second NBC game show that GSN is reviving?

  • David says:

    I think this is a good move- as it’s been said, they have pretty much everything in place already, so the costs won’t be too high to produce (it probably will follow the MundoFox tree- 1k,2k,3k,4k,5k,10k,25k,50k,100k, with 1k, 5k, and 50k as safe points- though I wouldn’t be shocked if they got rid of the 4k, make 10k a safe point and add a 15k level).

  • Digifan23 says:

    “HUGH cash prize” SURE I’ll bet it will be an “old el Cheepo” $50,000 maybe $75,000

    but after what happened with 1 vs 100 i don’t think it will last more than 40 episodes but will have to wait and see

    btw GSN what happened to the 80′s Game Shows you where going revive?

  • CouponBoy says:

    I think GSN finally made a great move. Minute to Win It s one of those shows that died solely because NBC didn’t want to renew it, and it’s format will fit just fine with GSN’s smaller budget. Just use the same money ladder, host and set as the Spanish version and you got a great show.

  • The Banker's Nephew says:

    I think it’s a great idea, and while I’d rather they go for the more fun battle format the UK used, I think that so long as Guy Fieri isn’t hosting and GSN doesn’t cast the contestants horribly this could be pretty good.

  • Tyler says:

    It’s great that GSN is reviving Minute To Win It, but GSN is unfortunately dragging Dancing With The Stars back onto the schedule this Sunday startin at 5/4c.

    • Digifan23 says:

      To quote the late Nipsey Russell:

      “Dancing with the Stars tis’ a spectator’s sport tis’ no game show,
      as to why it’s on this Network Hell if i know”

      • HD says:

        I lol’d. And Nispey would say that if he saw what GSN does.

        I am thinking this revival of MTWI is nothing but a “safety net” should Bible take a dive in the ratings.

  • wayne says:

    Just not having guy fieri host is reason enough to make me give this a try. They should lock cederic the entertainer into a contract for this as fast as possible so millionaire can find a real game show host

  • randy says:

    Really? What makes any of you think this will be any good? You were all excited about Pyramid and then you saw how the idiots running GSN screwed that up. GSN’s record with revivals is horrible. Whammy and Chain Reaction came from the old regime who sort of knew what they were doing. Those running the show now have given us a mediocre version of Newlywed Game and somehow managed to screw up Pyramid, 1 vs. 100, and even Lingo! That is hard to do. Until GSN gets some big changes at the top, you’ll see more dumb decisions like this one.

  • Daniel B. says:

    The show could still suck if they get the NBC version’s head honchos. Those guys proved you can turn the good concept of “Who’s Still Standing?” into something barely watchable, pulling the same crap they did on “Minute”.

    I could honestly see them doing Supercoin for $1,000,000. Better yet, make it a growing jackpot that starts at $100,000 and increases by some amount each game it isn’t played/isn’t won. That way, you give viewers a reason to tune in (other than the obvious).

    Two more things:
    1) Don’t show the same episode multiple times a day. After one show airs, rerun it the next morning or afternoon, but that’s *it*. (This avoids audience burnout.)
    2) Remove “Minute” repeats for at *least* two (2) months before debuting your new version, keeping the NBC ones off the schedule until you finish with your run. (This avoids the potential for bad comparisons.)

    • Myke25 says:

      A couple of more things:
      3) Learn from the scheduling mistakes you made with The Pyramid and run this once a week…in prime time…with an 11:00p repeat. Don’t bury it at 6:00p and expect people to rush home to see it. I don’t think I ever saw an episode of The Pyramid run at it’s original time…I always DVR’ed it. And with only 40 episodes, if you strip it, you’ll burn through it in 8 weeks.

      4) Start your on-line presence now. Post the games and instructions.

      5) Promote it outside your own air. Face it, GSN…you are not a highly-rated network.

      Good luck.

  • James E. Parten says:

    At least it’s a game show that is being revived–not some (un)reality show searching for the next Honey Boo Boo, or whatever!

    Most of the above commentators have had positive suggestions about this impending revival. And most of the suggestions make sense–although I don’t know about Regil’s command of English, as I’ve not seen the live version of “The Price Is Right”.

    It seems to me that the Peacock web went with Guy Fieri mainly due to the fact that both he and Phillip Schofield (“The Cube” have gray/white hair. Fieri was enthusiastic, but it seemed quite forced.

    We will just have to see what happens, that’s all.

    • Digifan23 says:

      That’s true i at least it’s a game show and I know how well this “Family Trade” crap will do it will do as bad (if not worse) than Beat the Chiefs earning a 140 rating a 0.0 share

      and as for Dancing with the Stars well To quote the late Nipsey Russell:

      “Dancing with the Stars tis’ a spectator’s sport tis’ no game show,
      as to why it’s on this Network Hell if i know”

    • “It seems to me that the Peacock web went with Guy Fieri mainly due to the fact that both he and Phillip Schofield”

      Another “get real”.

      • James E, Parten says:

        When the Peacock first broadcast “Minute To Win It” it looked like it was trying to engage in most sincere flattery of “The Cube”. After a few episodes (opposite “60 Minutes”, a deadly timeslot for any network that does not have an eye as its logo!),, and a hiatus, the sow went through some tweaks and found its own groove. Some gimmicks worked (a “last person standng” format was actually quite workable), and some did not (the “Million Dollar Mission” to try to find somebody–ANYbody–who cold do “Supercoin”).
        But ratings were never in the class of ABC’s “Wipeout!”, and NBC finally decided that enough was enough.

        How else can you explain selecting Fieri–who had previously been known for dissecting divers dives in New Jersey on the Food Network–as a game show host?

  • Brandon Taylor says:

    EXCITING!!! I absolutely LOVED this show on NBC. And I’m probably one of few, but I actually liked Guy Fieri at the helm…

  • D.J. says:

    And it gonna to be a hour-long show, unlike 1 vs 100, which was half-hour. Even though I can’t wait to see the show return, I doubt it may last long. Most GSN shows ended their series after one season (even Lingo and Pyramid didn’t do good) but I wonder when will the Newlywed Game end it run? The ratings are low but still they continue to make more episodes.

  • Tod says:

    Have Marc Summers host.

  • Ryan says:

    Like the idea! Sad that I don’t have GSN although I am sure i will be able to find it somewhere online.

    Anyways, this was other thing I hated about game show revivals…they were revived by networks that had lower budgets. I hated the syndie Deal because the top prize was lowered and the models were gone…A lot of times, to pull off a successful revival, the show needs to have the SAME top prize (and sometimes, the same host)… With NBC’s recent failure in game shows, I think they could have a SOLID game show block if they revived Deal, 1 vs. 100 or MTWT…..The first two have been off for a while (since GSN failed with 1 vs. 100) and while the ratings might not be super, they should still give the network some decent ratings….

  • GSNFan says:

    Someone here brought up The Newlywed Game. Wonder if this Minute to Win It revival poses as a replacement IF Newlywed Game is cancelled. The new episodes of the sixth season conclude in two weeks, and the new Thursday night runs have done well, but not fantastic. I can easily see GSN wanting to say bye-bye to The Newlywed Game sometime soon.

    One optimistic sign for renewal: The stack of NG episodes stay on Thursday night after the last new episode airs on 2/14.

  • Robert Palmer says:

    I think at this point, GSN has to try to do something different. They really haven’t let their popular series flourish, like Russian Roulette, and Friend or Foe? They also allowed a huge HUGE library of the Goodson/Todman rights lapse (Allowing that CBS won’t allow airings of the Price is Right, or Let’s Make a Deal). If GSN wants to be relavent again…they need the mixture of the old and new they had in 2001. I have mixed feelings about Minute to Win it. First off…do we NEED to hear the contestants sob stories before every game? Secondly, will they be able to make this a bonafide hit that will last for a few seasons. LIke the Newlywed Game, and even Lingo and Hollywood Showdown.

  • Scott says:

    The contestant depression stories, the dragging out of 15 minutes of games throughout an hour, and the constant cutting into commercials in the middle of games, was what killed the original NBC version. That, plus the fact the producers turned it into a complete joke with the radio party music and girls in bikinis and whatnot.

    Knowing GSN, I can see the money tree go like this: $100, $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000, $10k, $25k, $50k, $100k, with games that would make it impossible for anyone to leave with more than $10k, thus ensuring the network’s safety in not giving out huge prizes.

    • GSNFan says:

      Can’t see it being THAT cheap. The first challenge would probably worth $1,000 max, and then up. Another theory I’ve had is that they might have a ‘Millionaire’ style game where contestants see the name of the challenge and choose it, then right before or after they do the challenge they get to see how much money its worth.

      The new Minute to Win It shouldn’t be that cheap when American Bible Challenge gives away $27,500 an episode no matter to what.

  • Donald says:

    As long as Guy doesn’t come back as host.

    • Emanuel says:

      Agreed. I might actually watch this on my own if Guy is gone.

      But when is GSN going to order more episodes of Pyramid? That was one of their best originals!

  • glenn says:

    100k is OK…As i said before this show is less about the money and was often hurt by the large prizes. (million dollar mission…ugggg) 100k is a good jackpot to work with. solid first step it will come down to host.

    • Scott says:

      I called it. Did I not predict the top prize would be $100k?

      And I’m sure the money ladder will be pretty similar to my prediction as well, assuming that they still go with 10 challenges. The last 4 levels are sure to be $10k, $25, $50k, $100k.

      If we take GSN’s 1 VS 100 money ladder as any indication of how cheap they like to be, then I’m sure my money ladder prediction is fairly accurate.

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