“Let’s Make A Deal” Almost Done for the Season; Be a Contestant Thumbnail

“Let’s Make A Deal” Almost Done for the Season; Be a Contestant

CBS’s daytime game Let’s Make A Deal is close to the end of its fourth taping season.  The Wayne Brady-hosted game is still looking for contestants, though.  All you need to do is head to Los Angeles, find an eye-catching costume that will make you stand out from the crowd, and hope Wayne chooses you to win big prizes, trips, cash, or even cars.  Watch out for the Zonks, though.  There’s only about three weeks left and there’s more than enough time, if you are planning on being in (or visiting) Los Angeles through the beginning of February.

Here’s a message from our friends at Fremantle’s casting department about how you can be a contestant.

The Producers of American Idol & America’s Got Talent are now searching for contestants & audience members for all of their current hit GAME SHOWS, including: Let’s Make A Deal, The Price Is Right, Family Feud, and Total Black Out!

If interested, and you know you’re going to be in the LA area, please send in your contact information and a brief description of yourself to:

or call

There is no guarantee that you will be selected to participate in a game show. Must be 18 or older.
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8 responses to "“Let’s Make A Deal” Almost Done for the Season; Be a Contestant"

  • Scott says:

    The season’s almost done? That was a short season… usually they run new episodes until April or May, taking a break over the summer until they return in September.

    But if the season ends in February… sheesh…

  • David Michael says:

    Heck, Millionaire is already finished filming its season, as reported here at BB….

  • Ben Mason says:

    I hear that Sunset Bronson Studios has HD cameras now for Judge Judy. Do you suppose there could be a switch for season 5?

  • David says:

    Actually Alex, contestants for Let’s Make A Deal are NOT chosen at random. Contestants are chosen similar to TPiR. All members of the studio audience are interviewed before taping begins. There is no list of traits the producers are looking for. Old, young, tall, short, fat, thin, it makes no difference.

    The people chosen are not told they are going to be contestants.

    During the commercial breaks, and before the taping begins, Wayne is told who has been chosen for the next “deal”, where they are sitting in the audience, and what costume the person is wearing. When Wayne asks, “Who wants to make a deal?” it looks like he’s choosing someone at random, when in fact, the contestant has been chosen beforehand, and is just now finding out that they are a contestant when Wayne has “chosen” them.

    • Scott says:

      That’s completely unfair. Wayne’s hosting the show, so it should be his choice of which audience member gets to make the deal — everyone’s being interviewed anyway before taping begins, so what they should be doing is putting everyone who passes the interview into the audience, then letting Wayne decide at random who he wants to deal with.

      This is like how TPIR decides contestants beforehand, instead of randomly selecting them from the audience.

      I know the interviewing process is part of being a contestant on a game show, but if you pass the interview and get into the studio audience, you should have the same chance of getting picked as any other contestant who also passed the interview — not some big guy in the backroom picking and choosing the contestants beforehand.

      • David says:

        Scott, if TPiR chose their contestants the way you are talking about, only letting people that passed the audition in to see the show, there wouldn’t be enough people IN the audience for a taping.

        Which is why EVERYONE is interviewed, and you are not notified if you have passed your one minute “audition”.

        For the ones that “passed”, nine are chosen, and these are the nine that get to “come on down”.

        The same concept is used on Let’s Make A Deal. You are not told if you passed your “audition” or not, and from the ones that do, the producers choose people that fit the current situation the next “deal” requires (single contestants, married couples, two teams of two, ect), and Wayne is told who these people are, where they are sitting, and what costume they are wearing, so he is not completely in the dark.

        In an interview I conducted with Dean Goss (former announcer on the show in the 1980′s and would have been host for the 1987 season had the show not been cancelled), he testified this is how contestants have always been chosen for Let’s Make A Deal.

  • CJS says:

    Well regardless of who picks the contestants, I just wish that they would pick more guys… and I am being very serious.

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