Channel 4 Announces “Five Minutes to a Fortune” with Davina McCall Thumbnail

Channel 4 Announces “Five Minutes to a Fortune” with Davina McCall

On Thursday Channel 4 announced the green light of its newest game show, the team-based quiz Five Minutes to a Fortune.  The series, hosted by Davina McCall, shows teams of two working together to form a perfect partnership and, hopefully, win up to £50,000.  These episodes will air across four weeks daily with special celebrity episodes on Saturday evenings for £100,000.  Episode episode sees contestants trying to answer questions against the clock to win money that will literally drain away from within the show’s iconic 15 foot hourglass.  Davina McCall also hosts Channel 4′s The Million Pound Drop. Davina McCall says, “5 Minutes to a Fortune is one of those shows that has you clenching your buttocks from start to finish – I cannot wait to get started!”

On Five Minutes to a Fortune, one team member will be elected to play one of the show’s five rounds while the other will be the “Timekeeper.”  The Timekeeper decides which of eight category his or her partner will play and how much time they’ll have to play the round.  The couples will have five minutes to play all five rounds.  The tricky part is determining how much of the five minutes will be necessary to win the round.  If things are getting too tough there are two “Time Controls” to use.  One is Time Freeze which stops the game for ten seconds.  The other is Emergency Stop which halts the challenge and replaces it with a new one.

Once all five games are completed the roles will reverse and the Timekeeper must play one final game to win whatever cash is left inside the hourglass.  The Timekeeper much name ten items in the chosen category in order to take home whatever they have left.  If they aren’t quick, though, they’ll watch all their winnings drain away.

Tom Beck, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Entertainment, says: “Five Minutes to a Fortune is a hugely exciting new format fronted by the best host in the business. It’s brilliantly simple to play, fiendishly difficult to win and simply gripping to watch. It’s tense and exciting, funny and unique.”

Victoria Ashbourne, Managing Director, Victory Television adds: “Unlike most game shows, the pressure really kicks in when the clock hits zero and the prize money literally drains away, coin by coin. With an exciting combination of both daytime and primetime shows to create, we can’t wait to bring this brand new series to life.”

Source : Channel 4

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6 responses to "Channel 4 Announces “Five Minutes to a Fortune” with Davina McCall"

  • Your post, _Channel 4 Announces Five Minutes to a Fortune with Davina McCall
    | BuzzerBlog_ ended up being truly worth commenting on!
    Basically wished to admit u really did a great work. Thanks for your effort ,Enrique

  • Jill Anderson says:

    Can’t believe how difficult this game is. No one will ever win much money. Five answers is too many.
    Love the game, but its impossible. Should be three answers.
    I would definitely watch it then.

  • Lisa says:

    I love this show :) please can you tell me how to apply to be a contestant?

    Lisa x

  • Bev Deering says:

    Please tell me how my daughter & I can apply to be contestants on this fantastic quiz show

    Bev & Amy Deering xx

  • P Keane says:

    Great game but Davina must stink by now in the same clothes every episode. Why doesnt she change? She cant have recorded all this in one day. Cut off trousers bit passe

  • R johnstone says:

    hi could you tell me how to apply for the programe please

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