“Take It All” Debuts to Medicore Ratings Thumbnail

“Take It All” Debuts to Medicore Ratings

The reception to NBC’s Take It All was mediocre, at best, and that’s the same way the ratings went.  The Howie Mandel hosted game debuted to a 4.3/7 rating.  That was down 47% from from its lead-in The Voice (at 8.0/12).  Furthermore that was lesser than Fear Factor‘s Winter debut last year at 5.1/8.  It’s direct competitors were an hour of 2 Broke Girls on CBS (averaged 7.4/11), the American Country Music Awards (3.4/5) and Extreme Makeover (3.3/5).  Could have been better…could have been worse.

No word on the demographics just yet.  We’ll update that later.  The main test is tonight.  Again the reception to the Prisoner’s Dilemma end game was nearly unanimously negative in this show’s context.  Is that enough to turn people away or will it remain relatively solid or, perhaps, grow?  Watch tonight, come here tomorrow, and find out.

UPDATE: Take It All debuted to 7.4 million viewers and a 2.2 in the key demographic A18-49.

In case you missed it last night check out the controversial Prisoner’s Dilemma ending.

Source : TV Media Insights

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28 responses to "“Take It All” Debuts to Medicore Ratings"

  • Corey says:

    I’m really not that worried about the ratings from Monday Night, only because there was an epic MNF game on at the same time. Tonight, as you said, will be the true test.

    • Matt (#mhmrules to you) says:

      You do have a point, almost nothing on the other three networks can even touch Monday Night Football. We’ll just have to see how it fares well with the rest of the week.

  • Matt (#mhmrules to you) says:

    Well, it did air on NBC…

  • Poodle McClure says:

    Wait this show started already? Yes that shows how well that either 1) I have paid attention or 2) NBC has failed to really promote it…..or both….

  • Ryan says:

    You also have to look at see that 7.20 million viewers is NOT BAD for NBC!!!! It was up 47% from last year’s premiere of Who’s Still Standing?, so that’s a plus for NBC! Minute to Win It had ratings consistently in the 4.5 and 5 million viewers and they kept it around a while. Now that people know the show is one (and everyday), we can see what the ratings do for the rest of the week!

    • Scott says:

      Agreed. I think 7.2 million viewers is an awesome start for the premiere of a game show. The trick is keeping the viewers over the long-run. As we’ve all seen, most primetime game shows eventually end up settling around the 5 million mark after the first few episodes. If I remember correctly, Deal or No Deal at some point was getting 10 million viewers, but in its 4th season, was only averaging around 4-5 million.

      As I said in the previous post discussing Take It All, aside from the end-game, I really have to commend NBC and Scott St. John for producing a good game show. Fast-paced with no drawn-out parts or long contestant sob-stories (a la Million Dollar Money Drop, Who’s Still Standing and Minute to Win It), with good music and sound effects.

      And Howie does an excellent job at hosting it.

      I hope this sticks around past next Monday night. It would be nice to have a regular primetime game show on the schedule, instead of only a 7-10 episode run during Christmas and the Summer, which seems to be the norm for primetime game shows these days.

      • Joseph Lambert says:

        deal or no deal averaged 7-9.5 million per episode in season 2. it averaged 5.5-7.5 in season 3. and 4-5.5 in season 4. the highest rated episode in season 4 (5.8m) went up against the world series.

  • Androme says:

    I think Ill watch again tonight. Just wont be watching the Prisoner’s Dillemma.

  • Androme says:

    I think Ill watch again tonight. Just wont be watching the Prisoner’s Dillemma anymore.

    • Jason says:

      I got an idea for a new bonus round. When there are two players left, there will only be two boxes for them to decide upon. Only the one that’s holding the prize, if added to their current winnings exceeds the other player, wins their prizes while the other player leaves with nothing.

  • Andrew L. Budny says:

    What happened with the Prize Fight made me sick to my stomach. I can’t believe she decided to screw a fellow teacher by taking all his prizes. THey were both teachers for goodness sake who have both gon thru hard times. If it was me, I would have split my prizes with her. She sent a bad message to all her students encouraging them that taking from your fellow man is OK. I don’t think so. Overall a good show, but not a good way to start out in my opinion.

  • The Banker's Nephew says:

    I don’t mind the Prisoner’s Dilemma when it’s used right, but I don’t think the American audience will ever really go for it since people here are insanely self-righteous. The American comments on shows like this and Golden Balls have always been full of over-the-top outrage towards the winner.

    • Curtis says:

      It just doesn’t make sense to have Prisoner’s Dilemma as an endgame when the players were competing against each other for the whole game. I agree with comments here and elsewhere that say that Friend or Foe was one of the few game shows that did Prisoner’s Dilemma right – the players worked together as a team through the whole game, so an element of trust is fostered in the normal gameplay. Then the endgame itself is lighthearted, so you don’t leave the show feeling like someone who tries to steal is a total jerk.

    • SEAN says:

      I agree with your first statement, yet many of these same people love movies that involve crime, greed & related subjects such as Wall Street, wich is a classic.

  • HD says:

    Yawn! Has NBC learned you can’t polish a turd? I honestly think it’s a bad combo of Survivor, TPIR(the pricing thing) and Friend or Foe, completely rolled into one big piece of crap

  • randy says:

    The fun of the White Elephant game is taking what you want or having someone take something you want. But this game isn’t about what you want. It’s about playing pricing games for items no one would could ever afford or want. “It’s Worth What” failed on NBC for the same reason. You would think they would have learned their lesson. And is it just me or does the video wall behind the players look really cheap? Anything that is on it looks blurry and unclear.

  • Antony Blalock says:

    The Final Round is Just a Not as Good Version of “Friend or Foe”.

  • John says:

    Note tonight (Tuesday night’s episode) features Camille (who was on the night of 1 Vs. 100 Million Dollar win) & I hope she does better than she did on 1 Vs. 100.

  • Chris Parsley says:

    Yes CarShark, that would be the nun who was out there at the same time poker player Annie Duke was in the mob, it was the first thing I noticed when watching Ellen today (airs on the NBC affiliate here)

  • GSNFan says:

    The Voice as a lead-in doesn’t help. I think the 12+ million T.V. households that watch The Voice just strictly watch NBC for that and nothing else

  • Don P. says:

    From hitfix.com:
    NBC’s “Take It All” averaged 3.39 million viewers and a 1.1 key demo rating (Wed.show), losing roughly half of its audience from Monday and Tuesday.

    Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/news/tv-ratings-survivor-leads-cbs-wednesday-while-take-it-all-craters-for-nbc#isrziyQu40imBgMr.99

    Does not bode well. They will need to so something about that end game. The Prisoner’s Dilemma works in the UK because people are used to that. Maybe we’re softer here, but for the US, they need to come up with a different endgame.

    It’s why Golden Balls will probably never see the light of American day. That, and the title…

  • Rod says:

    The prize fight has 50/50 odds depending on the opponents response – not yours. Working the odds a contestant should always choose “take it all” to maximize possible winnings. The 50/50 odds are exactly the same for “keep mine” or “take it all” thus the contestant should always go double or nothing. Sorry to spoil the fun…but the producers are hoping everyone chooses “take it all” as the name implies to prevent the prizes from actually being won.

  • Garry Schroth says:

    The episode tonight Friday December 14th was disgusting . the prize fight between the women who said she wanted just the trip and would give him the money for his anti-bully campaign and then she writes down takes it all and he trusts here after she gave her word is whats wrong in society, these twisted valus and your word should mean something even if it is game. Greed is not a virtue that is attractive and their should of been two winners tonight. Bad concept for a show and I will not watch it anymore i was on the fence until tonight and that women should be shot. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a divorced Father of three kids and there’s something wrong with these women today they want everything, that’s twice they have not keep there word. I just think because of the situation tonight it made it especially ugly , you do not knock a person down like for no amount of Money and Howie and think your an Idiot if this how you want to be popular, then your no better than greed itself its a lonely world.

    I will ot watch Americas got talent anymore either , I think your morals and values are misplaced Mr.Mandel and that makes you the biggest jerk ever, hope you end up in prison one day.

  • Garry Schroth says:

    Come on America and Canada send NBC a message that morals should not be played with. This excessive greed is causing people to make bad decision in life look at the news . Again the episode tonight with the women and the guy who was gay and wanted to fund a anti bullying campaign and she said she would give him her money she just wanted the trip and her other prizes he trusted her and she displayed a callous disregard to an important issue such as anti-bullying, and we as viewers need to send NBC and Mr.Mandel a message that this was not appropriate display this can of greed is not what we want to teach our children or the kind of society we need. It adds to the crimes that go on out there people shooting people for no reasons its because theirs no accountability left, people don’t seem to know between right and wrong.

    Lets get this show off the air and I encourage everyone to express their opinion as well, stand up for whats right.


  • Lee Ham says:

    This is greed at its best. The people who lose for “keep mine” are way better people.
    I know it is a game; but, I bet it comes back to haunt the “take all” winners.

  • BNich says:

    I can appreciate Golden Balls and Friend or Foe (Friend or Foe is one of my favorite game shows, I grew up with GSN’s “Golden” period), but it just comes across so tasteless with Take It All.

  • Ralph says:

    I missed the Monday 12/10 edition of “Take It All” but I did watch the remaining 5 shows. To me it looks like they showed some of the shows out of sequence, for instance some of the shows had contestants pick items from the dream screen numbered 1-5, other shows the contestants picked items by color. Now I have watched on YouTube the UK shows of Golden Balls, where the Prisoner’s Dilemma works perfectly because throughout the game teammates lie so when you get to the final round, you can determine if you should split or take it all. However in TIA, you don’t work as a team so really you can’t determine if you trust your opponent to take it all or not (I do agree on Friend or Foe it works because you do work together), so with that said a suggestion for future shows is to have four teams of 2 players that compete throughout the game, in round one there would be 8 boxes and each team member would pick a box and decide if they want to swap with their opponents or keep it. The team with the lowest value of prizes after the first round would be eliminated, then in round two there would be 6 boxes to choose from, round three there would be 4 boxes to choose from and that way there would be a team and trust concept to perhaps use the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Plus it would make the first round go much faster as it took on average 25 minutes just to go through each round from the shows I watched. Other than that, I did enjoy watching the show but if it’s renewed they need to make the game more “trustful”, I would think the team concept might work.

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