Shawn Sutherland Wins $25,000 in Exciting “Millionaire” Thumbnail

Shawn Sutherland Wins $25,000 in Exciting “Millionaire”

Let’s assume Who Wants to be a Millionaire is your favorite show.  You know all the small facts about it…all the winners, losers, everything.  You finally get the call to be on the show and you want to make history by being the first winner in ten years.  Could you gamble all the way to the million?  Millionaire superfan Shawn Sutherland had that opportunity yesterday.  He stood at the million dollar table with Meredith Vieira and made it very clear that he was going for the million dollar question and nothing would stop him.  He got pretty close but finally came crashing down midway through Classic Millionaire in one of the more thrilling episodes in a while.

Shawn made it to Classic Millionaire with $57,600 and no Lifelines remaining.  Shawn correctly took a stab at his $100,000 question:

If you hate Shakespeare, you’d most likely appreciate what play, which at around 1,800 lines is his shortest?
A: Pericles
B: The Comedy of Errors
C: Timon of Athens
D: King John

The correct answer was B. He then faced this $250,000 question:

As a child, which cast member of “Friends” had artwork exhibited at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art?
A: Matt LeBlanc
B: Jennifer Aniston
C: Lisa Kudrow
D: David Schwimmer

Again, from the start of the show, Shawn made it very clear that he was here for the experience and to be the first person to see the million dollar question in a long, long time.  Shawn stood by his word and guessed C.  Unfortunately the correct answer was B.  He lost $75,000 but still left with $25,000.

Was it a slightly insane gamble?  Sure.  But we’ve seen far worse on other various game shows and at least we had someone who had the guts to go for it.  Well over half the people that have won $250,000 could have won $500,000 and faced the million dollar question if they had his level of guts (and, let’s be honest, insanity) to play for it.  It could have very well worked out.  It just didn’t.  He wanted to reach the million dollar question more than anything, and he gave it a shot.  It’s hard to fault him for that.  It was nice to see someone who came in with that attitude.  It doesn’t happen often, and hopefully it’ll happen again and, who knows, the next person may get lucky.

It was also great of Millionaire to put him on.  Many shows probably wouldn’t, and it was nice to see Millionaire celebrate its gigantic fans and give one the chance of a lifetime.  Congratulations to Shawn on his $25,000 win and getting to experience the dream of being on Millionaire.  I’m sure many readers are very jealous right now and would love to have the same experience.

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8 responses to "Shawn Sutherland Wins $25,000 in Exciting “Millionaire”"

  • David Howell says:

    When someone comes with a plan and sticks to it, the only criticism you can give is of the plan itself.

    Yet again an art question claims a contestant. It’s unreal how many of those we’re seeing on the upper tier this season. Didn’t one of the syndie season 1 millionaires get an art-themed MDQ, too? Maybe if they want a millionaire they should cast a college lecturer in art history. ;)

  • the graduate kid says:

    —- The art question that was a $1,000,000 winner in March 2003 was something about the painting American Gothic. The characters in the painting were based on real life people. I remember the winning answer was his dentist.

    • BNich says:

      That was Nancy Christy, the lone female Millionaire winner. She had participated in some sort of performance piece regarding American Gothic, it was one of those questions where she happened to know because she was involved with it in some way as opposed to being a random guess you kind of have a hunch about.

      It’s what I miss about the early syndication/primetime runs — even the difficult questions were largely feasible. I can only wonder the difficulty of the last two questions.

      • Poochy.EXE says:

        “I can only wonder the difficulty of the last two questions.” – Just look at the Impossible Questions from You Don’t Know Jack. Except those are probably more reasonable and less likely to induce eye-rolls.

        I suspect the last two questions would’ve gone something like this:

        $500,000: In “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, the answer to life the universe and everything is said to be 42. What is the 42nd word on the 42nd page of the original 1979 edition of that book?

        And just in case someone actually knows that…

        $1,000,000: What letter of the alphabet is the question writer thinking of?
        A. B
        B. A
        C. C
        D. O

  • GSNFan says:

    This episode extremely disappointed me. He missed the Donna Summer and federal holiday questions.

    Definitely not a smart contestant

    • Poochy.EXE says:

      I actually don’t blame him on the Donna Summer question. I don’t think he’s old enough to remember the disco era, and although the self-deprecating nature of the quote hints at disco, I’d still understand not wanting to take a guess based on that alone that early in the game.

      The federal holiday question, on the other hand, I thought he should’ve been able to deduce that one.

      This was actually the first time in a while I watched Millionaire, and I found it a bit disappointing but for a completely different reason. As soon as that $250K question came up, before even seeing the answers, I rolled my eyes and thought “Who could possibly be expected to know THAT crap? He’s probably going out on this question.”

      The “ridiculously obscure facts about stuff celebrities or historical figures did before they were famous” category of Lach Trash questions has become a staple of Millionaire, much to the show’s detriment. Those questions make the infamous “liederkranz” Final Jeopardy! clue look downright easy, and Millionaire is basically using them to make sure the show is completely unwinnable. It is the sole reason why I’ve quit watching the show.

      • NJMark says:

        Those of us who weren’t during Elvis Presley’s heyday still know he was “the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

        Likewise, you don’t have to have lived through the disco era to know that Donna Summer was the Queen of Disco. And since she died in the last year, and that fact was mentioned many times, it should have been an easy question.

        You’re right about the federal holiday question. That was a gimme. I don’t know why he thought Flag Day was a federal holiday.

  • Mech says:

    As sort of an ongoing joke to myself, I’m honestly starting to believe that the $500k and $1M questions in the syndicated version are written by the insurance company instead of the normal writers, lol.

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