NBC’s “Take It All” Debuts Tonight at 9:00PM ET; Discuss Live on Twitter Thumbnail

NBC’s “Take It All” Debuts Tonight at 9:00PM ET; Discuss Live on Twitter

Tonight’s the night.  NBC will debut their newest primetime game show, Take It All, tonight at 9:00PM ET.  Howie Mandel hosts the game based on the party game White Elephant which culminates in a game of Prisoner’s Dilemma which has, mysteriously, been missing from any promotion of the show.  We’ll have a review after it airs and, of course, we’re curious what you think.  Be sure to comment during or after the show to give us your thoughts as it goes on.  Want to chat live, though?  Be sure to hop on Twitter and follow us at @buzzerblog as we chat with the hashtag #takeitall.

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38 responses to "NBC’s “Take It All” Debuts Tonight at 9:00PM ET; Discuss Live on Twitter"

  • The Banker's Nephew says:

    This is horribly dull. I’m sad to see Central Casting is still in use.

  • Gregory says:

    I wouldn’t want ANY of the prizes they’ve been offering. And why don’t the contestants have last names? It screams fake and actors.

  • The Banker's Nephew says:

    At least the music’s better than most recent efforts. The camera work is pretty awful, though. Very dull, very… erm.. American, I suppose.

    • Scott says:

      I liked the music as well, and I thought Howie did a great job as host.

      Overall, I found it enjoyable, except for the end part with that stupid woman who decided to take everything. Much better game show than last year’s It’s Worth What? with Cedric.

  • Collin says:

    My biggest gripe with this show is why there bothering with a prisoner’s dilemma when the game is not built on trust, but on screwing your opponents over. Who is going to share?

  • Vincent Zamboni says:

    The first 55 minutes were as dull as Howie’s bald head. I won’t be watching again. The last :30 seconds were exciting but is it really an honorable thing to glorify greed? I hope the winner gets hers. Karma’s a bitch.

    • Gregory says:

      Agreed. That lady was a jerk. Hope she enjoys her cruddy prizes, money and huge tax bill.

      • Janelle says:

        I’m glad I’m not alone. It’s very possible the man put on a show but he seemed very genuine and chose to only ‘take his’. SHE is the reason people can’t(shouldn’t) have nice things.

  • Joe Capitano says:

    Seeing as the last round was a money draw, here’s how I would have ended things: add the cash to the other stuff, decide the game on total winnings, no Dilemma, The End. Wouldn’t look so much like “Friend or Foe” that way.

    Oh, well, It’s still a decent time killer.

  • J.J. says:

    I was kind of expecting it to go the other way with the guy playing up the religious aspect and then taking it all. Good to know there’s a few honest people in the world, and he seemed at least at ease with his decision.

  • GeoScience says:

    TV clitched I saw santa and the lady facing off.. WHAT happen??

  • GeoScience says:

    WHo got the 200k? and ddi someone get greedy? and take it all?

    • Vincent Zamboni says:

      the lady won it all. felt very sorry for santa. hope her husband takes the money and runs off with her best friend.

  • John says:

    I dont know how that lady can live with herself after questioning his moral compas and shethe goes and decideds to take it all is very greedy. They both should have kept theres and ledt happy she completly screwed santa over basically stealing from him and karma will get her

    • GeoScience says:

      Who had the 200k? santa or the lady? I realize she took it all but who had it to begin with? and what did santa have? before she took it all?

  • Matt (#mhmrules to you) says:

    I think this show is meant for the people who are NOT in the game show community. They will enjoy the tension that was brought to the table because to them it is suspense, to us it’s dull. To me, I thought this show was good.

  • Wx says:

    Valerie will you marry me??? on other news kim is evil, how can you do that to santa? Santa always gave me nightmares as a kid but still!

  • Hitman says:

    Agree with the other comments. Very dull no matter how exciting Howie tried to make it. They were definitely using actors. I have seen some of those contestants before. Maybe this was only for the pilot episode? Will not be watching the rest of the episodes.This is worse than last years try by NBC where the contestants were dropping through the floor.

    • Andrew says:

      This might have been the pilot. The prizes were selected by color question marks instead of color numbers as shown in the preview clips. Overall, I don’t see this show going past its six episode run.

  • Vincent Zamboni says:

    Is it that tough to create a game show based on skill rather than 100% luck and greed?

  • dond13 says:

    I didn’t think the show was that terrible. Was it must watch tv, no, was it better than who’s still standing, yes. It’s a good time waster, and I thought the prisoner’s dillema was used way better on here than it would on a show like the bank job.

  • Poochy.EXE says:

    Dear NBC, I suggest you call Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd to inspect your studio. And if that doesn’t work, try to find some contestants who won’t be trying to pass a kidney stone the size of the Goodyear Blimp on the set. I’m actually starting to miss vuvuzelas.

  • The Banker's Nephew says:

    The moment Santa started going into some sappy, overly-emotional speech, I was practically begging the woman to pick Take It All.

  • David says:

    The Santa guy was pretty much jinxed- he tried to swap prizes three times and got blocked all three of them (but it worked out at least in the third round, as he would have been eliminated if he had taken the boat), and then he gets screwed by the teacher in the finale.

  • Daniel says:

    Wow!!! Kindness returned with Greed. I hope that woman is tortured for her evil act.

    • John Savant says:

      Really? Screw you! Its a game, and games are amoral.

      Kim was my Video Production teacher in High School. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. She is the reason I am where I am today! I couldn’t imagine someone who deserves the money more!

      • Eve says:

        @John – So it’s okay she lied to get ahead and took the other man’s prizes and money? Whatever benefits her, right? Nice.

  • RoundRock says:

    That woman is the epitomy of what is wrong with greed, and unfortunately she was rewarded for being a horrible person. Really dislike seeing someone like that at any point in time, but especially getting so close Christmas – a time of year when giving is typically heralded above getting. Boo on NBC for airing such a horrible example for people. Not watching this show again.

    • Aqua says:

      Well said, I most definitely wont be watching it again, I found it incredibly unsettling. Someone should tell Kim that no amount of money will buy her integrity or a “moral compass”. Im going to put on a sweet, sappy Christmas movie to cheer me up :)

    • Ari says:

      I could not host this show, I actually became physically angry at the end and started shaking. I absolutely loathe people like that woman, if I had gotten a genie at that moment, the wish I would make would be to reach through the screen and attack the bitch. I mean, she was actually celebrating while the poor old man was crying. Just, just….argh!!!
      Who ever thought of this show is a moron and I lost respect for Howie after seeing it. Needless to say, I will NEVER watch this show again. I hope she gets run over by a truck.

    • John Savant says:

      Kim was my Video Production teacher in High School. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. She is the reason I am where I am today! I couldn’t imagine someone who deserves the money more!

      • Liam G. says:

        None of us are questioning Kim’s kindness outside the studio. But still, she played an honest man while he took the high road and that’s not right, especially around Christmas. I do hope she had the kindness to at least apologize for screwing the guy over but, one can only hope. Really though, the real nasty ones are the ringmasters of this entire show, the producers and directors. The ones who will make money no matter what by showing everyone that it’s fine to take something from someone, as long as it’s for you. But I digress, Kim might have won 400,000$ but John won the prize that had the biggest value, his self integrity. He did what was right and others did him wrong in return, but he showed the true meaning of Christmas and that is to put other before yourself. John was the true winner and always will be.

      • Candy Smith says:

        Do you know if she actually received the prizes that she supposedly won? I have a legitimate reason for inquiring. My bother is part owner of the company that builds the sim racer that was shown and I know for a fact that no one from NBC or anyplace else approached his company or the business that they got the picture and video from about purchasing one or even permission to use their copyrighted information. Would love to talk to Kim about this.

  • Shon says:

    The prisoner’s dilemma is ultimately what will destroy this show.

    1) It’s a idea that’s been done to death in various games shows around the world and in this show it feels forced.

    2) The term “prize fight” makes it sounds like it could be a round that deals with skill as opposed to luck & greed. It’s really misleading.

    3) The one thing I noticed about these prison dilemma’s is the wins almost always feel cheap. It’s never satisfying to watch as a spectator and I can’t imagine it being much fun as a contestant.

  • Robert Palmer says:

    Well…I missed the final part of the show. Though…from what the comments I’ve seen…the rage would be worse had the USA adapted Golden Balls from the UK. I’ve seen some videos where some genuinely nice people got the short end of a long stick. As for the prisoner’s delimma…honestly think that you have to go all the way back to Friend or Foe? The stakes were lower, but the same situation was there.

  • Chris Parsley says:

    Yes, but with FoF the players were working as a team, so there was some comerade to try to get them to go Friend / Friend and avoid going Foe.

    That doesn’t exist here.

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