“Millionaire” Superfan Shawn Sutherland Plays December 17th Thumbnail

“Millionaire” Superfan Shawn Sutherland Plays December 17th

Playing Millionaire tomorrow, December 17th, is Shawn Sutherland.  Shawn is a Baylor Grad Student from Moultrie, GA. He’s also, possibly, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Millionaire fans out there.  He knows all the millionaires, he can even rattle off the $500,000 winners, and he’s making it very clear that he’s just happy to be here for the experience and that the money is secondary.  Shawn said that there is absolutely no way he’s walking away and that he will be going for the million.

We’ll see if he sticks to that when he plays tomorrow, but it’s going to be an exciting game regardless.  I have a feeling many of you reading this will be able to relate to him, so hopefully you’ll enjoy his game.  Here’s a couple of previews of Shawn’s game.  We also uploaded one clip exclusively on Facebook so be sure to Like us there and watch that one.  How far can he go?  Be sure to watch and find out.

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Photos and videos courtesy Disney-ABC.

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9 responses to "“Millionaire” Superfan Shawn Sutherland Plays December 17th"

  • CouponBoy says:

    Seeing how he’s only playing tomorrow, my guess is he’s probably going to make it to Round 2 but miss either the 100k or 250k question and drop down to $25,000.

  • Kevin $ says:

    I wanna watch, especially since I know where Moultrie is! Haha

  • D.J. says:

    This could be an another week when someone will win $100K or $250K. So far this season, we have a lot of winner who won at least in round 2. I have a feeling we might see the million dollars question before this season is over.

  • Neltherion says:

    GO GO NETHRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Norile says:

    GOOO!!!! ill be watching you!!!!! :D

  • Sharlene Todd says:

    This “second mom” can’t wait to watch her boy!! Wooohooo!

  • DSZ says:

    What happened? I missed it.

  • Alohadave says:

    He did exactly what he pledged to do… foolishly answer every question blindly. Via total dumb luck and several wild guesses he managed to climb to the $100,000 prize, but then threw that away on a wild guess.

    To me he came across as very smug and “in your face” toward Meredith. Every time she tried to remind him how much money he had already accumulated and that he could willfully walk away at any time, he shot her down and cut her off mid-sentence. He tried to play it as cute and comedic, but I thought he appeared more rude and obnoxious. Of course Meredith reacted professionally and accordingly, but I bet she was thinking “what an a**hole”.

    It isn’t classy to spit in the face of winning big money after being selected to appear on a nationally syndicated game show.

    I would classify him as a “gimmick” contestant. If I was the producer I would never book a contestant with that attitude.

    This is a person who had to ask the audience on the easiest question in his stack after admitting on national television that he never heard of Donna Summer. When he said that, the audience groaned loudly in disbelief. Of course 90% of the audience confirmed that Donna Summer is best known as a disco singer.

  • Alohadave says:

    He did say that his appearance was “not about the money”, but “about the experience”. I can totally respect that. When I was on Wheel in 1986 I know I was chosen because I also had that exact same attitude.

    But once I was actually on the air playing the game I didn’t mock the format of the show by seeming ungrateful for my winnings. On the contrary I was visibly thrilled by the fact that I actually won something.

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