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Reminder: Late Night Black & White Returns to GSN Monday Night Thumbnail

Reminder: Late Night Black & White Returns to GSN Monday Night

It’s that time of the year where GSN throws game show traditionalists, pop culture enthusiasts and fans of the olden days a couple weeks of excitement. As their yearly holiday tradition since 2010, GSN is adding two of the most beloved game shows from the 1950s and 1960s to their schedule: What’s My Line and I’ve Got a Secret. These programs used to be a staple of the network’s programming, but have not had a regular slot since 2009. Two weeks on the schedule will be devoted to these shows, airing at 2:00AM ET (replacing Steve Harvey’s Family Feud), being followed by Baggage in what will surely be an interesting shift in program tones. For the first time as well, GSN has ran short advertisements promoting the mini-block. Below, we have listed the original airdates (ranging from 1953 to 1965) and the special celebrity guests appearing on each episode. You can also view the promo GSN has been airing for the programs.

What’s My Line?
Monday Dec. 17: Feb. 8, 1953 with Jack Benny
Tuesday Dec. 18: Mar. 14, 1964 with Louis Armstrong
Wednesday Dec. 19: Jul. 22, 1956 with Jerry Lewis
Thursday Dec. 20: Jul. 27, 1958 with Esther Williams (Dick Clark is a panelist)
Friday Dec. 21: Apr. 12, 1964 with Barbra Streisand

Monday Dec. 24: May 7, 1961 with Carol Burnett
Tuesday Dec. 25: Apr. 3, 1955 with Fred Astaire
Wednesday Dec. 26: Feb. 7, 1960 with Julie Andrews
Thursday Dec. 27: Mar. 24, 1963 with Danny Kaye (Johnny Carson is a panelist)
Friday Dec. 28: Jan. 25, 1959 with Paul Newman

I’ve Got a Secret
Monday Dec. 17: Apr. 12, 1961 with Andy Griffith
Tuesday Dec. 18: Feb. 11, 1963 with Ann Sothern
Wednesday Dec. 19: Jan. 7, 1963 with Hugh Downs
Thursday Dec. 20: Sep. 28, 1960 with Jonathan Winters
Friday Dec. 21: Mar. 12, 1962 with Liberace (Wilt Chamberlain as Mr. X)

Monday Dec. 24: Mar. 5, 1965 with Neil Sedaka
Tuesday Dec. 25: Oct. 19, 1964 with Julie Newmar
Wednesday Dec. 26: Feb. 17, 1964 with Bobby Darin
Thursday Dec. 27: Jan. 22, 1962 with Hugh O’Brian (Henry Morgan guest hosts)
Friday Dec. 28: Jun. 10, 1963 with Arnold Palmer (Lauren Bacall is a panelist)

As a fan of these two classic panel shows, I will certainly do my best to tune in and enjoy these classy programs. Does Late Night Black & White  interest you?

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3 responses to "Reminder: Late Night Black & White Returns to GSN Monday Night"

  • John says:

    I love that they are bringing back these programs. Its a combination of nostalgia and history and a wholeseomness that is missing from television today. I hope its going to be on for more than 2 weeks. There is a always a place for at least one hour for these kinds of programs.

  • rich cerasale says:

    i hope in 2013 gsn reacquires the re-runs rights to i’ve got a secret and what’s my line and show it at 3am-4am overnights. gsn can live without 1 less hour of reruns of steve harvey’s family feud.

  • GSNFan says:

    I like the catchy name. “Late night Black & White”. I do not remember seeing thee ads other years, and of all shows, I saw the ads during Harvey Feud.

    If the Black and White classics get a permanet lease, and it would add more variety. But its doubtful that would happen. Harvey rules

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