Ratings Report: No Syndies But “Price” & “Deal” Up, “Figure It Out” & “Newlywed” Not Thumbnail

Ratings Report: No Syndies But “Price” & “Deal” Up, “Figure It Out” & “Newlywed” Not

It’s Tuesday afternoon, so it’s time for the weekly feature at BuzzerBlog, the ratings report. Notably absent this week will be the ratings for the syndicated programs. The ratings this week would have been for the week of October 29th, however Superstorm Sandy got in the way causing much of the East Coast to preempt shows with local coverage. If less than 90% of markets air a national show for that week, Nielsen usually does not release the numbers so we will have no data for that week. However, as we mentioned on the site earlier today, congratulations to Family Feud who is reporting another record shattering, knocking down a viewership bar set in the Ray Combs era. We still have some cable and rare CBS games news to share with you, however.

First off, we have Figure It Out numbers for the week of October 29th. After a slight schedule change to 7:30PM, the numbers seem to have been affected by that switch. They averaged 1.55 million viewers over that week, with a high of 1.72 million and a low of 1.37 million. As of yesterday, the network has put new episodes of the show on hiatus. By themselves, the numbers look pretty good for cable but put up against other numbers for Nickelodeon, they end up on the middle or lower end of the spectrum. It’s hard to break up the SpongeBob monotony, especially when the reruns remain so popular.

Speaking of middling, the Newlywed Game block of new episodes on GSN Thursday episodes is doing just that. For the week of October 29th, the block averaged 279,000 viewers from 8PM to 10PM, with a high of 332,000 and a low of 243,000. That is down from the previous week’s average of 312,000 viewers. That average also just about ties The Pyramid‘s worst performance on that night and comes nowhere near American Bible Challenge‘s worst night, so it will be interesting to see what plans GSN will have for the show in the future.

It’s rare to get overall viewership reports for daytime TV, especially the CBS game shows, but thanks to a press release late last week we have some. CBS was very proud of their daytime games, showing the average ratings for the 2011 season versus up to this point in 2012, the “year-to-year comparison.” Let’s Make a Deal was averaging 2.35 million viewers in 2011, but is now up 10% this year, to 2.61 million viewers for 2012. The Price Is Right’s average viewership in 2011 was 4.38 million viewers and has climbed a couple of percentage points to 4.47 million in 2012. Great news for both shows is that there are still a large percentage of viewers that tune in from the first half hour to the second. If people were turning out during the second hour, that would spell bad news. But both shows still remain successful, with Price staying near the top of the daytime charts as it has for many years.

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7 responses to "Ratings Report: No Syndies But “Price” & “Deal” Up, “Figure It Out” & “Newlywed” Not"

  • GSNFan says:

    I have a feeling “The Newlywed Game” on GSN is the new “Lingo (Woolery)”. Woolery had huge episode orders in seasons 4, 5, 6, exactly like The Newlywed Game (130 eps in season 5.) Yet, there have been no major changes with The Newlywed Game since Sherri Shepherd began hosting, except a set change and the ’25 point Bonus Question’ this season. Lingo became boring and repetitive, as The Newlywed Game has too.

    If The Newlywed Game goes, it had a great run. Longer than some better originals like Catch 21 and Chain Reaction, that should have had renewals.

  • Scott says:

    I think every show needs to have a break from airing every once in a while. Lingo would’ve done much better in 2011 had GSN actually gotten Chuck back and not messed up the format of the whole game.

    Newlywed Game has never been interesting to me, but it’s probably cheaper to produce than The Pyramid.

    I still wish we could once again see 20Q and The Money List. And had GSN done a good job with 1 VS 100, then it would’ve been renewed as well, but of course they messed that up too, with the low dollar amounts and the annoying host.

    The Pyramid is probably one of the best remakes the network has ever done, but I think excitement for it just wasn’t as high as it should’ve been, most likely due to the over-airing of Dick’s Pyramid on the schedule in the months before the new version was released. If GSN had just kept Dick’s Pyramid to airing during the morning pre-12pm hours, instead of airing it on weekends and for hourly marathons on Friday nights, then I’m sure the newer version would’ve done better. Everyone was most likely tired out by the over-airing of the entire Pyramid franchise in general on GSN’s schedule that it affected the new Pyramid’s viewership ratings.

  • Casey Chen says:

    Good to see The Price is Right still going good. I don’t remember, though, how these ratings compare to Bob’s? I’m just curious.

  • Jimmy Owen says:

    I think LMAD is doing better in the ratings in Flint-GLBR because a stronger station (TV 5) is now on-board. It had been airing on the MY affiliate before and a good number of cable providers weren’t carring that staton.

  • Lee Hubbard says:

    This means that the remaining episodes of Figure It Out may not surface until sometime in 2013 (perhaps in February).

  • Anthony says:

    The FIO revival will possibly on hiatus until January. TPiR recent ratings mean the show my get the perfect show for the first time in three years, a 1st ever ‘La Perfecta’(Perfect Show + DSW) in TPiR history, a 2013 April Fools’ epsiode with a rare subsitute host and another daytime emmy nomination

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