Weekend Replay: “Deal or No Deal” Hunts for Winner Number Six Thumbnail

Weekend Replay: “Deal or No Deal” Hunts for Winner Number Six

Five young women have all won the £250,000 top prize on Deal or No Deal.  They’re on the hunt for winner number six and Esher, a bus driver from London, is coming very close.  She has one of the strongest five-box configurations we’ve ever seen, with just £1,000 and four of the power five remaining.  The Banker has offered £60,000.  She’s obviously going to turn that down or it would be one of the shortest Weekend Replays ever.  Is Esher going to become the sixth female winner and change her family’s life forever?  Or is she about to have one of the biggest collapses in Deal or No Deal history?  It’s an edge-of-your-seat moment you won’t want to miss.

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Video courtesy Endemol and Channel 4.  Our thoughts a bit down to prevent spoiling it for you.









It’s very hard to argue with her decision to No Deal at £60,000 and carry on, but towards the end you got the feeling that it wasn’t her day and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pull the cord.  However, the game is all about big rewards for big guts so it’s difficult to fault her for it.  It’s what the show is made for and it just didn’t work out.  It has other times, after all, in probably the game show moment of the year.  Good luck to Esher in the future and thanks for the memorable game.

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5 responses to "Weekend Replay: “Deal or No Deal” Hunts for Winner Number Six"

  • David Howell says:

    All of the decisions were pretty clear-cut No Deals statistically until the last one (you could say there’s a good case for taking the £35k as it’s going down unless the £1k goes, but even the worst-case scenario was likely to be £20k+, and as it turned out it happened and it was nearer £30k).

    And Esher’s far from the first player to chase the “spanking” when the offers fall in absolute terms but become more relatively generous. It’s just never been done on quite this level before (the closest being three years ago with a £20k ND on a 50p/£50k finish after £40k was declined earlier – that, too, went against the player, and the startled players on the wings went on to produce the longest run of red wins in the show’s history, their play made significantly more defensive after he apparently took the crash very badly).

    • Coupon Boy says:

      I agree. She should of thought about the last offer more and considered it. The banker offered her 80% of the average which was a very good compliment with the board she had. That’s the problem with determined players on the show; they aren’t willing to except the fruits of their labor, that is a high final offer and believe too much in their box. Take Rich and Kerry-Anne for example. Both of them were very determined they were going to win the quarter-million so much so that they both denied a final offer of 10,000 pounds more than the average but both ended up going home with the lower amount. Rich (who had 50k with the big one) I somewhat understood since the fallback was still life changing for him and he really wanted the title of being the first male quarter-millionaire on the show. Kerry-Anne (who had 10k and the big one) and Esher, however, really should of taken the final offer since it would of done a lot more for them than the fallback. Kerry-Anne even said after her game that she really regretted not taking the final offer.

  • WmBermudez says:

    Had the banker ever said no to the swap and then changed his mind at the last moment before this?

  • Yusuf Kassim says:

    How did she win in the end?

  • Yusuf Kassim says:

    Meant to say “How much did she win in the end?”

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