Ratings Report: “Wheel” Approaches 10 Million, “Feud” Breaks 6 Million, “Pyramid” Struggles Thumbnail

Ratings Report: “Wheel” Approaches 10 Million, “Feud” Breaks 6 Million, “Pyramid” Struggles

It’s time for the weekly ratings report here at BuzzerBlog. We have numbers for the syndicated programs from two weeks ago and some GSN cable ratings for last week.

For the week of October 8, 2012, we’re finishing up the first month of new episodes for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! Wheel of Fortune, as usual, had the #1 viewership in first-run non-sports programming and the #2 household rating. Wheel was again up another 100,000 viewers over last week, just a few thousand shy of 10 million, and gaining another slight bump with a 6.5 household rating. The third-highest scoring first-run non-sports syndie was, again, Jeopardy! The show was up  in viewers, with over 8.5 million viewers but going up two-tenths to a 5.8 household rating.

Family Feud is still on fire, climbing back up the charts. They earned a 4.2 household rating, up a tenth of a point from the last week – and going to a new viewership high of almost 6.2 million viewers, passing the 6 million mark for the first time. The little show that could keeps on, uh, coulding. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire stayed with the same 2.1 rating as last week. Repeats of GSN’s original Baggage went down slightly to a 1.0 rating.

This past week (the week of October 15) was week seven of new episodes of The Pyramid along with the grand finale of the first season of The American Bible Challenge. The finale was GSN’s #1 show for the week, amassing 703,000 viewers. The new episode of The Pyramid that followed did not impress in comparison, finishing 38th on the weekly schedule with 312,000 viewers. In its daily 6PM slot, the show stayed practically even with last week averaging 275,000 viewers. Its high rating for the week was 314,000 viewers finishing 34th, while the low was an odd 185,000 viewers landing in the 144th spot.  As you can see, the show is still struggling in its final weeks with the last one wrapping up this Friday.


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20 responses to "Ratings Report: “Wheel” Approaches 10 Million, “Feud” Breaks 6 Million, “Pyramid” Struggles"

  • James says:

    As I said before…I want TP to be given a chance and to succeed cause we do need the re-education process as far as word games and intellectual games (as the recent versions of Chain and Password showed us). I mean, has America fallen so far that word games like Pyramid can’t exist anymore? I do like the “party” shows and “luck” shows as much as the next person, but there needs to be variety too.

    As for Feud, I am glad it’s doing well, but feel that it sold out a bit to get there…

    • Jay says:

      James, to answer your question, I have to give a resounding yes. People only care about money and the “gotcha” aspect of games (e.g. Survivor). Most people don’t care about the actual game (and the thinking it takes) anymore. I’m not saying people like that don’t exist. But, I think they’re dwindling. It’s sad.

      • SEAN says:

        You don’t know the half of it guys, over the past two decades intelectialism has been viewed as a thret. You can detect this in pop culture speak, talk radio, news & tv programing.

        If you want a current example, look at Jeopardy! at times. In the past few years, clues & catagories have been spun with a pop culture focus.

        • Homer Jay says:

          A relative handful of them, yes…just like since 1984. Far and away, the categories are the old standbys….literature, geography, history, etc.

  • GSNFan says:

    It’s great to see success for Jeopardy!, WOF and Family Feud. Feud continues to grow, matching its season high I believe.

    The Pyramid saw its share of decent numbers during October 15-19. The one 185K episode on Thursday was 100,000 viewers lower than the other four. Two of the five new runs were above 300K, and the other two were 290K and 279K from SonoftheBronx. That’s decent for the show, but the Minute to Win It lead-in is horrible, one of the days barely reaching 100K.

    The show still looks gone. The Friday 8-10pm block averaged well below 200K it looks.

    • GSNFan says:

      Sorry if I’m getting too informational.

      Also, I saw your tweet…

      Dog Eat Dog on Saturday did better than The Pyramid’s NEW airings. It seems funny, since this game show is a decade old, and has been seen on GSN several times before.

  • Matthew says:

    Pyramid was just painful to watch tonight. The biggest problems with it I think are sped-up everything and the timeslot.

  • Scott says:

    I wonder if the low numbers for The Pyramid have something to do with the fact that GSN was airing the $25,000 Pyramid and $100,000 Pyramid far too often before their new version came onto the air.

    Maybe people got tired of so much Pyramid on the schedule, that when the new Pyramid started airing, they weren’t as excited for it as they should have been.

    It would be like airing Deal or No Deal 5 times a day, and then deciding to create a brand new version of it. People would be so burned out by how many times it aired, that even though it was a new version, they wouldn’t be as interested in watching it…

    • Andrew L. Budny says:

      I think you might be on to something. As of late, GSN has aired 25 and 100 thousand dollar pyramids in a double run at 10am and 12pm respectively. Also The Pyramid is in a double run as well with old episodes airing at 3pm and the new ones at 6pm.

      Thus I confirm this is a classic case of rerun abuse in which GSN is famous for. If they would just get rid of the second aoring of Clark’s pyramid at 12pm and just limit the new pyramid to just 6pm, then I could see higher ratings.

      Granted many fans of the original like myself wern’t too thrilled with the changes at first, but after watching the episodes, I personally love them. I said it once before and I will say it again, if GSN dosen’t give Pyramid another chance to grow with a second season, I will no longer watch!!!! It’s one of the best originals that they aired in recent years along with Catch 21 and Newlywed Game just to name a few.

      The show deserves some justice, it’s not all about the money in that show, it’s ablut how well you can think outside the box.

  • Travis says:

    Nick and Aida Turturro may be some of the worst celebrity contestants ever on Pyramid. They have made it so brutal to watch this week.

    • Hitman says:

      Hey Travis,I think they are absolutely the worst I have ever seen. Painful to watch. The contestants they are pairing them with don’t seem like brain surgeons either.

      • Andrew L. Budny says:

        I may have to agree, this version celebrities are somewhat hit and miss. On some episodes you see good celebrities and contestants who know how to play the game and their are others who probably never seen an episode of the original series in their entire lives, like the ones you just mentioned.

        Thus if the show gets picked up for another season, (which I hope it does), they need to keep the good celebrities that know how to play and get some classic players from the Dick Clark era such as Vicki Lawrence for example and get rid of the dumb contestants from Central Casting and you can probably see bigger ratings.

        We need to see more intelligent shows like this back on the air, unlike shows like the Kardashians that pollute the airwaves with mind numbing garbage that rots peoples brains.

        • Homer Jay says:

          Bringing back people from 30 years ago isn’t going to help the cause. Sometimes things just don’t work out when you try to emulate past success.

          • David says:

            I agree; as much as people here pine for the Lawrences and Betty Whites, that wouldn’t sell (except for maybe Betty, and that would be a minimal spike) or solve the dilemma Pyramid faces. I just think it would be for the best if they simply didn’t try Pyramid again.

  • GSNFan says:

    I can’t wait for the pilot episode tonight…

    • Lee says:

      The airing of the pilot was ruined by audio dropouts in both of the winner’s circle rounds. You couldn’t hear the clues at all – just the flute clock! Was it like that on the east coast feed, too?

  • Lee says:

    Was it just here on the West coast, or did the audio drop out on the Winner’s Circle rounds on today’s airing of the pilot for Pyramid? (And please, whoever books the celebs for that show if Pyramid comes back for a second season – do not EVER bring the Torturros back! Ever, ever ever!)

  • Ben says:

    The Torturros are the worst celebrity contestants EVER. Just awful. Makes the show painful to watch. They need to do some mock games and see who works and who doesn’t. There are too many clueless celebrities and contestants on this version of the show. I like the host, set and everything else, but the game itself is very hard to sit through.

  • justai says:

    Ben, Ohhh you are so right about the Torturros. Watching them was painful and cringeful (if that is a word). They both costs the contestants dearly. They really need to make these celebs watch old episodes to see how it is done or, like someone suggested, do mock games to practice and then coach them. Overall, the show pales in comparison to the previous two Pyramids. Dick and Donny were both very personable, but this new guy…not so much. He tries but it comes off…forced, as if he does it because that is how it was done before him. I wouldn’t mind at all if they pulled this and replaced it with some other remake. Perhaps Card Sharks, Match Game or Joker’s Wild.

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