Ratings Report: Syndies Fluctuate, “Figure It Out” Strong, “Pyramid” Stays In Danger, Final Charts Thumbnail

Ratings Report: Syndies Fluctuate, “Figure It Out” Strong, “Pyramid” Stays In Danger, Final Charts

Apologies for the tardiness of this post. I’ve just returned from a fantastic Vegas vacation and am exhausted, but I am here for my people. Let’s get into the weekly ratings report here at BuzzerBlog. We have numbers for the syndicated programs from two weeks ago, Figure It Out‘s premiere two weeks ago and some GSN cable ratings for last week.

For the week of October 15, 2012, the second month of new episodes for Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! is just beginning. Wheel of Fortune, as usual, had the #1 viewership in first-run non-sports programming and, for the first time this season, beat outJudge Judy for the #2 household rating. Wheel was down a couple hundred thousand in viewership to 9.8 million, but retained its 6.5 household rating from last week. The third-highest scoring first-run non-sports syndie was, again, Jeopardy! The show was almost even with last week in viewers, with over 8.5 million viewers but going down a tenth to a 5.7 household rating.

Family Feud went down over 200,000 viewers from last week to a smidge under 6 million viewers, keeping the 4.2 rating foothold it has managed for a few weeks now. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire rebounded nicely, up two-tenths to a 2.3 household rating, paired with a viewership of 3.1 million. Baggage repeats stays in a similar range, an impressive one considering some of its placements and timeslots, to a 1.1 rating. Next week’s ratings will be the start of the November sweeps period, so those numbers will be important to look at.

Figure It Out, with the second new season and sixth overall of Nickelodeon’s guessing game, premiered on October 15th with almost 2.2 viewers, a very nice figure. That was its high for the first week back on the air with new episodes, averaging just under 2 million viewers across the whole week. Last week on GSN was the premiere of the two-hour Thursday night Newlywed Game block. The two hours of new episodes averaged 312,000 viewers, mimicking the numbers produced by The Pyramid‘s “disappointing” weeks. Last week also saw the final week of new episodes of GSN’s The Pyramid and its future is still waaaaay up in the air. The final week averaged 278,000 viewers in its 6PM slot, with a high of 321,000 viewers and a low of 244,000. The whole network viewership kind of looks lackluster without new Bible episodes, the highest viewership of the week being a Steve Harvey Family Feud slightly over 400,000 viewers. The average viewership for The Pyramid has stayed very consistent in the last three weeks, as can be seen in the final viewership charts below:

The Pyramid
Viewers avg.
over week
High for week Rank for week Low for week Rank for week
Week 1 9/3 519,000 646,000 2nd 421,000 42nd
Week 2 9/10 329.000 361,000 40th 248,000 111th
Week 3 9/17 344,000 381,000 47th 292,000 102nd
Week 4 9/24 341,000 375,000 35th 291,000 90th
Week 5 10/1 314,000 382,000 27th 267,000 98th
Week 6 10/8 279,000 371,000 20th 214,000 112th
Week 7 10/15 275,000 314,000 34th 185,000 144th
Week 8 10/22 278,000 321,000 29th 244,000 89th


The Pyramid Primetime Ratings Viewers avg. during slot Rank for week Timeframe
Aug. 30, 10PM 443,000 22nd Sneak preview
Sept. 20, 9 PM 545,000 10th During week 3
Sept. 27, 9 PM 446,000 13th During week 4
Oct. 4, 9 PM 505,000 5th During week 5
Oct. 11, 9 PM 280,000 64th During week 6
Oct. 18, 9 PM 312,000 38th During week 7

The show has a real potential of not being chosen to return for a season two on GSN. As always, you can voice your opinion to GSN and tell them how much you enjoy the program but in the end, the viewership will more than likely have the final say.

Sources :

TV by the Numbers
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24 responses to "Ratings Report: Syndies Fluctuate, “Figure It Out” Strong, “Pyramid” Stays In Danger, Final Charts"

  • thunderbird6 says:

    Cancelled or renewed, I seriously hope that GSN decides to DO something with the show, instead of just leaving it there to rot like it did with “Catch 21″ and Engvall “Lingo.”

    • GSNFan says:

      Well, you have no choice. If The Pyramid is cancelled, then it will cycle out in reruns like Catch 21 did and Engvall Lingo has. A year from now, The Pyramid could be taken away from the schedule, or sooner. GSN didn’t mess around with taking Beat the Chefs off, so The Pyramid may not be long for the schedule either.

      Right now, I do see Catch 21 and Chain Reaction leaving the schedule soon too, or at least on weekdays. Looking at the numbers, those shows have severly weakened in the 2-4pm slots.

  • David says:

    No surprises, really. Pyramid just has no traction in today’s TV world; people want more frills with their shows, and this didn’t have it. Oh well; they tried, which is better than what CBS did.

  • Ben says:

    David, I don’t agree with that. Jeopardy has plenty of traction in today’s TV world. So does Millionaire. The problem with Pyramid is it’s on a channel not many people get. Also, as I’ve stated before, they don’t have contestants or celebrities that know how to play the game. Get contestants that know how to play and celebrities that know how to play and this game would be a lot more popular. Get it on syndication or daytime TV and it would be a lot more popular. Get returning champions and a tournament and it would be a lot more popular. I’d rather have more new episodes of Pyramid than more new episodes of religious propaganda in the form of a game show, but that’s me. At least Bible Challenge is in the form of a traditional game show…

    • Tim says:

      I agree with Jim on the point that many people don’t get GSN. I unhooked from cable two years ago and haven’t looked back. I wasn’t even aware that Pyramid was back. If it were syndicated, I’d totally have a look.

  • Myke25 says:

    What GSN should do with The Pyramid if it chooses to renew it:

    1) Make it a weekly, not a strip.
    2) Put it in Prime Time, add a late night repeat airing
    3) End the season with a tournament for at least $250,000…but preferably $1M
    4) Promote it outside your own network.

    GSN has been wanting a reality show for a long time now. By having a season-long tournament where players either advance or are eliminated each week, they could have the best of both worlds: a shiny-floor game show formatted like a reality competition show. The 40-episode order would be stretched out over 10 months, not burned through in 8 weeks.

    I hold out hope for it’s renewal. If it does get renewed, GSN needs to get it out of the 6:00 ghetto and get some eyes on it. They need to go big…or just resign themselves to being the Steve Harvey Feud channel.

  • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    I agree – it seems like Steve Harvey’s version of “Feud” is the only show that is lauded all the time on that network – I’ve seen it a few times, and he may have revived this version of it, but he still don’t match ‘the kissing bandit’ in Richard Dawson!

  • Alohadave says:

    Pyramid doesn’t need tournaments or returning champions or Mystery 7′s or a better time slot. The new format needs no tweaking. It is very well crafted.

    What Pyramid needs is celebrities who know how to play the FRONT GAME. Seven answers in 30 seconds equals four seconds maximum per answer. After four or five second you must pass. At least this format allows the answers to recycle after passing. Even that isn’t helping.

    The “category” is usually irrelevant in the front game. Just describe each of the seven items in as few words as possible. The celebrities (and many of the contestants also) have their mind set that the items must be explained in the context of the category. That is not how the game should be played.

    • Andrew L. Budny says:

      Well at least a few of us have seen the light. The Pyramid is a good show, the format is good but they need to get better celebrities and conststants to play the game (and know how to do it well)!!!!!

      Tweeking it will not solve the problem nor adding returning champions or a tournament will help it either. This is GSN we re talking about, they are the cheapo network with some exceptions like Bible Challenge and Bingo America which gave away $100,000 on those shows respectively.

      I am still hoping the show gets saved but if it dosent, bring it on to syndication for next fall. We waited three long years for this, and this decent revival shouldent fade away in the dust.

      • Jay Temple says:

        Returning champions are still good. Over forty shows, they had eighty contestants. If they brought back exactly one player each time, they’d only have 41. If you assume that the 39 players denied an opportunity are not as good on average as the 41 who do appear, you’ve just ratcheted up the skill level that much higher. As a bonus, it makes it feel like you’ve seen more money awarded.

        • Andrew L. Budny says:

          I understand what your saying, but this is GSN were talking about. What your mentioning could work for a syndicated version but they won’t do it on GSN.

          The network is cheap, but if they dont renew it (which I hope they won’t), then you can probably tweak it for syndication. It would be alot better than Donnymid IMHO!!!!

          • Alohadave says:

            It’s not because GSN is cheap, it’s because episodes that straddle are not practical. All 40 episodes were shot before any of them aired. They were aired in a logical order to attract as big an audience as possible. Returning winning contestants forces the episodes to be aired in the order they were taped. This removes all control from the network regarding order of airing. That’s like expecting a music artist to automatically release an album with the songs in order that they were chronologically recorded rather than allowing the artist to properly sequence them.

  • Mat P says:

    I like that one of the higher ratings was during the most enjoyable week of pyramid for me, the Samantha Harris and Melissa Peterman week. (Primtime Rating)

  • Myke25 says:

    Aloha, Aloha!
    I basically agree with you that The Pyramid shouldn’t need returning champs or bonus categories. But after a lackluster first season, if it is renewed, it’ll need something to create more buzz. I kinda get the feeling that the promo guys at GSN thought that this show could ride the wave of nostalgia following Dick Clark’s death…it didn’t get NEARLY the advance promotion that the Bible Challenge got.
    They’ve been teasing us with a “Million Dollar Pyramid” for years now. (Heck, I have a copy of the $1M Pyramid home game!) So give us one, already!

    And yes, 6:00 is a CRAPPY time slot for a first-run show. Working people aren’t home yet, and if they are, they’re dealing with kids, dinner, dogs. I DVR it and watch it after The Daily Show or Colbert. GSN should have at least had repeats on later…say at 11:30 after Harvey’s Feud.

    As for the celebrities, they need to be screened as thoroughly as the civilians…but there were some duds playing The $10,000 Pyramid, too (Kaye Ballard and Jerry Stiller come immediately to mind) before they found a core roster of reliably good celebrity players. This show will, too…if given time. I think Megyn Price, Melissa Peterman, Yvette Nicole Brown and Chandra Wilson were pretty good.

  • Wayne says:

    Does anyone know the numbers of Pyramid vs. Catch 21 in that 6pm slot? I haven’t seen a comparison.

  • Brad says:

    I believe another reason for Pyramid’s drop is its overuse of pop culture categories. The old Pyramid had answers that everyone knew, and so it made the game more accessible. Ironically, that could be the reason why the celebs were so bad. They couldn’t really describe all those names!

    • Sung says:

      Thank you! Someone else other than me noted that. I watched the older Davidson, Osmond and Clark Pyramids. I got disagreements when I suggested early on that it was too culture sensitive. I would understand why if it didn’t come back for a second year, but I really hope they get a second chance, get better celebrities skill wise, give a bit more time to sift through contestants (people will fly out to California if need be with enough advanced notice), and I don’t think all old celebrities from the past are taboo (Jason Alexander, Neil Patrick Harris, and Betty White are still known enough and have played before–NPH was on The Price Is Right as a celebrity).

  • justai says:

    While I can appreciate people’s enthusiasm for Pyramid, I am more objective in my analysis. It had a year to prove itself, in order to get a second-year renewal and…well…it just didn’t happen. Perhaps the shows executives don’t know what you truly have to do when a game show is being remade – basically, you have to nail it the first year you air the remake; and they didn’t do that. They didn’t go the extra mile to ensure show longevity through its success. They simply forgot to factor in the fact that the show had been off the air for quite a few years and people (both celebrity players and contestants) were rusty…very rusty! They needed to help with practice sessions or training sessions or a better way to screen celebrities. But again, none of this happened and they started to lose viewership, perhaps because of the time slot, but more so for the painfulness it was to watch it. It was frantic and the plethora of brain-dead celebrities that didn’t know how to calmly describe things was a MAJOR detractor – at least for me. I got more enjoyment out of watching reruns of DC’s Pyramid. R.I.P. Pyramid.

    • Andrew L. Budny says:

      I am affraid your wrong on some of your information. The show just premiered back in September and it’s been on the air for two months. Though I have to agree with you with some of the celebrities and contestants don’t even have a clue as to how to play the game.

      If it does get renewed, get better celebs and contestants who know how to play the game and make the categoires more challenging instead of pop culture based. If GSN does this, it can last alot longer.

  • Andrew L. Budny says:

    @AlohaDave: Returning champions would be a great idea for this show, but as long as David Goldhill is head of the network, it will never happen on any GSN original, unless they get rid of him and replace him with someone who knows what their doing, then it could happen.

    Here’s hoping that it get picked up for syndication, I have given up all hope for this to be spared by GSN.

  • GSNFan says:

    We can’t guarantee this is it for GSN’s “Classic Revivals”. It wouldn’t seem hard for GSN to produce Card Sharks/Press Your Luck revivals in the next year or two. It wouldn’t surprise me to see those pop up, and also with modern revivals like 5th Grader and also Minute to Win It/Beat the Clock, with other new ideas like they did with TABC

    • Myke25 says:

      GSN has only had two really successful revivals…and by successful, I mean shows that lasted longer than two seasons: Lingo (Woolery, not Engvall) and The Newlywed Game.
      If they can’t make The Pyramid work, what gives them any incentive to try another revival in the near future? If Press Your Luck and Whammy still pull decent numbers in repeats, why do yet another costly revival?

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